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"Pretend" Reviews



original & catchy

Hey, this is an original sounding tune. I like the quirky instrumental pieces individually, and they all work together well. Tight number. The middle breakdown section didn't completely work for me. But the before and after work so well I can't hold that against the song. This is an original and catchy number.

- fmoh from Norman, Oklahoma on 14Jan2005

Fav Garageband Song Yet

MY GOD! Finally a song that I truly love! As soon as this song started I knew it was going to be great. The intro reminded me very much of one of my fav bands called "The Tea Party". The music is very thick, very well written, hooky parts flow smoothly in and out everywhere. I love the verses, and I love the chorus...I'm excited that I got the chance to hear this. The vocalist is really good, does a good job of fronting this very solid music. Most singers would not measure up, but I tip my hat to you. Yes, this is what we need to get back on the radio!

- sigmundfloyd from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 9Jan2005

Politically Rockin'

Cool sounds at the beginning.. Sounds like a movie soundtrack song. Good voice, it has a really good tone.. The lyrics are pretty cool, sounds pretty political.. The rhythym and the beat are pretty cool. Nice production on this one. Not a bad song.

- NUMB_Music from Central, Missouri on 4Jan2005

Great instrumentation, excellent Vocalist

Interesting intro, excellent groove once the beat comes in. I think the music is fabulous. The vocalist has a great voice, really cool vibe. The only complaint that I have about this is that the vocal is placed so "in" the music that it doesn't really carry the song as much as it should (afterall you have a great singer!) It would be nice if the vocal was a bit out of the track, just to draw attention to itself. Overall, I think the track is great.

- Barkerkind from Brooklyn, New York on 3Jan2005

What a vibe.

That's a freaking awesome melody. It’s very tribal sounding, maybe even middle-eastern.

- natetheoriginal from Vancouver, Washington on 2Jan2005


This starts off with a movie soundtrack feel that Sting would be proud of. But then you take it into the world of Evanescence guitars, and a very cool unique vocal. I like it. Your programmer deserves a raise because the sequence here is HOT. I really like the treatment on the vocal. Those are fantastic guitar tones. You win.

- salient from Nashville, Tennessee on 28Dec2004

intro n.i.n. meets india

great music extends a bit but enjoyable singer has a good voice like the indian undertones of the music

- Tundra from Boulder, Colorado on 27Dec2004

radio ready.....

Nice job. Sounds really good. Very smooth and vocally solid. Very radio freindly. Great arrangement.

- mypseth from Albuquerque, New Mexico on 26Dec2004


ethnic feel, very different nice change from the intro, vocals are well done and production is top notch, like to hear a little back up vocals though. overall good job.

- blackroom_3 from Okolona, Kentucky on 23Dec2004

Nice Intro

The intro sounds very System Of A Down-ish. The production and the transition between verses and choruses are really, really cool. The lyrics and vocals go very well with the song. Very original and very good.

- ironknuckle25 from Castaic, California on 23Dec2004


Very exotic intro! You did a nice job of meshing the eastern sounds of the intro with the heavy guitar (which sounded a bit like a Violent Femmes riff). I had little difficulty understanding the singer but that could've just been the flange effect. Overall I thought that the melody line was good and the hook inticing. Great job of reintoducing the theme ala keyboard throughout. Good song.

- tedcorby from Jacksonville, Florida on 23Dec2004

Good Stuffs

Liked the synths a lot. Has a very Steve Vai "Fire Garden" sound. The Vocals are cool too. This is a cool sound. I like it a lot. I liked the over dubbed vox. Very Well Done.

- aE1 from Escondido, California on 16Dec2004

Political Quiltwork

This number has a fast devolping fantastic intro and also has multiple cool Far-Eastern/rock patterns weaving behind a nice series of vocal lines. The song gives a definite picture and refreshingly - the melody and lyrics support each other wonderfully. It has a great groove both rythmically and melodically. It is a great example of inspiration and craftwork all the way around.

- paganmystic from Batavia, Ohio on 9Dec2004

Get you right from the start

Nice beat. Reminds me a little of Bon Jovi's new stuff. I love the strings. Nice production. Guitars are also very engaging. I think the melody is very good, but the vocals are a little far back in the mix for my taste. I love the part wiith the voices talking and the weird electronics going. It really flows nicely back into the last chorus. Pocket lining. We choose them to lead. Is this song about corrupt cops? Interesting topic. Very creative. It's not just another love song. Production this one also gets extra credit

- Radiate42 from Rockford, Illinois on 8Dec2004

Interesting song.

very nice Keyboards. all of a sudden this turns into a harder song. This has quite a bit of Ozzy Osbourne Influince. the production is welld one. Nice Vocals.

