Supernova Chinese Version - Liquid Blue

The official Chinese release of Supernova has hit stores throughout China to coincide with the bands upcoming appearances there. The CD contains 11 tracks, including one song not on the original version, “Let The Music Move You”. The CD cover (shown left) is also different from the original version.

Shanghai Billboard - Liquid Blue

Media and promotion was at a fever pitch for Liquid Blue’s long awaited return to China. Large billboards, signs and posters covered the city of Shanghai with concert information. Can you pick out the performers in the window of the photo to the left?

Basketball Team - Liquid Blue

Back in 1997 the band went on their first of many overseas tours, to a resort in the Philippines. This year they traveled back to the same area and sponsored a local basketball team on the tiny island of Aliguay, in Mindinao.

Anything Else But Art -Liquid Blue

“Anything Else But (War)” is the first music video from the Supernova album. Ironically, the song is not featured on recent versions of Supernova. performers had very little input on direction of the video and are disappointed in the outcome. The low budget film can be viewed on this site starting 9/27/2005.

ShanghaiInt Art - Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue will be in Asia starting Sept 24th through the end of November. The band will visit Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and more. The final leg of the tour (November) will be in China where the band will perform in large theaters and arenas in many Chinese cities. The highlight of the tour is the Nov 10th and 11th performances at the Minhang Arena for the Shanghai International Arts Festival. This will be the last Hot News update until the band returns in December.

Band Radio Mobile - Liquid Blue will begin offering Liquid Blue ringtones on approximately Sept 23rd. Three songs from Supernova are featured: Rhythm of Love, Kashmir and Arms of Love. Click on the graphic for Band Radio Mobile (left) and put Liquid Blue on your cell phone now!

Nikki & Michael Receive Handcrafted Avalon Guitars - Liquid Blue

Avalon Guitars is the newest Liquid Blue sponsor and has supplied the band (Michael Vangerov and Nikki Green) with two beautiful, handcrafted guitars. Both guitars are from the companies Gold Series Rosewood models (L201-C and S200-C). Luxuriously rich tonal response and impeccable hand-crafted design are the very benchmark of this Gold Series. Both guitars retail at approximately $2500 each. The band is ecstatic about the great sound produced by these guitars. Thanks Avalon!

Liquid Blue is Band of the Week at Band Radio - Liquid Blue

Band Radio has chosen Liquid Blue for Band of the Week, Sept 18-24. The company will soon be releasing Liquid Blue ringtones for sale.

Red Carpet - Liquid Blue

Members of Liquid Blue were invited to walk the red carpet at the Hollywood China Film Festival at the Writers Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills on Friday, Sept 16th. Guests included Jackie Chan, Oliver Stone, Kevin Spacey, Pierce Brosnan, Fred Dryer and many others. Nikki Green and Scott Stephens did a short performance at the gala event.

SD Music Awards - Liquid Blue

Supernova was nominated for Best Pop Album by the San Diego Music Awards academy members. This is the 5th year in a row that the band has been nominated for an award at SDMA. The awards show will be held at Humphrey’s By The Bay on Monday, Sept 12th. Tickets available at