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"So Close" Reviews



Indian music or middle east?, no it's pop

I like this fusion of many influences , itエs quite a surprise when the pop appears in there . I never expected that in my life after the beggining.

Good lead voice and fine vocal harmonies harmonies but the initial punch is lost a little when the pop part appears. That said , this is nice pop music. Nothing to envy to a lot of top 40 songs. itエs even more original that most of them. Unusual approach and unusual results.

Sometimes the risk receive its prize.......

- Pejinacho from Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain on 6May2005

Nice String inro

I like the techno/ethnic mix. The pop style vocal on a top is really a good twist. The track is very well produced and well programmed. Vocalist is good and the harmonies are tight. It reminds me of that song "show me love." I forget who the artist was who did it.

- Prejippie from Detroit, Michigan on 1May2005

nice keyboard intro

this tune has some very effective rhythm in it...the layered sound is captivating, and fun!! The interplay between the drums and the rest of the instruments is done tastefully, and with excellence. Vocal line is excellent. Great melodic content, sung with gusto and feeling, and excellent quality in the tone of the vocals themself. Keyboard parts are interesting, with nice subtle sounds that support the rest of the tune. Congrats on this piece!! Dont change anything!

- Neilbatterie from Santa Cruz, California on 30Apr2005

East meets west!

A great eastern-flavoured intro leads into a more westernized popsong. It's an interesting mix of styles - maybe the originators is from India? The female leadsinger does an exellent job.

The mix of traditional instruments and the machinepark works great. This is a song for the charts!

- Andersbpedersen from Aarhus, Aarhus Amt, Jylland, Denmark on 7Apr2005

Dig those Eastern grooves

Hey, this is really cool and fun. I would definitely listen to this again. I love the synths mixed with Eastern percussion and flavors. Reminds me a little of something I would hear on Miles Copeland's Mondo Melodica label. Really cool production and sequencing. Cool crossover grooves and pop vocals. I will go out on a limb and guess that this is one of my fav GB band's "Liquid Blue." If I am wrong I will eat my hat. So I'm preparing to get out my knife and fork...

- Green_Man1 from Ojai, California on 6Apr2005


Very middle-east. I like the feel. Makes me wanna shake it around a campfire. The mix is great, the arrangment and melody are spectacular. I LOVE IT! The vocals are amaazing. Very impressive. I would buy this cd in a hearbreak if the artist keeps this up.

- DaKota_Cole from Visalia, California on 5Apr2005

Listen, and fall in love

I have always wondered what the angles would sound like if they were to compose a song to reveal the truth, the truth which is revealed in our daily lifes. I no longer need to wonder because I have heard this song, and this song is it. An alluring mix of the ancient and the modern, intoxicating enough to blur the demarcation of reality and the dream world. The beat, the moog, the plucked instruments, they all have their place, their function and role, but then the vocals kick in, that other worldly sweet sweet voice of the image of beauty. I have been seduced by that sweet nectar of the female voice, that which gives me promise, and a touch of salvation, I have become sensation, within this song is the truth of generations, listen and behold the truth.

- BushDickey from Lincoln, Nebraska on 22Mar2005

Hit Quality

I really enjoyed this piece as it had so many interesting instrumental sounds. It is well crafted and complex. The singer is clearly a highly trained professional with a star quality voice. This is one of the few songs I've heard on GB that is clearly marketable and and a potential hit. I also like that the song clearly tries to break the pop mold with the ethnic sounding instruments.

- Cheryl_Merrill from San Francisco, California on 19Feb2005

some cool elements

I like the orient start to the song. good solid feel. Nice fusion with pop undertones. There is a lot going on here musically, but it all seems to work well together, nice fills and rhythm section, creating a lot of energy. Perhaps a little over-produced, but if you are going for a pop sound,it works. The performance is tight, and professional, quality musicians and programmers here. The vocals are nice and soothing, great timbre and delivery of lyrics. Good pitch control with excellent accompaining harmonies. Well, I know I reviewed some of your other songs, some I liked and others weren't as strong. I don't think this is one of the stronger ones, but even your weakest song is very good. I don't know who does your writing, but they are accomplished all the same. Nice job, great fussion, professional from the singing to the playing to the production.

- Enviro from Clinton, New Jersey on 27Jan2005

Middle eastern spices

This song attracted my attention since the start for it's captivaing beat, the real fulcrum of the attention. The electronics and the eastern spices of the intro are well built together, and the beat is interesting and "live", meaning that is not just looping but is moving through the song with professionality and good taste.

The female vocals are a bit "pop/R&B" but of a pop/R&B of a very high quality.

Overall a very interesting song, who well fits my tastes for world spices and that keeps my interest alive for all it's length.

- guthorm from Torino, To, Italy on 18Jan2005