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"Real" Reviews




I love the sitar and the tabla-esque drumming going on in the intro. But when the song starts that's when you know this is a great song. GREAT VOICE.

- J_M_ from Massapequa, New York on 6Oct2004

Tripy pop music...

The lyrics had a great story behind them and flowed nice with the percussion and the rest of the music and the O'ahh's, that part I thought was cool. The piano was the driving force in the music mostly and the melody was perfect with the lead vocals and backgrounds. Nice production and panning effects in the mix which had me very interested in what was coming up next...Good job, Sean...

- TheMystro from Washington D.C., Dc on 4Oct2004

catchy and radio worthy

I like the Muslimgauze type percussion slipping in the background... has a pretty powerful and arresting effect. Nice feel for sure. The vocals are strong, and it's a lovely memorable melody over the music. Sweet. Mmmmm... perfect chorus! The songwriting here is accomplished obviously. The drum work is really nicely complimentary and nicely mixed... cuts thru and drives it without sticking out. I like this singer more and more as the song progresses! Very uplifting. You are a talented girl. Nice little piano and percussion break - fits nicely and is not awkward as many breaks can be - it revisits the ethnic feel that started the song off. Perfect drop back into the chorus. Damn this is great! And I am no longer afraid to be who I want to '-) *Excellent job* Really. Keep it coming.

- divisional from Phoenix, Arizona on 2Oct2004

I'm shocked!

Why am I not hearing this song on the radio?! The lyrics are meaningful, the touch of eastern flavor really satisfied my inner ethnomusicologist! The lead vocals are out of this world! That is a voice that is used properly! There is so much emotion present in the song lyrically, and it is brilliantly presented with the lead singer's voice. I love everything about this song! SO well written, and produced.

- DFitzsimmons from Collingwood, Ontario, Canada on 12Sep2004

Indian influence on intro very popular now.

This song sounds like its very mainstream to me. Really like the lead vocals, this girl has talent. lyrics are engaging, melody is very pleasant. beat drums mix sounds good. This is as good as anything i hear on radio play. hope to hear ya on there soon. - debbie

- ShotGunSister from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 12Sep2004

Amazing, I'm hearing the next pop Idol!

I like the Indian music-like intro. Then the piano is very nice. The lead singing is phenomenal, the drums sound slightly off. The melody is excellent. I could totally see hearing this song on the radio someday. Awesome job.

- Rednax from Unspecified on 11Sep2004

Nice Intro Effect

Very strong vocals and recording production. This song is a commercial track.

- stephenjj from Chino Hills, California on 11Sep2004

Very unique, but definitely pop-likeable.

This is mainstream material. The vocalist actually sounds a bit like Britney Spears, but the lyrics and song has much more depth than a Britney Spears song.

- Allison_Scola from New York on 10Sep2004


The production and singing definitely stand out as top notch. It's radio ready and friendly. Great work.

It's great to hear something that a lot of hard work went into. Great work overall.

- 2lie from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 8Sep2004

Hit Song!

The song sounds like a mix between Evanesesnce and Madonna's Ray Of Light, featuring Tori Amos on piano. The vocals are very clear and the melody flows very well. I really like this track and would say it sounds like a hit to me.

- kingvirtue from Chesapeake, Virginia on 8Sep2004

intro took a bit too long

I like the intro & the vocalist, who by the way has a strong commercial voice. I think the concept is strong & I'm sure it as great placement ability with TV/Film, definitely in the genre of pop.

the dynamics of the song were written & formatted very well, this is a strong song with a lot of marketability. The production complimented the song nicely, not too sure about the ARABIC TRIP sounds though... Goodluck

- LatinoSaint from Nashville, Tennessee on 8Sep2004



- SweetC from Metairie, Louisiana on 8Sep2004

Candy paid

Starts in a tribal mood, something exotic is coming. Slowly builds in some mysterious effects. The groove starts, and its heavy. With the back pads its really deep, deeper than a usual pop song. Very moody, good work with the atmosphere, the stereophony. The singer has this candy voice that is easy in the ear.