- jrdementia from Salinas, California on 8Dec2004


The intro to this song is great. Very experimental and unique. Very beatles like. Great build up into the verse. The production in this song is border line perfect. Levels are all perfect. Singer has a great voice. Im a big fan of harmony vocals, so i think that would improve the song. The drums and bass are the back bones to this song, dead on and keeping everyone together. Very nice work.

- NewStandard from Detroit, Michigan on 6Dec2004

very worldly

This is really cool, very worldly sound. The vocals are very good. The drum programming is great. Cool original song.

- Guitarlush from Edmonds, Washington on 6Dec2004

catchy and well put together

Very catchy instrumentation and song. The production is awesome and the mix brings out all the stuff that's going on so that it doesn't seem too busy. I love the middle eastern influenced elements as well. My only wish is that the vocals were louder. Great overall though.

- dantelolo from Chicago, Illinois on 5Dec2004


different intro.. unique style for this genre. like the drums, its a bit 'bollywood' though. catchy guitar riff.

singer is lennon esque.

- Dan_holt from Strawberry Hill, London, United Kingdom on 5Dec2004

whoa. that intro.

okay, that's some turkish shit there. i love turkish music. cool sound. doesn't sound like anybody else that i know, but still has a pop sensibilty about it.

- worldclass from Brooklyn, New York on 3Dec2004

I like the treatments of India.

You have a good production. I really like the texture of the vocal. Good melody and an attractive arrangement. All the elements of a good pop song.

- radioj from Morgantown, West Virginia on 1Dec2004

Morning Review 1

Has a cool intro and transition. Vocals are pretty good. nice guitar rif in the background

- Oppie3255 from Unspecified on 30Nov2004

world influence

wow! my favorite type of stuff going on!!! hard hitting world rock! reminds me of The Tea Party! I hope you have some more songs that I can jam to. finally! Good Luck!

- Terranova9 from Cypress, Texas on 27Nov2004

interesting sound

One of the most interesting sounds I've heard in a while. I like the whole "eastern" feel...sitars (I think)and other effects to give it that far-off motif. The guitars are powerful and sound great. The vocals, however, change the whole mood of the song. The sound kind of woosey, and seemed a little too feminine for this type of song. On key always, though. Good work.

- bman504 from Norman, Oklahoma on 14Oct2004

Far east!

And far out, this is a very skillfull composed song. High points for originality, love the easter'n theme, it's really, really cool. It's got a good production, which helps me understand in what direction you want the song to go, and may I add it is a good one!

- bozza from Oslo, Norway on 14Oct2004

Good feel

Pretty clever production work here. Nice guitar riff that's under the vocal enough to not distract. Great vocal line. Interesting song structure that stays on track. Songwriting is strong, as is the performance.

- CactusDave from San Diego, Californiaon 13Oct2004

Tell Me

Busy musical background, flows smoothly throughout most of song, until after lead. Vocalist does a great job putting feeling into words.

- jana_alexander from St George, Utah on 12Oct2004

ok give it to me.....

I'm waiting.....I like this vox.....don't like the pause so soon in the first verse.....but I can handle it,,,,cool got my vote.........good luck

- kballjax from Jacksonville Bea, Florida on 11Oct2004

Caught me by surprise

The eastern sahara dezert feel was an unusual way to start this song, but I liked it. The production to this piece is fantastic. Very good song arrangement. This song has it all. I was even looking for sub titles somewhere. Very Good song, should be going somewhere.

- RU12 from Santa Claus, Indiana on 10Oct2004

Nice Keys..

Very original sounding song. Good lead vocals. overall good melody. Fine production. Excellent keyboard. performance was outstanding.

- whitedog from Burlington, Iowa on 10Oct2004


nice hooking intro. grabs attention right away with the effects. has a nice arabian feel to it with the sitar's. this kind of song reminds me of incubus. vocals are very unique and pleasent. good guitar progression, used well with the exotic quailities of the song. this is very outside the box, and very cool, which is a powerful combo. i think u guys got somthin here.

- orban87 from Godfrey, Illinois on 10Oct2004

Very Original !

Great Intro !...Super musicianship, groove and sound !

