FM 94.9 DJ Midori recorded station ID spots for Liquid Blue Radio on Live365 this week. Midori hosts “Big Sonic Chill” on San Diego’s popular alternative rock station, FM 94.9. Liquid Blue Radio plays intelligent, socially conscious music and is owned and operated by Liquid Blue, Inc. and broadcast on Live365 via the internet.

2006-10-07 Encinitas CA La Paloma Painting 009

A painting that features Liquid Blue on the marquee of the La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, CA was recently sold at an auction for $350. The artist is Neil Glasgow from San Dieguito Academy. Liquid Blue was holding a 10th Anniversary/1000 shows celebration at the La Paloma on the day Neil painted the scene.

4thandB logo

Liquid Blue and country star Billy Dean performed to a capacity crowd (1600) at 4th & B on Saturday night. Billy joined the band on stage for two song and performed an acoustic set in-between Liquid Blue’s two sets. Billy Dean won a Grammy Award in 1996 and has had several Top-10 country hits including “Billy the Kid” and “Somewhere in My Broken Heart”.

The song “Let The Music Move You” will be featured in the upcoming independent film, Supermodels, which is should premiere in January. The song was on a EP and released exclusively in China back in 2001. More information on screenings to be posted soon.

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In less than a year since the band joined MySpace.com, 5000 fans have signed on as “friends” of the band. If you’d like to join our friends list on MySpace, click this link:

Liquid Blue will head back to Europe in November for an all acoustic tour featuring Michael Vangerov and Scott Stephens (Liquid 2). The band will tour eight (8) countries including Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. In the past few years Liquid Blue has toured 36 European countries, spending almost as much time in Europe as in the USA. This time it’s completely unplugged.

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Liquid Blue Radio has re-launched on Live365 and now have a play-list of over 1000 socially conscious songs. Be sure to tune in to the radio revolution. You can listen for free by clicking on the logo (left) or sign-up for ad-free radio for $3.95 a month. Liquid Blue Radio is one of the fastest growing radio stations on the net!

Liquid Blue has been awarded “runner-up” in the Best Band category of the International Music Awards sponsored by The Music Aid Organization, in association with the United Nations UNV program. Winners were selected from thousands of artists in over 20 countries.

2006 NYE

Liquid Blue will appear in Northern California for New Year’s Eve. Tickets are still available and are $30. Click here for more info.


Britney Spears, Anthony Kedis (Chili Peppers), Andy Garcia, John McEnroe, Jack Nickolson and others were on hand at Staples Center as the BlueGirls sang the Star Spangled Banner for the Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards game on Sunday, Dec 17th. The trio featured Nikki Green, Kristen Kelly and Silvia Duga. The game was won by the Wizards in overtime and featured a franchise record 60 points by Wizard star Gilbert Arenas.