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"Rhythm Of Love" Reviews




Madonna in India. I love the Bombay beat. The production here is fantastic. The Eastern rhthyms are making me bounce in my chair. This could be a real club hit.

- batguanno from New York on 14Feb2005

A lot of pop

A well concieved and executed piece of music, perfectly produced and recorded. There are layers upon layers of activity taking place in this piece to take notice of. The first phrase of the song is my favorite - a trance like synth intro in a middle eastern/Indian vein which morphs into a dance beat and accompanied by a worldless vocal chant over it. The song develops into more of a pop piece in the next phrase, but continues to contain exotic touches to it as well as dance music flares. The vocalist is reminescent of Kylie Minogue and Roxette (at least when singing in English), and has a strong vocal presence. The instrumental interludes on the recording helps this to work on several levels, whether in the dance club, the gym or the headphones.

- thepcp from New York on 12Feb2005

Magic Carpet Mayhem

I love the use of the stereo field. I love the synthesisers. I love the drumming. This might be my new favorite kind of music, this ethnotechno stuff. Dancing with mustaches and fly button down shirts with giant starched collars. Yes my friends, this is the good stuff. And did you hear the voice on that manasher? What a hot one!

- count_dollars from West Orange, New Jersey on 11Feb2005


I love the opening with the djempek. This track definitly is grooving.

- AJK5000 from Affton, Missouri on 9Feb2005

Sweet sounding voice

This is a very nice song. The vocals are sweet and sexy and the song is full of great special effects. A very lively song, full of great beat and dance.

- guitar4u from Bedford, Beds, United Kingdom on 8Feb2005

Cool Production

Dance to the sound of the Middle East!! I can picture everybody dancing this in the club! Very nice job

- digidudi from Miami, Florida on 30Jan2005

cool marriage...

i love the percussion on this number, and the use of synths in a music style that ususally doesn't have, this is a fusion of like five different genres...very cool

- Battlegrey from Houston, Texas on 30Jan2005

Global warming of the heartstrings

Ideal movie music. The opening bars conjure up images of beautiful vistas. This is a highly professional production worthy of global exposure. Fantastic intro vocal melodies. The main vocal could have come up just a mosquito's whisker in the mix.

- ibrowze from Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom on 30Jan2005

Baron Desert

This sounds like a techno song from the desert. If I were a big magic genie I'd play this whenever someone rubbed my lamp. I'd also have backup dancers. And a strobe light. I can't understand the lyrics. I really like the part where it sounds all magical. THat part rocks. I think I would recommend this song for my own funeral. When everyone is walking out at the end after they put me in the hole. I think it'd be inspirational. Great work. :-)

- Osteoporosis from Los Speculos, New Brunswick, Moldova on 26Jan2005


I am really digging this world sound with some dance and techno sounds thrown in to it...makes me want to go dancing! Really great beat to this song. I like the vocals that have come in to the song now and the lyrics are good, very original. I really like how there are many changes in this song. The melody is very catchy. This is a good energy song and a happy feeling song.

- hopenoel from Valencia, California on 17Jan2005

great dance mix

very powerful intro with a nice mix. Kind of a world dance mix. I could really dig hearing this in a club. really driving with a great dance beat. vocals are solid....sounds a lot like Madonna....nice. breakdown at around 2:30 is great and builds back up nicely...good arrangement.....

- mypseth from Albuquerque, New Mexico on 15Jan2005

Muy Bueno

Creo que en ese estilo esta muy buena la cancion y la cantante es muy buena en general una buena produccion

- Salsadk from Copenhaguen, Denmark on 14Jan2005

This song belongs in a club

Nice panning effect. I love the drumming style, the production on this is really good. With live strings it would be awesome. Good track overall.

- ROOKROCKS from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on 13Jan2005


in the beginning i feel like im running through the jungle or something....nice...i like the way u mixed an earthy sound with a techno twist. my feet are tapping as i'm typing so thats an excellent sign. very well produced i liked the left to right play in the beginning it really grabs your imediate attention, at least from a reviewing perspective. high marks from me.

- w1z4rd from Saint Francis, Maine on 12Jan2005

ohh dancy!

I like the mid. eastern feel to the song. Real spacey sounding. Good programming! Nice female lead vocals. she has a good voice. Good job on production, and it really works well.

- nlanzel from La Crosse, Wisconsin on 10Jan2005

Cavalcade of colors

The hard panning effect right off the top certainly gets the listener's attention. A little eastern/middle eastern flavor is present both in the harmonic content and the choices of percussion fills at the junction points--the fast sextuplets in the low tom/kick tone are unexpected. Good solid vocals--in tune, clear tone. There are some nice explorations of color, moving VERY quickly from effect to effect, keeping interest for the most part--some of the vocal parts do become a little difficult to pick out, particularly the lower voices. Good use of counterpoint against the vocal lines in the synthesizer. The combinations of colors (i.e., the arrangement) are interesting and varied, especially in points where "something" is about to surface again but hasn't quite arrived. I like the fills. The groove is solid, well-balanced, and powerful. For the most part the vocals are audible and sung very well, but there are a few moments where the meaning (in the low voice, anyway) gets a little harder to pick up. This is a good solid production, no worries. Have a good 2005.

