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"Give Me Back My Heart" Reviews



Loved the intro. The song from beginning to end was a touch of brilliance. Great recording, Great performance, great instrumentation and something most people forget is the great mixdown. Almost classified world music till that lovely female voice jumped on me. The middle of the song was much better in the voice mix. Maybe the arrange blossomed in the middle. Only missing was the Gregorian chanters. Female vocals are awesome. Snappy articulations but tasteful. The girl's got attitude. Great. If she is tall and thin with high heels and a whip You got it! With a voice that I would you back my heart too. hahaha Beyonce move over.

- Broadjam Engineer

oriental mix

Special oriental intro sets the right mood for this song. Intelligent and creative use of world elements into the mix. The female vocal fits perfect into the world fusion style. This songs got hit potential.

- zuP from Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium on 17Jan2005

Sincere pop (good production)

Opening is tight (even if the breaks are incredibly pop music like). Love the strings. Positive lyrics and well sung vocals. Great production.

- Sound_Proof from New York on 16Jan2005

Oooh baby

This is pretty damn good. That girl can sing. Sexy-like and all that. I would be super impressed if she wrote the lyrics! I'm feeling kind of tingly in sensitive areas.

- TysonEly from Wichita, Kansas on 13Jan2005

Quite interesting mix

Wonderful splice of about everything here. Styles, genres, and tastes. Very well done. Strong vocalist and vocals. Fine voices there, excelelnt production and musicianship. Great work!

- LuiGentile from Eitorf-Bach, Originally Connecticut, Germany on 13Jan2005

Back in Iraq?

Iraqi's went to see a destiny's child concert. It's actually really cool. The harmonies work really well with the mideastearn sound with a DJ'S CROSSFADING TOUCH. I like the so-cal feel. I would say Saddam Hussein would be at least tappin his feet if not movin and groovin to this track. Keep it up. You're on you're way to the top. Great song. This could and should be on the radio.

- mayonaka from Alpine, California on 10Jan2005


This sitar is sick. I really like this song. It sounds like brittany spears meets gandhi.

- brcdrummer from Catonsville, Maryland on 5Jan2005

dessert mood

Very arabian but with a touch of american soul. Not a bad combo. The vocalist almost sounds like brittney spears. The arrangement of this song is very commercial and has a professional lyrical hook. I like this song. Good luck.

- atomicpilot from Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 3Jan2005


This song has got some kick. The writer has some serious talent. Keep it up.

- TheDrift from Cedar Hill, Texas on 29Dec2004


Excellent work...very good production..this could be a oriented..find a manager and run for it. Congratulations

- nuevababilonia from Caracas, Venezuela on 29Dec2004

5.1 comes to mp3!!

DAMN!! Ya got my attention right away. The production barrage in the first 30 seconds or so was Xtreme, particularly in headphones. All the middle-eastern string and vocal color mixed with all the panning, sweeping electronica--whoa!

And then it drops into a really crisp, tight...I dunno what you call this--is this down-tempo dance? Whatever it is, it's got a little funk, a little thumpin' kick drum, and a lot of serious mixology going on.

The vocals are completely, immaculately clean--there's not a speck 'o dust on 'em. The harmonies are perfectly in tune, the tone quality is absolutely consistent throughout. Nobody's gonna have to find words like "raw," or "honest," or "angst-ridden" to compliment this vocal performance--you don't need sniffly euphamisms or excuses, this is pure polished badness from beginning to end.

Every element of the mix is balanced to perfection--the vocals are RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, yet really expertly blended with the instrumental tracks. The turntable stuff (if that's what it is--it's so fast I've gotta believe it took a pretty long time to put together, and there's not a single bit of this that sounds "off-the-cuff"'s all there for a reason) is incredible, as are all the samples of middle eastern percussion and plectrum string instruments. This is one of those GB tracks (and I've heard a few) that I have trouble believing isn't a major label release with a lot of money behind it.

In the interludes where the middle eastern feel comes back, we're transported--the long low drones, mixed with the wailing male vocals, just soar out at you and draw you into another world, like you're watching a big-budget movie in a theater with a kickin' Dolby surround system. In fact, I'd almost bet somebody's DONE a surround mix of this, and we're just hearing the "dumbed down" stereo mp3 version.

There's so much explosive high-frequency percussion color I couldn't possibly describe it all, but every bit of it is clear, mixed and panned for maximum impact, and comes at you so fast there's no way to keep track of it all.

I don't have anything to contribute here--there's nothing I'd do differently. So much work went into making this thing kick that there isn't anything left to say. This is the Acid/sample track from hell, with some killer vocals and a strong hook.

That's all, I'm done.

Happy 2005.

- noiseartist from Muncie, Indiana on 28Dec2004

I hate to give pop such a high score like I h..

This starts with some natural sounding sitar and DJ stop effects, found a lot in pop music these days.

I must say the production is nothing but top notch and polished. Normally I hate pop music, but this seems sincere and honest. It’s a combination of socially conscious metaphors and childlike love, with a desire to have ones heart back from someone who stole it. The bridge with the violin, sitar, DJ scratches, and the rest is done amazingly. The female vocals are excellent. I hate to give pop music a high score, but this is well done with great rhythm. Take this out of world fusion, put it in pop, and blow the competition away.

Best of luck.

- Matt_Shell from Washington, Dc on 28Dec2004


This song has a very arabic feeling. Like that of snake charmers and sounds like the intrumentals were all very well done. The Female vocals are nice but a solo is best.

- vincenvegas from Las Vegas, Nevada on 28Dec2004


this is a really cool song, i dunno what cultures your blending here, but its just awesome, i love it...

- MIAmusic from Bensalem, Pennsylvania on 25Dec2004