San Diego County - Liquid Blue

Although Liquid Blue has become known for extensive overseas travel, the band is also truly as LOCAL as it gets, having now performed in all 18 cities in their home county of San Diego.

TNT Cover - Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue is a featured artist on TNT Volume 1 (Top New Talent) CD, which includes 12 artists from the America’s Best Independent Artist program on PCT Music Records. The CD will be available in a variety of non-traditional music outlets such as college bookstores, convenience stores and more. The featured song on the compilation is Real. A special version of the Liquid Blue album Supernova will be sold alongside this compilation.

ShanghaiInt Art - Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue has been selected to perform at the 2005 China Shanghai International Arts Festival. The event is the most prestigious of all the Chinese festivals and features 45 artists from 29 countries. Only three artists from the USA will appear; The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, The New York City Ballet and Liquid Blue.

Wins WRA Song Competition - Liquid Blue

Give Me Back My Heart has won BEST POP SONG in the WRA (William Robert Abate) song competition for 2005. The WRA Song Competition selects songs that promote peace, love, community, and/or speak out against violence, war or hate. Founded in 1993, in conjunction with the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, the original William Robert Abate Competition awards gifted artist for their achievements.

American Red Cross - Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue has agreed to donate all profits from the sales of Supernova in the month of September to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

Dallas Song - Liquid Blue

Arms of Love, Making Up, and Rhythm of Love have all been selected as semi-finalists in the pop/rock category of the 2005 Dallas Songwriters Song Contest. Liquid Blue is the only artist with three songs selected. Last year If You Gotta Ask won the pop category and Real won the best movie soundtrack category. 2005 winners will be announced in November.

America's Best Dance Band National Music Awards - Liquid Blue

For the 5th straight year Liquid Blue has been chosen as one of the top-ten dance bands in the USA at the National Music Awards. The band won the award in 2001.

Nikki & Michael Receive Handcrafted Avalon Guitars - Liquid Blue

Avalon Guitars is the newest Liquid Blue sponsor and has supplied the band (Michael Vangerov and Nikki Green) with two beautiful, handcrafted guitars. Both guitars are from the companies Gold Series Rosewood models (L201-C and S200-C). Luxuriously rich tonal response and impeccable hand-crafted design are the very benchmark of this Gold Series. Both guitars retail at approximately $2500 each. The band is ecstatic about the great sound produced by these guitars. Thanks Avalon!

Basketball Team - Liquid Blue

Back in 1997 the band went on their first of many overseas tours, to a resort in the Philippines. This year they traveled back to the same area and sponsored a local basketball team on the tiny island of Aliguay, in Mindinao.

Supernova Chinese Version - Liquid Blue

The official Chinese release of Supernova has hit stores throughout China to coincide with the bands upcoming appearances there. The CD contains 11 tracks, including one song not on the original version, “Let The Music Move You”. The CD cover (shown left) is also different from the original version.