2008-05-16 San Diego CA Wealth TV 001

Wealth TV host Ann Franken interviewed Liquid Blue in studio on May 16th and plans to run a half-hour feature on the group. Wealth TV is a new 24/7 high definition cable television network devoted to taking viewers on a journey of how wealth is achieved, used and enjoyed. WealthTV is distributed by cable and satellite service providers around the globe and featured Liquid Blue due

The emPower Music & Arts “Posi Awards” have completed their 2008 nominees and “If You Gotta Ask” has been nominated for a Posi in the Social and Spiritual Action category. The Posi (Positive) Awards, introduced in 2005, honor the songwriters and artists who are spreading the uniting message of New Thought through music. Each year, the winners of the Posi Awards are announced

2008-05-22 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 066

LB made their third trip to Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur for a performance in front of some of the world’s most powerful and influential Oil executives at the Shangri-La Hotel. The event was held by the Malaysian Petroleum Club and included top brass from Exxon Mobile, Halliburton, Shell and others. Liquid Blue headlined the event which featured several opening acts including

2008-06-07 Logoisk Belarus Beatles Festival 058

Liquid Blue was the headliner for the annual Beatles Forever Festival in the city of Logoisk, just outside the capital of Minsk on June 7th. Belarus is a communist country that has recently had rough relations with the United States but the festival is a coming together of people, not politicians. Bands from around the world attended and over 16,000 fans turned out.

2008-06-16 Vilnius Lithuania 000

Last year in December, Liquid Blue visited their 100th country. On Tuesday, June 17th the band visited their 108th country with a show in Vilnius-Lithuania, which is the 100th country the band has performed in. The other eight were side trips taken on various tours throughout the years. Each time Liquid Blue performs in a new country the band breaks their own world record for worlds

Liquid Blue tracks Real and Pretend are both amongst the most downloaded tracks at SanDiegoReader.com for the past few weeks. Real got as high as #4 and Pretend made it to #8. The Reader (Bart Mendoza) did a short “Blurt” feature and Liquid Blue in the July 31st issue as well.

Empower Cover 290

“If You Gotta Ask” will be a featured track on the new Empower CD which features the 2008 Posi Award Nominees. Liquid Blue will travel to Kansas City in September to perform at the Posi Awards. Empower is the 21st compilation CD featuring a track from the Liquid Blue album Supernova. If You Gotta Ask has now been picked for five compilation CD’s.

Life Lonizers Letter

Clean, pure alkaline water is fast replacing bottled water as the choice for health conscious individuals all over the world. Life Ionizer is a leading company in the alkaline water field and is teaming with Liquid Blue as one of our latest sponsors. The band is using the Life Ionizers 7500 and 8000 model water ionizers. Visit www.LifeIonizers.com.

Solar Power will be a key energy source in the future and forward thinkers are getting off the grid and using the sun to power their homes and businesses. Gecko Logic USA is the latest “green” company to join forces with the world’s “greenest” band, Liquid Blue. Gecko is installing solar panels at Liquid Blue headquarters which will power the Liquid Blue recording studio, dance studio and

2008-09-14 Unity Village MO Posi Awards 011

Liquid Blue attended the annual Posi Awards in Kansas City on September 14th due to the nomination of “If You Gotta Ask” in the Social Action category. The song won a “Posi” and the band performed it at the gala awards show.