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"Making Up" Reviews




This was a really unique song. It started out with the exotic world instruments and beat, and then the female pop singer comes in. It's an interesting mix but it worked really well. Instrumentally there is alot going on and everything sounds great. The vocals were really flawless and I enjoyed listening to a great female voice. This sounds like something that could easily be played on any mainstream pop music station.

MtnOystr from Omaha, Nebraska on 27Jun2005

Dance to a Great Message

Wow! This song is a brilliant mixture of catchy pop elements with interesting instrumental variations on a theme and a positive theme that I wouldn't mind hearing my pre-treen repeat over and over and over as kids are wont to do. Very interesting and enjoyable musically and lyrically and I'd like to know what else these folks have tried their hands at.

- slpod from Madison, Wisconsin on 23Jun2005

Nothing lost here...

The has some nice evenly paced sound init. A definitive ethnic soulful vocal that drops in with emotional content to capture your interest. There also sounds like a sort of reggae tone that I thoroughly enjoyed too. This has a mainstream shine and soundtrack potential also. Everything sounds well polished and fun on the run kind of approach. Enjoyed it!

ZERODEPTH from San Francisco, California on 21Jun2005


arrangement that kinda takes me by surprise. This sounds like a very tight group with some very professional sounding vocals & musicians. Unique and original arrangement comes together better than expected after the first few seconds. Great mixing job keeping levels where they should be. Well produced and arranged. Your sound should take you places.

logrhythm from Boulder, Colorado on 21Jun2005

Music really might save the World....

Nice feel at the intro, love the Middle Eastern feel. Nice choice of instrumentation. From the introduction, I did not anticipate this to slide into an American style pop song. Very sly and a hard trick, honesly. I like this, the vocals are very tight and the harmonies are excellent. I appreciate the lyrical content... we need more of this. The intro captures my attention off the bat and the transformation from Middle Eastern traditional tune to pop tune is pretty much seemless. Excellent musical bridges make this song. It gets us from intro to verse to chorus, and that wonderful musical vamp in the middle. My congratulations to the musicians here, you have come up with a very catchy and musically relevant pop tune, not always an easy job! The vocal quality reminds me of the Corrs for some reason. The percussion and drums are excellent. In closing, let me say that you have surprised me completely. I was pleasantly thrown off during this entire piece of music with unexpected arrangments and changes that kept my mind and ear interested. The recording sounds very well balanced and a truly excellent dynamic mix of many, many elements. To quote Stan Lee Excelsior!

Gnosis from Nashville, Tennessee on 19Jun2005

nice mix

Nice culturemix of music. Vocals are well produced and sound good. Well played by the band. I guess there is a good producer here! Great song!

- Platt from The Hague, Netherlands on 16Jun2005

great beginning

Good message. pakistan and india..word up!!!! great production...odd with the pop vocal..but i like anyways...kind irresistible with the message...and a top-notch production..very pro. lots of sounds going on. a little rhythm sample in every little corner and space of the mix.

justindr660 from Tuebingen, California, Germany on 15Jun2005

A wonderful message backed by wonderful music

This song is an excellent example of how to merge different ethnic musics into a rhythmic modern pop sound. The enchanting eastern scales lead into a strong western song - and it is a song with a message. The words are excellent and the vocals are great. Very nicely arranged also. A winner.

johneurellsr from Ossining, New York on 15Jun2005


this is the best song I have heard on Garageband to Date. The production is world class. I can't remember the last time I heard a mix like this, in headphones it sounds 3 dimensional. Every instrument is pristine and perfectly positioned in the mix. Arrangement is so different and unique, especially in the intro

iranwatson from Atlanta, Georgia on 9Jun2005

Very well done

I enjoy the choice of instruments and the mix of hip hop its very well pulled together tight. I like the vocals she has a wonderful voice fit for the part. Until i heard this i have to say i thought all world fusion sounded the same, but this isn't like the rest its definitly more thought out and structured. The vocal scale is great Fridgian built not commonly used now a days. In general very decent.

Tones757 from Pinckney, Michigan on 8Jun2005

Inja bizarre -

True fusion with a great vocal, teen R&B ala Spice Girls doing a world history in song and verse. Love the bridge! Really good breakdown. The vocals rock, the lady has pipes. Great harmony stacks. This whole track blew me away and I played it twice, adding to my Playlist. Thanks.

mike_whitney from Hayesville, North Carolina on 8Jun2005

good mix of instruments

I really like the music. The lyrics are almost to where you could say something really deep, but the chorus keeps it in the pop realm. A good formula, but maybe because I work with political human rights groups, I want you to really talk about all the shizzle going on... of course, it's tough to do that in a pop song. Plenty of interesting music changes. well put together.

sf_funkster from San Francisco, California on 8Jun2005

indian dance thing

This song has amazing instrumentation, eastern sounds, and initially sounds like a traditional indian song! The vocalist is amazing! Her notes and harmonies are class. The vocal melody of this song makes is very pleasant to listen to. The drums are really great, i love the little hi-hat fills that appear all over the place. The production is cracking, sounds very slick and radio-friendly.

matthewrodgers from Belfast, Down, Northern Ireland on 5Jun2005

Damm,. Great job,.


Ooooh love how you kick this in,. Original sounds and groove going on here,. This is cool ,...

Wow im impressed with this,. Love your rhythm and what you did with this,. Vocals are bad to the bone,. She has a cool voice and this is not a standard peice that sounds like everything else on the radio,. You guys rock very good job,.

WiredPirate from College Parkway, Florida on 1Jun2005

India Fusion

Production knocks me out. Great use of authentic percussion sounds. Vocals very strong and topical lyrics. Track full of energy and should be released on a major label. Keep doing exactly what you're doing. Great job.

DeRenzo from New York City, New York on 1Jun2005

Rock on Hindu Princess

Excellent complex rhythmic accompaniment. Very professional sounding vocals, very energetic composition. Excellent musical flow! Outstanding combination of instruments.

ABVanGrieg from Huntsville, Alabama on 31May2005

Middle Eastern Feel, With Great Vocalist

Middle eastern feel right from the start. Odd changes with a funky mid-70's bouncy bass organ. Now the main groove sets in. Vocalist is outstanding. Shades of early Madonna and (strangely) Wilson Phillips, (but with much more of an authentic feel). She is right on pitch all the way through. Great backing vocals too. the whole song has a great energy, and I can definitely see it being a big hit.

Skepticus from San Antonio, Texas on 30May2005


It takes a lot of precission to accomplish this type of music. Whats interesting here are the vocals. I thought I was listening to pop radio in the states! Different. Nice arrangement, very very good vocals. Nobody signed these guys up yet? Why not??

ninja6rr from Hometown, Ohio on 29May2005

A true gem

A true gem is Liquid Blue's "Making Up". Very few songs can include so many history facts and still be cool. From the tension between North and South Korea to Israel and Palestine, Liquid Blue uses these conflicts to encourage people to do all they can to help bring peace to areas that are divided and war-torn. "Making Up" is simply outstanding.