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"Rescue" Reviews



a very good, radio ready song.

it's a message that needs to be heard

I expect to hear it on the radio anytime.

Surely this band has a record deal.

The vocalist is so soulful and melodic. She would definitely put Simon in his place.

Tight melody, great beat, production elite.

Polished product that's ready to go to the top

This song is definitely ready to make some mucho money for someone.

Thanks for letting me in on the ground floor.

The song is radio ready for sure

composition is awesome

the vocals are really strong, and the chorus is HUGE

This is a production tour de force

The vocals are absolute pro! I can hear this song going all the way to the top!

Great world beat vibe to the tune

it won't be long!

I would recommend you make a video and send it to MTV

This has the makings of a great hit

Takes me to another place

This is a very rich, dense and produced sounding track. I love the depth

Here's a very radio friendly band indeed, with a firm grasp on production

Great harmonies and instrumentation, positive message. My friend and I wanted to go out and pick up trash, but our bad backs negated that. Would love to see the video when it comes out. Excellent work!

Powerful lyrics

The World music intro sounds Radiohead-ish. the production really glows. Nicely mixed. The drums and bass groove well and the vocals are right up front where they need to be. The hook is a nice break, not departing too much from the rest of the song's vibe. The lyrics seem to justify the intro; they're powerful but get lost in a polished but standard pop radio song format. Still a very good, radio ready song.

- feel_cellophane from Greenville, North Carolina on 20Dec2004

Taylor Dayne style

The mood of the tune is adventureous, very third world. Great singing. The instrumentation is cool.

- Guitarlush from Woodinville, Washington on 18Dec2004

Ecologically Sound

Good luck with this - it's a message that needs to be heard!

- JonSofier from Paris, France on 18Dec2004


nice full sound here. the production is spot on. great vocals and a very current american idol type sound. good pop song. good luck.

- colah from Tucker, Georgia on 17Dec2004

Pro - pro

Not much I can say about it, everthing about it sounds great. I expect to hear it on the radio anytime. Keep up the good work.

- Roccisano1 from Interlaken, New York on 16Dec2004

What The Hell Am I Doing Trying To Upload Mus..

If all of the bands are as talented as this I'm gonna sound like Tiny Tim compared to all this fine talent.

Surely this band has a record deal. I think I heard something similar to this somewhere. don't know.

The opening 30 seconds I think are my favorite. You don't have any idea where the song is going. You know it's gonna be good whatever it is. The wierd sounding guitars and drums sucked me in and then the song exploded into this masterpiece. The vocalist is so soulful and melodic. She would definitely put Simon in his place. Tight melody, great beat, production elite. This song is definitely ready to make some mucho money for someone. Thanks for letting me in on the ground floor. Best of luck to you.

- EddieParrino from Nashville, Tennessee on 15Dec2004

world texture

I'm liking the opening, started out reminding me of a Tom Waits arrangement, then the "world" instruments kick in. The melody is good and the singer is in key and everything, but I'm not crazy about his (her?) voice. Sounds a little nasal to me. Choruses are good, they sound a lot bigger than the verses and there's a nice quick buildup right before each chorus. Nice tight arrangement, everything seems to be in its right place.

- jabuki from Cincinnati, Ohio on 15Dec2004

Mystical Ride

Very nice feeling to this tune. Great intro.Very nice singing there too. Good luck with your work

- silviomazzei from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on 14Dec2004

Quality Production

I appreciate all the work that was put into putting together a well produced track. The vocalist has an 80's metal sound to his voice. The song is radio ready for sure.

- stemfest from Holland, Michigan on 13Dec2004

Strong chorus...I want it sooner!

The intro of this song was kinda lengthy..not sure the first part was necessary. But the vocals are really strong, and the chorus is HUGE. I wanna get to it sooner! The band sounds really guys obviously know what you're doing. Nice stuff.

- bractune from Fair Oaks, California on 12Dec2004

Forza Tabla

Here's a song that starts with a cool Indian style intro which builds into what is a nice song, something like Nelly Furtado. Really good vocals and harmonies. The synth strings make it a strong pop track

- Rioja from Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom on 12Dec2004

What a production!

Wow... pretty professional production going on here. Mercy... Strings, comped vocals, groovin' drums. Drums really sound great. Nice bridge break with the mandolin-like thing and flute thing... could be synths for all I know, but sound really good. This is a production tour de force - very good sounding and great feel to it. Great production - wow.

- listendave from St. Louis, Missouri on 11Dec2004

In The Pocket!

Excellent! The production on this tune is absolute perfection. It has quality written all over it. The vocals are absolute pro! I can hear this song going all the way to the top! Intro - Love all of the ethnic percussion stuff. 1st Verse - Into a great feel good song and the perfect balance in instrumentation. Drums/bass/organ/Vox. Pre-chorus - Short and perfect in the way it sets up the chorus. Chorus - Gave me what i wanted to hear. Chorus - The meesage is totall across. Great Job. The arrangement is Top Shelf!

- onepanman from Houston, Texas on 10Dec2004

It won't be long

Loved the intro - full sound and tight. Not much to not like about this song - I liked it alot. Performance is tight all around great playing. I really liked the depth of the drums and the bass is positioned perfect in the mix to drive the energy of the song. Good keyboards and guitars are there as well. Nice tone! Vocals - very strong. Lots of emotion, good edge, great delivery nice range and sings from the heart. Production is a bit on the loud side but all is in balance and it plays great. Good job by all and it won't be long.....

