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"Supernova" Reviews



So many musical catchphrases and hooks your head will spin.

The instrumentation here is nothing shy of superlative.

Vocals are awesome. This is simply a great tune

This couldn't be more radio-ready.


This track has atmosphere oozing from it on so many different levels

This really is a piece of art

This song is nothing short of AWESOME!

I love the beginning...this is badass.

very underground

this is one of a kind

this one gets a 5!

Wow...that's a pretty provocative intro. The instrumentation here is nothing shy of superlative, the vocals are fantastic and perfect for this material, and the production is top-notch. Very energized and exciting stuff - it really keeps your attention and makes you move. This couldn't be more radio-ready. I'm going for one of my very rare 5's here! More..more!

- ERIKproductions from Everywhere, Ontario, Canada on 19Sep2004

strong track

I really liked this - the intro had me trying to work out what was comimg next. Sharp playing and loved the vocals. The chorus really grows on you, and it really builds up and makes an impression if you stick with it. Love the off the wall breaks shooting back into the straighter hooky chorus.

A good listen - nice one!!

- cornishmusic from Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom on 21Sep2004


Interesting intro. A whole lot of going on, in a subtle way. Sounds

spooky. Singer ain't too bad. Good overall production. I could hear this on a Scooby Doo soundtrack. Very eclectic - I like it!

- SmokeyButts from Unspecified on 21Sep2004

Neat song!

This is not what I usuallly listen too, but I can hear the talent in this song. I can see this being very popular. The singer has a great voice. The production is done very well.

- Taradawn from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on 21Sep2004


...killer intro...very interesting and innovative...the track that follows does not disapoint. very cool and definately intereting to listen to...

- 31flies from Folsom, California on 20Sep2004


I couldn't help but get into this catchy upbeat song. The mix is amazing. The vocals are "RUSH" all the way. I am loving this song. Lead vocals are PERFECT. Great hook with the Bossasupernova deal. I'm diggin' this to the fullest.

- bluezman09 from Rocky Mount, Virginia on 20Sep2004

Classic 80's synth pop

A quirky start, wasn't sure what to expect. But once the vocals kick in I got it. Has a very 80's pop sound, sweet. A good dance pop tune. Bossa super nova! Love it. Definitely 80's synth pop, like Thomas Dolby, from the delivery to the instrumentation and even the lyrics themselves. Very cool. A very fun tune!

- joeyboca from Seattle, Washington on 20Sep2004


Excellent intro, loved the percussion work... once the melody kicked in it sounded a little like inspector gadget... but I like that (my user name's gadjet). Production work very good, great mix. Vocals are strong. Percussion fantastic. Very interesting places throughout the bridges and transitions. All in all - Nice Work Good Luck.

- Gadjet from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 19Sep2004


This song was an unexpected surprise..(I clicked on this genre accidentally)..This musicianship is extraordinary here..There are so many musical catchphrases and hooks your head will spin.

This must have taken forever to mix. Nice ..nice job.

- afterthem from East Brunswick, New Jersey on 19Sep2004

Wow! How Freakin' Interesting

Man I really don't like this style of music but this track grabbed me by the ear and didn't let go. VERY ORIGINAL sounding. It reminds me of Eno / Elfman. The Vocalist has some serious pipe and all the right stuff to really grab your attention. Whoever is doing the programming is not messing around . What breath of fresh air. Thanks for the great listen. Hell I am rock / Blues Guy but gotta hand it to you.

- BKahanek from Valley Village, California on 19Sep2004

Mega melange

Cool spooky intro. Kind of the Addams Family meets Rock the Casbah meets Love Shack. I love tunes with a musical sense of humor, and this has it in spades. Great percussion, I don't know what you're drumming on aside from a regular kit - sounds like tablas or something "exotic," but it works. And is there a sitar in there? Whatever it is, it works. Also like the synth lines, clean and fun. There's a nice mix here of traditional rock elements that push this along plus all these eastern touches that give it something extra. I like the vocals, it's like you're having a party in some invented land. Good production as well. You hooked me.

- rockmount1 from Los Angeles, California on 19Sep2004

Get into soundtracks!

funk ass begining...totally alternative! This sounds a little techno electronica.. cool chorus. A lot going on...pulls ears all over..nice effect. Without insulting you...this is a total soundtrack for a t.v. show or movie! no...t.v. for sure.