- noiseartist from Muncie, Indiana on 10Jan2005


The intro is very creative and really set this song up for it's totally hooky and captivating verse. the groove to this one got me dancing right away. The voice is truely kicking everywhere. The production is good and the arrangement was pro! I Think you have winner here. Good Luck!

- Swagg from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 6Jan2005


I like this song a lot. It puts me into some middle eastern wonderland which no human words can describe. I love it!

- brcdrummer from Catonsville, Maryland on 5Jan2005

Good Music, Better Songwriting

World, elements of East Indian music (the sitar, the female vocal chant) grab me every time. This has a big, energetic sound. The lead vocalist has good chops. Her sound, the straightforward melody, simple lyrics, and dance beat are straight out of the the Madonna school of songwriting. The production is awesome. The music is jumping and fun to listen to.

- vadiamond from Orange, California on 1Jan2005

This is really excellent

Very cool beats, vocals, and production! Sounds like what Madonna would do if she was more talented. Really dig what you are doing here and very danceable. Arrangment and playing is all top-shelf. You guys are awesome.

- Green_Man1 from Ojai, California on 28Dec2004


I like the Middle Eastern feel to this song. Great mix for a dance song. Great chanting in intro. There is a lot going on here musically, but it all seems to pull together quite well. A bit over-produced, but it all works. The drums and percussion sounds really drive the song and give it an energetic rhythm and beat, good dynamics through out. Nice bridge with the Middle Eastern sounds, bringing in back to a dance beat. I'm really diggin the mood of the song. I'm dancing in my chair. Vocals are really good, I'm enjoying every note and chant, you hit some nice high notes and don't lose pitch. Energy, passion, rhythm, soul, punch, conviction, you've got it all. I'm not much of a club person, but I would be all over this song if I were. Production is right on, this track rocks, good luck climbing the charts.

- Enviro from Clinton, New Jersey on 23Dec2004


this is definatly a new vibe that I am not used to, I really appreciate the attempt to be original. It allowed me to really feel this vibe and thats what this dance industry needs. This is definatly different and definately sweet. The girl chanting is amazing and fits in so well. Then she comes in and takes over the song. Her melody is catchy, has a early 90's feel (the singing) updated with sweet beats and arps flying everywhere. Good great work. Respect on originality

- DjRedshirt from Torrance, California on 19Oct2004

i like it

like it alot. definatelt a good dance song. it puts me in a cool techno club.

- chris74 from Omaha, Nebraska on 15Oct2004

dancing through Egypt.

Great production, excitement was there. The arrangment is good. Good bass lines. It would of been nice to hear the clarity of the vocals- (middle eastern background screams that is). The main vocals are nice. The lyrics are catchy. I listened twice. (NICE). Wow- youve even got a bit of euro feel to the track. Well done. Please email me. I own a dance label and release in the middle east and eastern block countries. I would be interested. well done.. Subsonic Records Australia...

- subsonicrecords from Unspecified on 13Oct2004

Exotic !!!!!!

One word... Nice. This song grabbed me fromt he start. Very danceable. There is an element in the intro that reminds me of the song My Kingdom by FSOL. Anyway, the chick has a good voice (which can actually be heard in the mix). The beat is uplifting and that asian sound is a nice difference.

I like it. Good job.

- Kwisatz_Haderac from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 12Oct2004

Your the po-\= chemistry

intro - wow.. tron like.. Very international appeal man/woman/it! cool so far.. Like the surf in space attitude your bringing to the dancehall ... bounce bounce bounce bounce.. she's flying while singing good trick... get down.. like your funky way.. this proceeds to make you crave for what you need, and not want.. good lyrics to. she can sing very well... Love is the power.. you've got that lift.. 5 "kan you feel the energy, let the music set you free" ... power on! Perhaps we can sing/rap together one day..??????????????

- Starman7 from New York on 12Oct2004


Stereo effected good. And what a bassdrum. Bass is exactly for dance music. Nice music line. Thanks goes to artist.

- MusicKey from Riga, Latvia on 12Oct2004

top 10 entry

very exciting intro - ready, steady..... when it kicks in, the erge to dance is very high - groovy track, full of surprises. The main verse sounds quite simple and conventional. The singer is very tallented and the production is top quality. The trumpets sound slightly artificial. Generally excellent entry

- Phat_T from Brixton, London, United Kingdom on 11Oct2004


This is a bangin feel. Club material. I would love to see some glowsticks flyin to it. Reminds me of why I got into the club scene. It's fun, yet passionate. Great production.

- theblueseason1 from Smithville, New Jersey on 11Oct2004

Movie soundtrack

This is a wonderful track, great accent vocals as backing..Lots of layers build up to the main verse. Female vocalist has a good range, and sings extremely well... very catchy with a wonderful exotic "BollyWood feel".. Produced very well, good use of effects and well arranged. This would have no problems getting the dance floor moving,... also good as a potential soundtrack... Excellent


- SlimGirlFat from Surrey, Uk, United Kingdom on 10Oct2004

Like 3 cans of Red Bull

Great, lavish production. Definitely some of the best on the website...this gets some major points. this is definitely one of the top tracks I've reviewed.

- streettb from Oakland, California on 9Oct2004