- fab432 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 9Dec2004

Great Sounds

I have to say a job well done guys dont have any negative comments on this track it has every thing it needs to take you to the next level. I would recommend you make a video and send it to MTV.

This has the makings of a great hit and if MTV Inc reject it send it to me and I will get it played on MTV ASIA. THEY WILL DO ANYTHING For ME.

Good Job Guys

- royale from Unspecified on 9Dec2004


Nice groove, tribal feel. Excellent instrumentation. Takes me to another place. Has it's own vibe and then the pop chords come in and it changes. great voice. smooth.

- takeoveruk from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 9Dec2004

Destined for radio!

Here's a very radio friendly band indeed, with a firm grasp on production. Polished product that's ready to go to the top. It's hard to fault a song in this style for being a simple 4-chord progression, because it just works. What could you do with 6 though? ;) The chorus has a great melody, and vocal production is top notch. This band doesn't need to be in this competition. This band needs to be beyond it. They are polished and ready.

- Binary from Ames, Iowa on 8Dec2004

Sounds Like Styx

Really great singing. This guy sounds like Dennis Deyoung of Styx except perhaps stronger. If this is a woman my apologies; I have no context to know for sure. Man does this take me back to the day when great singers ruled over pop music.Not only great singers but songs with super strong hooks like this one right here. In 1989 Dennis' bandmate Tommy Shaw had another great one with 'Can You Take Me Higher' by Damn Yankees and I gotta tell ya this single is every bit as good and every bit as well produced as that one was. At this very moment in pop music history we are in the era of the personality singer. Songs are mostly an afterthought these days and pop stars are produced on M.T.V. reality shows and then force fed to the echo boomers for mass consumption. This is a major blast from the past and as a baby boomer it makes me feel remembered. 5 out of 5.

- EddieMundane from Missoula, Montana on 30Oct2004

fantastic intro....

this is such a nice song. the intro takes me away into the world of this song. its powerful. the vocals are great. the band sounds very tight. the pre-chorus is just the right length. i think this is a very radio-friendly song. i love the 7 dominant 7 at the end of the chorus. nicely done.

- falllineup from Middlebury, Vermont on 26Oct2004


interesting blend of tones coming in here, with a really cool nylon guitar/synth pad build. Nice guitar pad there 0:45 we're introduced to a warm glassy tone with thumping bass...nicely done. This is so Roxette! I like it. Good vocal delivery on the lead and harmonies throughout. Nice melody as well. This is kind of interesting.....can I call it activist pop? All the parts of this song are quite strong musically...and the lyrics, well I appreciate them (I don't think it could be a hit due to the subject matter) but this whole thing is well crafted and kind of interesting. Good pop and good luck.

- Audioride from Brighton, Massachusetts on 25Oct2004

Great job

Nice opening. Good vocal performance. Very catchy song with a really good chorus. Production is kind of 80's but still this is probably the best pop song I've listened to on garage band. Great job

- TomTighe from Windsor, Ontario, Canada on 25Oct2004

It's Big, but not so clear.

Middle Eastern sounds with mandolin, percussive drums, electronic synth strings and sounds, crashes in with the addition of a steady drum kit, watery gourd sounds,accordian or organ synth, bass and guitar deep in the mix. An energetic female vocal joins in. She sings about "It's just another day in paradise lost" as they "Move into darkness lately. I'd like to hear the vocals a bit clearer in the mix in the chorus. Not clear what lyrics are in this big production. Seems to have a bit too much distortion. But sounds very commercial. Big backing vocals, too. Listenable melodylines that develop well in song structure. Very tight performances and playing by the whole band. Intriguing production

- DianeWayne from Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands on 25Oct2004

Love the world beat intro

Great world beat vibe to the tune. I love the Indian/Asian intro to the tune. It song itself sounds a lot like Amanda Marshall's recent stuff both in terms of production quality (really nice, by the way), the vocalist (also quite nice), and the songwriting. Really pop-friendly tune. And I love the way the world beat stuff comes back in at the end.

- alexmine from Ajax, Ontario, Canada on 24Oct2004

radio ready

Interesting instrumental choice in the intro. Wow! I love that stream of warm energy entering at 0:33!! It's great... sounds kinda Irish here. The vocals have an original sound, I like the timbre of this lead voice... The backing vocals are also very good! The song has a real "full" sound and a very happy mood... Great hooks in the vocals!! The end is very good and appropriate

- eVa -

- LiquidSorrow from Borgerhout, Antwerp, Belgium on 23Oct2004


the intro was superb. musicianship showed up bigtime, composition is awesome. vocals/lyrics followable and understandable, sounds like you had fun!

- Zendor8 from Alexandria, Indiana on 23Oct2004

Beautiful Sound

This is a very rich, dense and produced sounding track. I love the depth. The voices sound great! This has a very radio ready sound to it. The mix is really tight. i found the table rythm a bit odd, but the song is so good that I learned to appreciate this as a unique sound . Really good song! When will you be playing on the radio?...

- C_STAR from San Francisco, California on 22Oct2004