Studio Mix Room - Liquid Blue

Joe Chiccarelli has chosen to produce the Liquid Blue debut CD at historic Western Recorders on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Western has been known as L.A.’s premiere studio since the 1960’s. The band will be in the studio starting on Monday, Nov 24th through Jan 3rd..

Jordan - Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue has inked a deal with one of the hottest up & coming drummers on the scene today, Jordan Medina. Jordan, (nicknamed is “Funky Cold Kid”) is a 21 year old apprentice of the legendary drummer Zoro and has been called one of today’s most promising young musicians.

Green Brier - Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue performed at the world famous Greenbrier Resort on October 14th on a bill that featured former US presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. as guest speakers. The Greenbrier Resort was built in 1780 and has been named the number one Resort & Spa in the United States several times.

Liquid Blue has been nominated for Best Cover or Tribute band for the third year consecutive year. The band won the award last year. Voting will be held until October 4th.

Island Princess - Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue performed on the maiden voyage of the just built Island Princess cruise liner, from Princess Cruises. The cruise ran from Vancouver, Canada, to Alaska. The band performed for two weeks, from July 26th to August 9th.

Nikki Anthem - Liquid Blue

BlueGirl Nikki Geasland did a solo version of the National Anthem for the Padres / Giants game at Qualcomm Stadium, Sunday, July 6th at 1pm. The BlueGirls have sung the anthem at Qualcomm many times,

Band Performs at Oceanfest - Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue performed at Oceanfest for the U.S. Surfing Championships in Oceanside, CA on June 27th at 7pm at the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater.

U.S. Surfing Championships - Liquid Blue

BlueGirl “Layla” reached the finals of the U.S. Surfing Championships held in Oceanside, CA. and finished third in the surfing category for females age 18-29. She also finished third in Body-boarding. The current World Bodysurfing Champ is now officially ranked third in the nation for surfing.

Liquid Blue performed on the boardwalk of the Kennedy Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the Race Across America Event on June 25th. This race went from San Diego to New Jersey on bicycles. The band performed at the starting line as well as the finish line.

Band Rocks The Locals in Papeete

Liquid Blue performed two shows in Papette, the capital city of Tahiti. With several Liquid Blue songs in rotation on Tahitian radio, 3500 fans came out to witness the 2nd performance. The band was even invited to meet the Tahitian president and had been asked to return for more shows in December!