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"I would love to use the band again."

The band did great! I would love to use the band again in the future.

-- Christy Enderle, Entertainment Director
-- (LA County Fair - Los Angeles CA
Liquid Blue Band at LA County Fair 2011

"the band was INSANE"

The band was INSANE last night. Nothing but I'm sure you get all the time. You picked up the musically aware and tuned-in portion of the crowd that actually listens to the music as opposed to socializing....the standees....who were riveted. That doesn't happen, which dancing almost always does. Your set list was perfect....Abba and Adele? Who'da thunk it! Thank you thank you thank you. If you want to appear again next summer, we'll do everything we can to make that happen. You were BEYOND the most popular new band in our line-up. Keep us in mind.

-- Marilyn Rees
-- (Summer Concert Series - Coronado CA

"how are we going to top that"

Liquid Blue Rocked the House in Norwalk in front of 12,000 spectators at our 2011 Independence Day Pageant. Now the only question I have is, “How are we going to top that performance!” Thanks for a memorable evening of music and dance!

-- Bill Kearns
-- (Concert - City of Norwalk CA


Liquid Blue's performance was fantastic! I couldn't have been more pleased! The music and dancing were top notch. In addition to a wonderful show they were some of the nicest people around. They were easy to work with, very accommodating and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone and look forward to working with them again.

-- Gitte, Entertainment Director for Santa Barbara Fair and Expo.
-- (County Fair - Santa Barbara

"best group I have ever brought to Puyallup"

I was totally impressed with your band/group. I think you all are amazing and are so talented. I had numerous audience participants come to our Recreation Information Booth and tell me you were the best group I have ever brought to Puyallup which in itself was impressive since I have been booking concerts for 19 years here in Puyallup. Everyone seemed to enjoy the wide range of music that you all performed, loved all the entertainers and just had a blast with the concert. Thank you. I look forward to bringing you back to Puyallup in the future, you were fun to work with and I myself really enjoyed your performance.

-- Lona P. Graves, Puyallup WA
-- (Summer Concert Series)

"the community and sponsors are still talking about your performance"

Just a note to thank you and everyone in the Liquid Blue Band one more time. It was one of the Best Shows and Productions that has ever been presented at our community concert series, The Mosquito Serenade. Loved working with all of you and appreciated how the band and music played to everyone. The crowd Loved It! Let everyone know that the community and sponsors are still talking about your performance at the concert series. Everyone wants you back for next yr. I’ll be in touch.

-- Ken Hartman, Anderson CA
-- (Summer Concert Series)

"high energy and professional"

Liquid Blue is a high energy and professional cover band, both technically and in performance. They were timely, enthusiastic and executed a live onstage performance that was worth the all in finance paid. Phoenix Pride was happy to have had them on our stage for our 2010, 30 year anniversary. Wet Dog Promotions is looking forward to working with them again.

-- Nancy Nunez, Phoenix AR
-- (Festival)

"amazing look and sound"

They are a great group with an amazing look and sound! They were also very friendly and easy to deal with. We were very impressed with them and would love to hire them in the future!

-- Dan F, Pomona, CA
-- (Pro Sports Event)

"Everything from classic rock to hip-hop!"

Everyone loved the band! They were all very friendly and spent more of the evening playing requests from the audience. Everything from classic rock to hip-hop! We’re absolutely going to have them back.

-- Cesar V, La Jolla, CA
-- (Concert)


ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! There are no words to express the professionalism, personalization and entertainment that Liquid Blue delivers. They are overall GREAT people that care about the business and the people that they are entertaining. I would strongly recommend Liquid Blues entertainment to EVERYONE at ANYTIME. They are down to earth people and I was very impressed by the caring they had for our little community. We are a community of 16,000 people and they treated and entertained us like we were part of their family. As I said before, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

--Michael Moulinet, City of Douglas, Douglas, AZ
--City Concert


The band and the BlueGirls are in one word, Electrifying.

--Rosemary Pohl, Entertainment Manager, San Diego Padres

"pop music phenomenon"

An international pop music phenomenon

--Kristina Murray, DEMA, Encinitas CA

"best lead guitarist to come along since Steve Lukather"

The bands long time phenom guitarist, Michael Vangerov, is in our opinion, the best lead guitarist to come along since Steve Lukather.

--David Levin, David Levin, Entertainment

"I would saw my left foot off with a rusty spoon to have Scott's voice"

I had the good fortune of walking into the MGM (hotel, Las Vegas) on Monday night. Seeing you was the highlight of my trip. You guys are amazing. I don't think I have ever heard a live band sound that tight. Most bands have one or two stand out musician's, but you are the complete package. I would saw my left foot off with a rusty spoon to have Scott's voice, absolutely sweet. I could go on and on but the single greatest thing about you is your ability to take these old songs and make them fun again, almost like your hearing them for the first time.

--Tim, Detroit MI
--MGM Casino, Las Vegas

"mind boggling performance"

What an absolutely awesome, mind boggling performance at Alpine Summer Concerts on Sunday. You certainly know how to entertain a crowd! We had fun and you certainly got people up and dancing. You are terrific and I hope to see you again next year!

--Katie Ford, Founder, Alpine Summer Concerts, Alpine CA

"we rarely have groups of your caliber on our stage"

Hi Layla, As stage manager for the John Sexson auditorium, I must say we rarely have groups of your caliber on our stage. You are a beautiful dancer and person. Your number one fan

--Tim Berreth

"Two thumbs up!"

I'm speechless! You were great a the CEN concert. Two thumbs up!

--Eduardo, Guayaquil, Ecuador- South America

"none compare to the energy your band has"

I really enjoyed your performance last night. I've seen lots of live bands and none compare to the energy your band has! It's great to see women performing so well together.


"You guys have them [Creed] beat by a long way"

The Olympics were great! I saw several events and it was a blast. Got to see some of the concerts after the awards ceremonies. I saw "Bare Naked Ladies" and "Creed" and the "Goo Goo Dolls". Creed was not nearly as good in concert. You guys have them beat by a long way

--Curt Fortie
--2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing China

"You pack the house"

You guys and gals ROCK-DE-HOUSE! You pack the house wherever you're at.

--Cary Slaughter

"light up the town"

Thanks again for performing in the small town of Carlsbad this weekend. You guys are the BEST of the BEST. Hope to see you light up the town as always. Every song the first, every song the last! Tonight I will live again. Thanks again. A fan...


"I was with Survivor..."

FYI - I'm an ex-musician. I was with Survivor before they became Survivor. Actually well before. I was with Jamestown Massacre with the #1 hit Summer Sun in 1972, and with Morning After, the top Chicago club band in '70&'71. I said that so that you know I know what I'm talking about. You have the most awesome site I've ever seen. Very complete and thorough. My highest compliments to you. I look forward to hearing you when you return to San Diego.

--Gary Manata
--Club Gig