- ScottyDeren from Naperville, Illinois on 19Sep2004

Atmosphere plus!

This track has atmosphere oozing from it on so many different levels. I really like the 'world music' elements. The track is rhythmic and has power.

- MirraJensen from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 19Sep2004

Spooky intro!

KOOL! KOOL! KOOL! Tight. Excellent production. Don't change anything. Very good vocals. Are those loop track or are you guys actually playing this stuff? Catchy, Bosa Super NOVA, I am really enjoying this. Good hook. Rode it 'til the end. Lots of extra points.

- jeffdumas from El Dorado, Arkansas on 17Sep2004

Dancing on a shrinking planet

Boy, talk about a veritable cornucopia of sonic texture! I think the goal with this song is to find a way to use every weird sound on the synthesizer somewhere. Here's the kicker: It works! No one instrument keeps the lead throughout the song. The instrumentation keeps changing from one section to the next. Before the first verse even starts, you get a taste of tremelo guitar, organ, Arabic drums, some kind of menacing atmospheric synth pad, piano, palm muted electric guitar, and a host of other sounds I can't identify. Plus, there is a steady stream of swooshes and swirling sound effects dropped into place. I got a kick out of the back and forth panned guitar notes after the 3rd phrase of the second verse. That's just before we get a taste of sitar exiting the chorus. I think it's simply masterful the way that you've combined all of these seemingly divergent instrument sounds together. This is really weird and wonderful. How did you conceive this? The lyrics are a little bit dark, but they're still catchy, not to mention painfully relevant. I like the "dancing on a shrinking planet" line. Maybe that's kind of the point of all the different instruments. You've got this huge array of sounds from all over the world, and they're all trying to squeeze into this tiny little song. Will there be room for them all? Even in spite of the chaos threatening to break loose, you still manage to maintain order in this song. The transitions from verse to chorus to bridge are easy to detect. The song has a very defined sense of direction. This really is a piece of art, and I feel like any suggestions that I would have would only detract from it. I am very impressed.

- ziontaxi from Sylva, North Carolina on 17Sep2004

Quite quirky ..

.. loads of stuff going on in the mix ehre, but it all works and doesn't sound too busy. Sufficiently quirky and annoying to be a big radio play !! Well played all round ...

- Bill_Matthews from Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom on 17Sep2004

Excellent percussion

Excellent track overall. There's nothing I can really say about this, the production is amazing, the song and arrangement are also fabulous. The vocals are really good. Well everything is recorded really well, the melody is interesting and the groove works really well, good job.

- rpjones from Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom on 17Sep2004

Awesome Song!

This song is nothing short of AWESOME! The verses and choruses are perfect in length and transition. Great tension building into the choruses. There is so many different layers and sections that you never have time to get board. The vocals are pretty perfect. The eerie parts are cool, but would even be cooler if there were less of leave you wanting more. Great guitar solo's behind the vocals during the bridge.

- dynamitevox from Los Angeles, California on 17Sep2004

Great Production.

Nice production! Could spend all day listening to this song and not getting bored with everything you have going on. Don't necessarily agree with being political in a song, but it works well with this composition.

- bulldogsean from Stevens Point, Wisconsin on 16Sep2004


This song starts out making me feel like I'm in a jungle carnival anf d there is no hope of me escaping. It settles into a almost latin groove and then a pop rock chorus. The lyrics are cosmic and out of this world. The break down in the middle is well put together and intricate(sp?) The hook is easy to sing along with and dancible (bossa nova style of course). This would be a good club song with a little clean up on production, mainly the vocals. All in all the song is great. I'd try it an the alternative genre and see how it does. Its just to off the wall for pop rock.

- Emortis9 from Tucker, Georgia on 16Sep2004

interesting intro!

spooky! Some nice sounds going on here and some sexy beats. really different, but cool. really cool!!!

this stuff rocks, loads of different genres, sounds, ideas, all mixed in together, and it works really well.

Programmer/Producer here is very talented!! and must have a beast of a computer to handle all this!!

- adorna from London, England, United Kingdom on 15Sep2004

Uhhh oh....

I feel this intesnse sense of forboding... Hey, this is pretty GOOD! Oh my god, good music on GarageBand. Intersting. Bossanova is definately worth singing about.

