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"Kashmir" Reviews



The Eastern touches are truly unique

This is one of those songs that you get stuck in your head and can't get it out!

the most interesting song I have reviewed so far on Gband.

Diggin the middle eastern vibe. Down with the whole vibe; good lyrics

One of the best songs I've heard yet

The lyrics and melody are as smooth as cream

THe vocals are really remarkable

These are some of the best lyrics i have heard in a long time and a positive message to boot.

The way you mix the different styles of music is wonderful

Cool political statement! Interesting way to open the eyes of the ignorant!

Nice intro, really got my attention

This had a really cool beat to it, I like the terrorist feel to the rhythms.

Radio ready quality song!

Bump up the Lead Vocal and it's a KEEPER!

Melody - Love it! Arrangement - Killer!!!!!! I love the production. I love the arrangement. I love the lyrics that I can make out (wish the Lead Vocals were MORE OUT FRONT!) I love the dual vocal starting at 1:41! This tune grabbed me from the start and never let go of me!

- rlehman from Columbus, Ohio on 8Dec2004

Unique intro, nice ethnic feel

I liked the ethnic undertones of this song, the intro builds on it quite nicely, and segways into a catchy pop-type song. Good production, I especially like the rhythm guitar and the percussion instruments. Good beat, really unique blend of instruments and production styles - very original!

- Jasmia from Las Vegas, Nevada on 8Dec2004


Great, great, great. One of the best songs I've heard yet. Like an older Prince song meets today, with the indian intro and interlude. Cool melody and lyrics. Love the way the guitars back up the vocals at the end of the verses.

- fizzot from Deptford, New Jersey on 8Dec2004

12 million people will love this

wassup Sting!!! I love that kinda world music thing going on. You got alot of bells and whistles in the beggining of this. The lyrics and melody are as smooth as cream. I think I recognize this artist and I'm lovin it! THe vocals are really remarkable. What I wanna know is how you make your drums sound so real. They are good! Your arrangement skills are really good too. you need to produce if you are a solo artist and if you are a band thank your producer:)

- tabesamis from Astoria, New York on 8Dec2004

Funky sound never heard before.

Lyrics: Lyrics are clever and the story between and in the words makes you think about what your really talking about. These are some of the best lyrics i have heard in a long time and a positive message to boot.

Melody: It has the middle eastern sound to the melody but yet still has a sound of the states. The melody is so uplifting i love it 4 sure.

Arrangement: The arrangement is somewhat basic but the world fusion breakdown gave it a flavor all it's own. I expect this song to be one of the most original songs on GB. The way you mix the differsent styles of music is wonderfull. Keep it you all.

- TheMystro from Washington D.C., Dc on 8Dec2004

pop with a message

the arabian melodies combined with western dance beats got my attention right away. it's nice to hear pop music with some serious subject matter for once as well - it's a good way to make your message accessible to the masses.

- cluelessmusic from New York on 7Dec2004

Interesting stuff

Middle Eastern rock? Sure, if it works. And this works! Really tight production on this track, good lyrics and very catchy melody. Great breaks!

- JackMullins from La Honda, California on 7Dec2004

Within You..

Starts off with a Indian vibe & sound cool backwards instruments. Great feel and the vocals are very good. They some like George Harrison via 1970s. This is real good and original.

- mac777 from Framingham, Massachusetts on 6Dec2004

Weird but cool

What an intro. I thought I was in the Indian wedding scene from "Bend it Like Beckham." And then this very cool pop song breaks out. I liked the production and the lead vocals a lot.

- GeorgePrentice from San Antonio, Texas on 5Dec2004


I dig the arabian/techno feel of the song. It's a cool fusion. Vocalist has a cool simple voice. Very in tune. Great production!

- lastexit5 from Boulder, Colorado on 4Dec2004


Interesting mix of sounds at the start. Made me think of Dead Can Dance and Indian music. Then when the vocals came in - the backing track keeps this from being a standard disco track. I like the melody - it's catchy and fun.