Excellent vocals, very unique !..All in all a very refreshing tune and sound !..Top Marks !

- Bassist55 from Wollongong, Nsw, Australia on 9Oct2004

Hallo India

Very interesting sound. Always nice with many diffrent sounds. However, the song is too original to be a hit. But keep on doing your thing.

- Detonation from Pargas, Finland on 7Oct2004

Cool Middle Eastern feel

Very original. Like the guitar riffs. Nice production, especially if it was done yourself. You have a distinct, interesting sound.

- MoonshineKate from Lubbock, Texas on 3Oct2004

way kewl

really nice sound almost a bit of an arab sound to this one

really nice vocals man this is some good material

good luck with everything

- Sakredmezur from Stuart, Florida on 3Oct2004

I like it

Intro is OK, maybe too long. I didn't know what was coming next. Progresses nicely. Nice mix of styles and composition. Vocal effects are good. Most reviewers here seem to like near Dry vocals - i don't. Samples add nicely to the arrangement at the Bridge. Production is good. Nice job.

- faded_dave from Neenah, Wisconsin on 1Oct2004

Excellent Song!!!

Really interesting intro, well produced sound and recording. Vocals are excellent, and string section adds alot to this band. This song, needs a video in back of it, it's totally terrific.All the middle East music in the back ground, adds a lot to the song. Finally a song with a message!!!!!

Excellent song and Band.

- dvdalford from Edgemoor, Delaware on 1Oct2004

Intro rocks.

Very nicely arranged introduction. This song has a couple good hooks. Good voice, and in key. Production is good. Digging the drummer. Guitars and keys work very well here. Good job!

- Grimm_Cadaver from Burbank, California on 1Oct2004


This is awesome. This intro has the coolest arabian feel. That was awesome from the rattle to all the effects. Extra credit for sequencing. This mix sounds almost pro. I like the guitar tone and the bass melody. The drummer is tight. The vocalist has a really good voice, but I'm not fond of the chosen effect.

I like the breakdown at 2:53. News reports always make a good statement.

- yearofthelocust from Bohemia, New York on 30Sep2004

Electronic Disruption

WOW - disturbing electronic rock style intro, breaks into an exotic keyboard (?) driven rock tune. This reminds me of The Tea Party's "Transmission" record - hot stuff! Great vocals fit ontop of this trippy, ever shifting soundscape. Top notch song with great production and originality. I doubt that I'll ever hear this one on the radio, but I will place it on my playlist

- Ironcount from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada on 30Sep2004

Nice blend of rock and samples

I love the electronics in the beginning of this song. Egyptian feel is very nice, let's see how it pans out. Nice vocals and the production and mixing is very well done.

- Motorzep from New City, New York on 29Sep2004

Lawrence of Arabia 2004

Strings, guitars, drums, shakers, computers, vocals...this song has it all. The song starts off tricking you into thinking it might be an instrumental. The begining sounds like it could easily get into some kind of film. Female vocals and drums kick in after an attention grabbing intro. (which to me sounds I guess Arabian, Middle Eastern?) I think the vocals mix nicely with the music. The verses changed the tone of the music from a movie setting to an actual song, which to me was an interesting spin. I liked it.

- Father_Peter from Atlanta, Georgia on 29Sep2004

Woah Punjab rock

Luv the eastern feel then into the rock guitar licks. Nice melody, good vocals, nice production. Would definately play this for my own pleasure. Very balanced track. Good luck :o)

- DolphinblueJay from Unspecified on 29Sep2004

Very professional sounding sample based rock.

Very interesting vibe mixing traditional eastern sound with electronic samples. Guitars add heavy edge and parts of the chord progression (pre-chorus/bridge ?)were very effective. Middle section with radio commentary backing was very effective.

Vocals were good and quite distinctive.

Basically, really enjoyable song and very marketable I would think, I will certainly listen to it again. I would like to here further material. Do you always go for eastern feel ? Is that characteristic of this song ? If so, what does other material sound like and how do you ensure it still sounds like same band ?

- wretched26 from Unspecified on 29Sep2004

GOOD on the money

pretty shifty intro then its all sitary thats awesome i like it quite a bit sounds all progressive style

- Adelie from Castro Valley, California on 28Sep2004

interesting intro

song sounds good . no need for any unvaluble feedback . nice mix , good work

- hobospeedball from Randolph, New Jersey on 28Sep2004