- EdgarJames from Sacramento, California on 15Sep2004

very ogiginal

This is the most creative song I heard here yet! Not your run of the mill pop/'s actually hard to classify. Great use of some interesting samples (?), or maybe it's just keyboard programming. Vocals are awesome. This is simply a great tune.

- murphmusik from South Chelmsford, Massachusetts on 15Sep2004

Very original sound, arabic touch

Awesome arabic touch in the verse. Super cool production and synth lines. The singing is really good.

- dimitridl from Lexington, Kentucky on 14Sep2004

80's Punk/Pop

Very interesting song. There is a lot going on! The production is good and all parts are intelligible. The vocalist sounds a lot like Pat Benatar. The group/artist is very creative.

- BlueVelvet from Waunakee, Wisconsin on 14Sep2004

Bossa Super Cool

Wow, really interesting song. Very intriguing. I love the variety of sounds. Vocals are great. Sounds a lot like Styx to me. Song reminds me of Mr Roboto. Mix is reallly good, everything comes together nicely. Not exactly sure what Bossa Supernova is, but who's cool. 4:42 worked in this song, not entirely too long. Xtra cred for originality+vox, haven't heard anything like it yet.

- pjarms from Salem, Oregon on 13Sep2004

Great Intro

I really like the intro, i was hooked from there! A great space like sound that made my imagination run a little bit trying to picture a music video for this song lol. I enjoyed it and you should too.

- twitchbassist from Woodhaven, Michigan on 12Sep2004

Greetings men!!! ><><><>..

Oh. It's very nice track. Very good taste and attitude here. Tabla rules. Good producing!!! Really, I like it.

I enjoyed :) Percussions are fine. My best wishes!!!

- SLAMBR from Moscow, >>, Russian Federation on 12Sep2004

More eggs for break

Spooky start. Are they tablas, what ever they are the rhythm is fabulous.


- Barry_Harvey from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 12Sep2004


I love the beginning...this is badass. It's like Herbie Hancock. Prince influence? It sounds like Batman soundtrack sorta. Ooo then the chorus is just like a pop rock tune. This is cool and really original. I have nothing bad to say about this from a songwriting point...I love's awesome. It's the only thing I've heard that I'm going to give 5 stars. Rock on.

- Zannalee325 from Sherman Oaks, California on 10Sep2004


Very Moody.. I really enjoyed the whole composition.. came together really nicely.. Vocals fit in really well

- LSNsi from Watford, Herts, United Kingdom on 10Sep2004


very new sound. reminds me of jazz from hell from zappa. nice eastern tones in this one. cool singer. nice job. this gets a 5 from me.

- pladletuce from Phoenix, Arizona on 10Sep2004

Ghostly yet mechanical beginning.

Maybe it is an African, dance song. Or purhaps an oriental tune. Or maybe this is an alien tune. Regardless....this song is full of original sounds that keep my mind wondering in and out of each and every intreging sound. This song touches every nook and cranny in the cobb webbed brain filling it with energized noises, and fulfilling the emptiness that overtakes my loneliness.

- LilaTheGreat from Lahoma, Oklahoma on 10Sep2004

holy 007 in the 23rd century

that is one of the most bizarre songs that i have ever heard. it's like a futuristic theme song to a james bond flick. other than the fact that it has an austin powers feel in the transitions, you did a very good job of defining all of the instruments in the mix. and the overall mix was very well done. it looks like you really knew what was clear in your mind as far as the mix went. i think for my personal taste there is too much of the weird instrumentation in order for it to be mainstream. very underground.

- olivewoodbridge from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 9Sep2004

80's all the way

I definitely got an 80's vibe from this. I liked the percussion on the intro, pretty little funky.

- Gtar4dss from Tempe, Arizona on 9Sep2004

very diff...

very nice percussion done here and trippy effects goin but this is cool song...this could be a part in a tripped out movie...i like it nice job!

- ime80 from Bronxville, New York on 9Sep2004

this is original

this is as original a song as I have heard. Vocals are sung like a pro and backing Vox are a wonderful compliment. music is heavy and tight. Great dance tune with a almost Indian influence or Egyption or both. production is A1 all the way. Great musicianship all around.. this is one of a kind ..


- treblok from Burlington, New Jersey on 9Sep2004


Original and intricate patterns blended with rock. Had a kind of 80's feel about it. A very interesting song.

- SlyMusic from Unspecified on 9Sep2004