- JonSofier from Paris, France on 4Dec2004


Reminded me of Kula shaker inthe beginning. Thrilling and exiting arrangements. Good song. Percussion is cool. Well structured. Could be a radiohit with its originality... Great!

- sunshine66 from Falkenberg, Halland, Sweden on 28Nov2004

Interesting blend

Lyrics Cool political statement! Interesting way to open the eyes of the ignorant! Melody Melody is catchy. Reminds me of Pop music from the early 90's. (Information Society for example). Arrangement Cool intro. Gets you straigth into the feeling of the song. Like the citare (I think) at the end of the chorus. Also very interesting arragements in the chorus. Very Popish wich get you into a different feeling than the verse. Harmonies are very well balanced. Cool solo/break. This song is very interesting, original at certain points! Great sequencing!

- Strangeasangels from Kansas City, Missouri on 28Nov2004

I don't usually like electronic tunes ...

But this time is actually the exception to THAT rule! Well, first off, I love the arrangement of the intro ....

The bed is excellant musically tho as the drums and percussion is a little infectious and the bass line is certainly cool ... the added tracks that build the interest are really quite well chosen and recorded - the fills and breaks are very entertaining and pleasurable. I "want" to hate this but I can't! The organic additions (I think their real vs sampled and manipulated) of the guitar and eastern instruments are quite spot on for the ear! Naturally, at this stage, I'm pretty impressed with your arrangement - it's intriguing for sure and the pull out ending is excellant for this song! it's actually one of the best Pop electronic presentations I've heard in quite some time!

- cjdenecia from Rockledge, Florida on 16Aug2004

Hope you reach Jammu & Kashmir

Liquid Blue! No big deal to discover this. And this is maybe one of the biggest compliments I could make in this review ... with the verse "...players fight to take her home.." I think you refer to the lasting dispute between India and Pakistan about Kashmir. And the "12 million people caught between the lines" refer to the LOC (Line Of Control) ... I think. As ususally (ok, I only heard two of your songs yet) your lyrics are engaging. I really hope your song will reach Jammu & Kashmir... But now ... back to the song. Best part of all (my opinion) is the intro. It transfers yourself directly to Jammu&Kashmir ... great thing. But what should I say ... there are not much bands out there (and this counts twice for pop-bands) that try to draw the listeners attention to such importent and difficult problems of the world. But I do like 'if you gotta ask' more ... But don't get me wrong ... great song! I wished it could change the world (at least a bit)...

- MarcoR from Oldenburg, California, Germany on 16Aug2004

up and up

nice intro development + excellent movement into verse + snappy pop groove + vocalist could take more chances (instrumental fills in chorus might be a bit stiff?) cool breakdown in middle + overall very listenable track

- dBjones from Sarasota, Florida on 16Aug2004

Good Song!

-The intro of this song really grabbed my attention, the instrumentation made me want to listen to see what was coming next.

-The vocal melody on the verse was pretty catchy, and fit well with the instruments. The singer does a good job of staying on pitch, and has a really good voice.

-The production on this song was very good, the performance was well executed and added to the overall experience of the song. Overall I really like this song, I could get into more of this.

- Noizepolice from Beverly Hills, California on 16Aug2004

Whoah! Now this is a unique piece of ear candy..

This sounds George Harrison is he was reborn into a contemporary 20-year old fan. The Eastern touches are truly unique, and the voice shows a definite Harrison influence. I may be humming this one for days. I'll be very curious to see where this band is from, because I couldn't even hazard a guess. The lyrics are serious, even though they are presently with a light touch that suits the music. I'm definitely intrigued by this one.

- 3BAD from Pleasantville, New York on 14Aug2004


I really like the intro. Wow . . . I really like it. There is a good groove and vibe to it. It's different than what most of the music is that's out there. Lyrics are good . . . melody is catchy. This is one of those songs that you get stuck in your head and can't get it out! :)

The arrangement is very good. Like I said, it's different than what's mostly out there in the music world. I can tell the programming probably took some time. Good job!

