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"Can't Stop It" Reviews




Some really good ideas for the intro rythmically and melodically. I liked the vocals and the chorus was quite catchy.

charles5000 from United Kingdom on 5Jun2005

first time I've heard this work

THere's obviously been songs with indian musical motifs. I think this is one of the best examples of the ideas not being weird sounds and really carrying a catchy musical idea. I love the little lick that comes out after the chorus. Well placed lines. Arrangement is solid. I like percussion stuff in the beginning. has kind an eighties feel to it. Which I think is cool. good mix too. nice stop at 2:30. gives the song a great pickup when it all comes back into the chorus.

pingonedown from Atlanta, Georgia on 5Jun2005

Eclectic Mix

This track has a great sitar introduction, which is immediately interesting and engaging, but the track has such a strange mixture of styles and instrumentation that you're left not quite sure what it's all about. It's a good pop song.

AlexHardcastle from London, United Kingdom on 5Jun2005

Good job!

This song sounds great. Nice Ravi Shankar inflence, mixed with Sheryl Crow. Is it pop-ethnical? Anyway, a great song, good producing, perfect vocals, nice rythm section. But it demands a lot from me as a listener, there's a lot going on.

Tronnien from Norway on 3Jun2005

Nice vocals and lyrics

Vocalist has a really nice voice. The lyrics are very good. I like the chorus.

KimCeja from Lorain, Ohio on 3Jun2005


Nice intro. Very spooky and menacing. Sets a great mood. The synth in the background sort of reminds me of the Miami Vice theme. That's cool, though. It works. The song itself is catchy. It's got a good hook. Nice work. Very original.

Bombdirt from Danville, Illinois on 1Jun2005

interesting intro

The introduction to the song immediately grabs your ears with a distinct middle eastern flourish of keyboards and complex percussion emenating from the speakers.

As the vocalist kicks in the quality of the production shines as every lyric is clearly heard, adding to the pleasure of the song.

As the song develops, hints of 80's influences become apparent in the melody this is allied with pertinent lyrics, intelligently reflecting the futility of war.

I really like the song and think a break in the middle of the song continuing the middle eastern flavour would have accentuated the melody and enhanced an already fine tune.

bigclaw from London, Lancashire, United Kingdom on 1Jun2005

Very original track

Nasty intro. Nice use of the harmonic minor scale! I really like the fact that you took a basic progression and made it your own with different guitar and synth parts. The melody is somewhat catchy. Very original.

wesmantooth from Hattiesburg, Mississippi on 31May2005

Points for original production

I enjoyed the introduction, and flavor to the music that seems Asian or Middle Eastern in nature. The female vocals are good. The song is good, well mixed, packaged and produced, and I'll be giving it big points for originality.

mikelfair from Houston, Texas on 31May2005

Message rock song with eastern scent

Eastern enigmatic flavor in the startup.. to get our attention.. Indian overtones and fading in sitars an other eastern instruments and percussion.. OK when the band kicks in we're sure this is sound culture blend, though it is still standing firmly on rock soil. Female singer has great crisp and clarity in the voice and cut through the mix with confidence. Fine and catchy melody in the chorus with a social awareness and a message exposed in the lyrics.. maybe the eastern scent is connected to this.. regarding things going on in the Eastern world today.. I like that synth bass sound doing a ride from bottom to top in the end of the chorus. Everythings sound great and the players are really competent. Fine takedown before kickin' into the last chorus. Fine song construction.

pictum from Stockholm, Sweden on 31May2005

Peppy, upbeat song about despair of war

Intense intro. Like a battle of the synths contest. A little sitar flavor to it. Main part of song has kind of a dull and predictable rythmn at first (harkens back to early 80's synth pop), but it does get better as it goes along. Vocalist is very impressive, you can actually hear what she has to see. Lyrics interesting -- the despiar of war. We just sit and watch it on TV from our living room chair. Kind of odd to hear someone sing about this depressing topic with such a peppy upbeat voice. Maybe that is the point. Xylophone-like synth sprinkled randomly throughout song gets a little annoying. It is different, but it doesn't quite fit. Maybe if it was played a little better and more in tune. Vocalist really belts out the chorus, and with backing vocals it gets pretty catchy ("Can't stop what's already begun"). Pretty good job. Vocalist could really go somewhere.

Skepticus from San Antonio, Texas on 30May2005


I think this is world music... it has a hot rock/techno beat, and a classy world pop intro. On top of all this mixture of world sounds, and pop vocals, there is a cliche palm muted rock guitar, and power chords for the chorus. There are also smooth stereo effects, good stuff. Overall very good I think I'll pick up my very own copy, for free if I may.

JustAboutReal from Setauket, New York on 29May2005


very modonna type vocals!

modonna in the 80s that is....

the whole song feels like it was in that time...

but it does have a very NEW feeling but i dont really like the whole weird "SITAR" part the begining and in between!

over all the vocals win me over...

vocals are truly good!

mehvar from Karachi, Pakistan on 29May2005

the pet shop girl(s)

polished performance. this was well produced well played and engineered to the teeth. the vibe comes very close to the throng of Disney-style grrrl pop-rockers, ala hillary duff. im thinking this has some cash behind it, the studio time alone would cut most bands full cd, add in your producer and this type recording can easily reach into the $1000`s per song. no critiquing here, its just a matter of the right people deciding if this has enough of the right stuff to cut it. good luck.

colah from Tucker, Georgia on 29May2005


Nice effects in the intro, makes me want to hear what is coming next. Interesting mix of 2 cultures, always interesting to me. Nice chorus and femal vocal is good, very up lifting. Good production and well mixed. All in all nice job. Well done!

Music_Man from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 29May2005

Eastern instruments meet Western vocal and rh..

Evocative, moody, Indian-sounding intro, leading into a strong female vocal. I like the contrast between the very Eastern-sounding instrumental filigree over a a North-American-power-pop rhythm track and singing. I'd definitely listen to this one again, if only to try to figure out what all the cool instruments are!

shepdave from Vienna, Virginia on 29May2005

Cool sound affects, I think

Feel like I should be watching a movie with a bunch of mideastern people running throgh the street. The vocals are good and I guess the music matches the idea of the words. Good vocals, good variety in the melody, not just following the songs melody throughout, I like that.

Mujiebur from Austin, Texas on 28May2005