Liquid Blue in La Jolla

A beautiful coming of age ritual for Naomi

A beautiful coming of age ritual for Naomi.
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Liquid Blue in Chicago

2018-11-06 Liquid Blue in Chicago

GANGSTERS in Chicago last night!
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An Interesting and Funny Testimonial We Received Today

Shades of Blue is great

Friday night a guy came up to our drummer 🥁 (Glenn) and said:
“Wow Shades of Blue is great! The only band I know that’s as good as you is Liquid Blue.”

Liquid Blue in Del Mar Country Club

Liquid Blue entertained our group thoroughly

Another successful fundraiser!!! 👍🏻 Thanks for the great review Amy!🙏🏻 “Liquid Blue entertained our group thoroughly! There wasn’t one person that wasn’t up dancing! Our event was so special because of this band! Highly recommended!” – Amy Conrad

Liquid Blue Band is Performing in These Cities in the Fall of 2018

The World's Most Traveled Band will Perform

Always on the move, the world’s most traveled band will perform in the following cities in the fall of 2018: Singapore, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles and finishing the years with a new year’s eve show in Washington State. So far, in 2018, Liquid Blue has appeared in 5 Countries and 10 U.S. States.

Liquid Blue in Carlsbad

Liquid Blue in Maui

We are humbled. Thanks, Nick! #CoverBand #PartyBand
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Happy International Music Day Highlight tracks from the Liquid Blue LP SUPERNOVA

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MUSIC DAY as we highlight tracks from the Liquid Blue LP SUPERNOVA. Featuring Nikki Green and Scott Stephens & Michael Vangerov. Listen to the full album on #Spotify. #MusicMonday #CoverBand #PartyBand #LiquidBlueBand #GreenLightBooking

24th Anniversary of Forming of Liquid Blue

24th anniversary of the forming of Liquid Blue

This week marks the 24th anniversary of the forming of Liquid Blue (based on the day the first trademark went into effect, 9/24/2018). A band is a business and 90% of the work goes on behind the scenes. It took 16 months of organizing before we hit the stage for our first show in Anaheim on NYE of 1995. Speaking of business, here is a list of our current trademarks:

12 Months 12 Countries

Out of the Blue Band

Out of the Blue Band, a duo featuring the founding members of Liquid Blue, has visited 12 countries in the past 12 months. “When we retired from our performing duties with LB, we thought we’d settle down and slow up the pace. But the travel bug that took us to 120 countries with Liquid Blue continues to bite us. Thanks to Selina for the image. #wanderlust #travelstroke #getaway #dynamicDuo #PartyBand #LiquidBlue #LiquidBlueBand