- winkle74 from Concord, Tennessee on 11Aug2004

it sounds original!

The introduction is mysterious, The song has an original touch, The voice is light perfect to interpret this kind of melody and lyrics. The arrangement sounds very complex but amused.

- nunani from Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia on 11Aug2004

Asian sounds, British pop.

I LOVE addition of the Asian instruments into this well structured somewhat 60's influenced pop tune. The Sequenced KOTO was brilliant. The mix supported the solid vocal very well. The arrangement was well structured without getting boring or over-using some riffs. The backing music was solid and very tight. The backing vocals might have been mixed a tiny bit louder but I would have to hear the cleaner version on MP3 to verify that. Overall this is a great tune, a lot of fun. I'm adding it to my playlist!

- FrederickRM from Lakewood, Colorado on 11Aug2004

Ethereal start! Nice

Like the voices and eclectic mix at the beginning - sets the stage really well - and the reverse played beat coming into this truly ethnic piece is great - its so well produced and when the poper beat gets going you are SUCKED into he track like comin outta an indian jungle down a shoot into a waterfall of sampled loops that get your foot tapping from the get go. Like the vocal style - staccato type singin - this has some really nice textured effects and is so experimental with risks that all pay off. Vocals and melodies nice. Arrangement very clever. Lyrics good. All in all this is the most interesting song I have reviewed so far on Gband.

- ngwp from Vienna, Virginia on 8Aug2004


Outstanding production. There's sort of an 80's feel to the song, but it's backed by a 60's type intro and the latest synth techniques. The vocal performance is good on this song. The melody and the lyrics keep me interested, and the harmonies are done flawlessly. The instrumentation, orchestration and arrangement are enough to keep my ears busy for a week, it's nice to be stimulated, thanks. Keep up the good work!

- persistentvixen from Phoenix, Arizona on 6Aug2004

Chillin' elevator music

Cool intro! Diggin the middle eastern vibe. Down with the whole vibe; good lyrics, down for the whole thing! Simple,

- cnymusic from Portland, Oregon on 5Aug2004

Nice melding of World and Pop/Rock

I really like the use of different and exotic instruments. Sometime you think those sounds can't mesh together, but you've successfully done that. I found that the melody is quite simple and the vocalist has a very relaxed sound. But with the complex sounds in the background, it depends such simplicity to float over it.

- Noella from Markahm, Ontario, Canada on 4Aug2004

A pleasure to listen to...

Wonderful earthy intro that sets up the earthy mood of the song immediately. Very singable melodies that got me engaged and kept me interested in the lyric- which I thought was decent. Great lyric hook at the end of each chorus. One of the great strengths of the track is the unconventional use of sounds in the intro and the middle eight- simply mesmerizing. The arrangement is perfect, I wouldn't change a thing.

- edmundscrown from Franklin, Tennessee on 3Aug2004

great programming

reverse stuff in the intro is a great idea...great production on this track...mutt lange would be proud! The melody is very natural and seems to fit well. The lyrics are good. You have something to say...usually I'm not into lyrics that try to say THIS much, but the world-music vibe to the track makes it work just fine. It's obvious this was a labor of love for you...I want to thank you for taking the time to polish your song and present it to the best of your ability...I wish more people on this sight would do the same...PROPS!

- sundholm from Los Angeles, California on 2Aug2004


Nice intro, really got my attention, dark sounds backward stuff. This had a really cool beat to it, I like the terrorist feel to the rhythms. over all a pretty good song.

- eternitygame from Seattle, Washington on 2Aug2004

Invades the mind

Intro put me in the mind of Simple Minds or Duran Duran, and, then as the body of song started, I immediately heard The Beatles (especially the vocal and sound effects). All good company, and yet a completely original sound, too. Radio ready quality song!

- kaysofFLA from Forest City, Florida on 1Aug2004

Very international sound, I can hear some Prince riffs, nice