- lomberto from Unspecified on 7Sep2004


Great Intro, reminds me of Thievery Corporation with the zaney voices over a solid production line incorporating tons of instrumentation. Wow the instrumental break into the body is pretty amazing. The voice is beautiful and the lyrics are simple. This is my kind of music. Good music. Generally not my thing, but WOW this is a solid track. I feel the pull of so many genres and the track has some really amazing production. The hook is beautiful and the stacking of the vocals is right on. I hear a record contract...

- bradleyhiphop from Los Angeles, California on 6Sep2004

It's hot!

Whirling synth chords and distant chimes bring in an ethnic (middle eastern) male vocal. It's further enhanced with percussive drums, a small explosion, and some grand piano. Drum fill brings us into a steady rhythm from laid back drum kit, warm bass, cowbell and deep sythn chords, and piano. Sweetly, energetic female vocal sings about "not being afraid to say what you feel, cause you're the one that makes it real". Interesting verse and chorus lines and development. Good imagery lyrically. Great feel rhythmically. Very fresh and original. Super instrumentation and choices of sounds and production. Great vocals, lead and harmonies. Put this one on the radio, please.

- DianeWayne from Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands on 6Sep2004


AWESOME INTRO- WOW, great mid eastern flow. The mood is set from the start. Breaks down with a nice piano melody followed by heavy drums, bass, and some scat singing by the female singer. The singing is well performed, strong and on key... I really enjoyed the production, very good arrangement. The chorus has a great melody, with a bit of layering and light harmonies... Just when I wanted a bit more of the mid eastern vibe back, they give you just a taste before the second verse. Good blend of mood, very commercial sound and well placed in pop. I'm not afraid to say what i feel like you say in the song, so feel good that I like it!!!

- aaronhope from Chicago, Illinois on 2Sep2004

Great tribal intro

And you don't hear the piano nearly enough in music these days. I'm not really a connoisseur of pop music but this is very impressive. If this artist isn't on the radio soon I will have lost faith in all humanity. Beautiful voice, beautiful song. Harmonies are on. Kudos to the sound guy. If i was in the biz I'd sign you now. Get out of the garage... you are attic material.

- REDDEMON1111 from Biloxi, Mississippi on 2Sep2004


Great intro. Nice blending of those odd intro elements into the meat of the song. The vocals are superior to most of what I hear, even if they sound a lot like Britney. (no offense intended) Beautiful chorus line. The mix of the song is completely professional - I assume that it was done professionally. Doesn't really leave any room for criticism, I mean, you've done exactly what you set out for.

- erasuresque from Las Vegas, Nevada on 1Sep2004


This song is Amazing! The Lead Vocals are Strong. The lyrics are great as well. And the melody Is Great. sum it up to say that it all fits into an amazing Musical Package that arrives as this song. The Harmonies are very reminiscent of Wilson-Phillips. I like the production of the piece. The strange Intro and the reprise of that intro towards the ending of the song. this sounds like something Like a song that needs to be on the radio. You kept me hanging on throughout the entire song. The melody hangs in your head. And that's a great thing! Good Job!

- stevechapman from Stedman, North Carolina on 28Aug2004

A voice like honey-dew!

Indian style intro - leading into a really charming voice! The lyrics really work well - and gets the message across nicely!! This is a hit - you got a really monster hit song on your hands!!

That just my humble opinion!

- CarstenJi from Copenhagen, Sealand on 28Aug2004

Your review ..

Real time review.. Intro - What the? aaa sound .. it's from another country .. very interesting.. movie like.. get the guns... what's that! Body - nice lift.. drum is hot. Lyrics - Whoa... nice sike technique.. she can sing.. you've got something here ... "working for justice every day, with all this corruption we need and injunction, it's true".. Big up for these lyrics.. Nice Singer..she's beautiful. Hook - hot "you're not afraid to be .. to say what your feel... leading the way... your the one that makes it real.... (TO THE BOARDS WITH THIS.. ITS A HIT) Like it much.. Makes me want to talk like Yoda! You have lots of talent.. keep the band, keep the girl, producer, writer and the bird on the roof... Peace..

Visit //// also this contest at ... peace..

- Starman7 from New York on 28Aug2004

cool intro

very nice, sexy vocal work...the backing music works well in its use of space, not over played or too chaotic. A sweet Pop tune.

- EmeraldCoast from Emerald Coast, Florida on 27Aug2004

This is a solid Pop tune

Intro pulls the listener in... Vocal is exceptional. Nice lyrics... She is very good... the production is solid. Once the tune starts, it is a great tune with commercial potential. Very good sound!

- allegrojazz from Santa Clarita, California on 27Aug2004


nice tribal feel to the instrumentation; unique sounds--very dramatic/good for movies; very different from when the vocal cuts in; strong voice emotes the lyricals which have depth to them

- larajaninefrom Los Angeles, California on 26Aug2004

When Hollywood meets Bollywood.

Chords play like a roaring engine, and then we get into some bollywood stuff, with lotsa indian influence. But hey, this was just the intro. A definitely original one. The same comment goes for the bridge around 3:50. A great piano / guitar / bass / drums / singer pop comes in afterwards. The production of this one is well made. There's hardly something to complain about it. The lyrics work with me. They are about being oneself and not hiding what one is deep inside. They may sound a bit clich・to some wanna-be underground people, but they just deal about things that are buried deep in the human soul, and therefore I have nothing to complain about them. The "Be what you wanna be" theme is a classic one, but it's still working, and will probably work for many centuries to come (unless some dumbass hits the "Total nuclear Armageddon - do not push" button) as being what one wants to be will probably be hard for many many years. I'd say that we have a well crafted pop song here, that for sure deserves airplay...and maybe even more... (got what I mean, Mr. A&R ?)

- TNK from Village-Neuf, Alsace, France on 26Aug2004

Great intro

This song immediately captures your attention with a very atmospheric introduction. Nice percussion ideas and very good production. Lead vocals and harmonies combine to create a very catchy chorus melody. Quite nice to hear a pop tune with world music influences.

- DavidG23 from London, Uk, United Kingdom on 25Aug2004

Sounds like Peter Gabriel meets Tori Amos...!

Great lead vocals, clear and crisp, lyrics are vibrant and political, the melody is sweet, and heart wrenching. Nice all around piece of music, well orchestrated and filled with esteem. -Chris

- noisecontrolfrom Niagara Falls, New York on 24Aug2004

A great radio-ready slow groove

Uber groovy opening, loving the techno-meets-world feel, excellent layering of tracks... Was expecting a dance track, was happily surprised to hear the piano come in and strong female vocals with smart lyrics. Kind of reminded me of early SBL - a great slow groove, sexy vocals, clear message, excellent production values. As good as anything female vocalists are putting on pop radio right now, and a damn sight better than most. Easy on the ears, catchy hooks and interesting world music backdrop - I think it could do well on pop and even some AC markets.

- staciahush from Los Angeles, California on 23Aug2004

Intro grabs ya straight away

Love the Middle Eastern vibe... Totally original compared to some of what's out there. Nice work with the production guys!!!

- hollermusic from Miami, Florida on 23Aug2004

Saweeeet Intro

Yeah!!! This is one for the records, or the playlist for that matter. The mix on this song is pro level, she is fearless and flawless in delivery and performance, must buy tickets for the live show/set.

- KingRaTino from Muskegon, Michigan on 23Aug2004

Undulating and passionate

Unusual Bangra intro and backing with an Eastern beat and flavor. I can't imagine how the band can produce such a professional sound unless they have some really pukka equipment. Lead vocal does not have a distinctive voice but it's very commercial and she has lots of melody to play about with. I like the tempo variety in the vocals and the hard/soft reproduction. I imagine this is already a 5 star posting because it's hard to fault. Lyrics are passionate and personal so it could become an 'our song' classic.

- KITMAC from Leicestershire, United Kingdom on 23Aug2004


Great song. Vocal performance is killer. Very convincing. Lyrics are nice. Very cool melody. Lead vocals make this song though. Good production too. Percussion at the intro is very interesting.

- makerecords from Clarksville, Tennessee on 22Aug2004

Refreshingly different.

The middle eastern sounding influence is a good attention grabber. The lead vocals remind me of the bangles, not Suzanna Hoffs but one of the other three; just can't remember her name. It is also similar to Kylie Minogue in delivery. The melody is really great; it has a flow that has focus in that runs from start to finish without ever going over the top or going astray. The lyrics sound very personal and are well created in a way that makes it easy for the listener to relate. Really loved the instrumental sections. Got any more like this or an extended or dance mix maybe?

- Ara_Tipu from Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand on 21Aug2004