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"Arms Of Love" Reviews



Good Shot! World Dance!!

Now I really like this track - this is an excellent innovation, a world dance track! A very catchy chorus! GOOD LYRICS!! GOOD VOCALS! A very good Indian vocal bridge - this is exciting. About the only thing I don't like here are the annoying keyboard sweeps at the start (0:30), I don't know why bands put those in, but I guess it's a matter of taste to appeal to the kids or something. The contrasting rhythm sections might be a little problematic on the dance floor; not everyone would know what to do with those open spaces there. You keep going in and out with a house/dance beat. But I sure like it! I would suggest a remix and try to find a compromise beat you can carry more of the way through and send this song home. Some keyboards in the chorus might work very well to give it more punch. Very nice!

- jupiter2 from Los Angeles, California on 26Apr2005

Ethno dance edge

Ethno dance production did by the power of the electronica. Definitely rise my mood, splendid job in the construction: electronical elements, dance rhythm, nice female vocal and ethno strings. Easily rememberable, flow in the essecnce of the variety, appropriate for dance clubs, brings much power and energy, by my view van reach the top of the ethno dance charts. My favourite moments start in 3:10, beautiful asian flavour turn by the vocal and strong beat. The sound blow my ears, great work, I don't have any reproofs at all.

- sleepwalkerproject from Bourgas, Bulgaria on 8Apr2005

Party-track to enjoy!

A Bollywood-inspired intro leads into a happy-go-lucky dancebeat with English lyrics and some India-inspired sounds like cither. This piece of music is for partying and dancing!

- Andersbpedersen from Aarhus, Aarhus Amt, Jylland, Denmark on 7Apr2005

Very well done

The production is very good. I like the approach on this track. I really enjoy arab sounding music. The sounds and vocals really change this from possibly being boring into a very listenable track. The song follows a very pleasing structure and I enjoy it.

- EvilDrGonzo from West Henrietta, New York on 5Apr2005

Originality central

Very good piece. The sequencing was great. There were sounds coming from everywhere. I really dug the Middle Eastern/Indian aspect of the song. the nifty breakdowns before going back into the groove were a plus, particulary the last one. Great tune, it has such a fat groove and beautiful modality.

- TracksuitBand from Allston, Massachusetts on 4Apr2005

Ahh another song with sanskrit

Intro: very complex, a mix of different styles... Very energetic drums. Nice work on the stringed instrument (plucked) not sure if it is a guitar.... Nice female vocals, nicely harmonized as well. The singing is very good. Needs more balanced programming and may be a bit less gimmicks

- BambooDreams from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on 2Apr2005

metro train to Paris

Very interesting. Intro is world, but then it seems to jump to dance, electronica. Good hooks, "into the arms of love" vocalist has a unique sounding voice, which is a selling point, excellent craftsmanship at programming

- gmenicucci from Santa Cruz, California on 28Mar2005

get down krishna

I don't really listen to this type of music, but this was very engaging. Very lush and full. There's lots to hold your attention. It's sounds very professional, and catchy.

- bigdavesos from Nashville, Tennessee on 27Mar2005

Arms of Love

The lyrics were good, it always refreshing to see english as the vocals on the top of world music tracks. The use of such a diversified mix of instruments makes the track really come across as international. Good Track

- Talisen from Melbourne, Florida on 25Mar2005

Ray of Light on the Production

Nice introduction. The backing vocals have nice harmonic structure. Reminds me of some of Madonna's "Ray of Light" era work. The synth tones all work but the mix could use to have a bit of life injected into it, perhaps compression on the individual elements. There's a lot of potential energy here which is going untapped. Try upping the low end and adding a gated low frequency oscillator tone to the kick drum to give it a bit more punch. You've got a piece here which could easily be a European club hit if given a bit more attention on the production end.

- kcraven from Orlando, Florida on 22Mar2005

Rich arrangemennt

Very good production, rich arrangement, woman voice is good, but I would add a little bit more delay.

- marijan from Velika Gorica, France, Croatia on 21Mar2005

This song was really cool

I really liked the intro. And I loved the female vocals. There was a perfect balance in this song.....not too much was going on at the same time. Great sound.

- ABCatastrophe from Dyess Afb, Texas on 17Mar2005



- LIGHTNINGHAND from Sacramento, California on 3Mar2005

Flipping great intro.

Excellent programming. The vocals are perfect for the genre. Is techno pop still relevent? Who cares, you're into it.

- righteousriffs from Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada on 27Feb2005

Good job

Nice sequencing. A lot of times people get the frequencies tangled but you managed to stay away from that.. I really liked the breakdown around 3:15 or so. Specially the girl singing amd the differant beat you threw in Good Luck

- PAFAS from Miami Beach, Florida on 22Feb2005

Exciting Movement!

Very dynamic piece presented an a firey fashion. Awesome work on the overall presentation. Great style and mood in the vocal arrangement. Great job on this song!

- halemahina from Sherman Oaks, California on 22Feb2005


Interesting and original song here. The lead vocals are well delivered and create a nice vibe.

- MysticMike from Houston, Texas on 22Feb2005


It seems funny to have this in World rather than electronica or pop (too bad there's not a pop/electronica section!). It reminds me of Madonna.

- sarasvati from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 21Feb2005


I dont really know what to say about this one. It sounds like Madonna. Vocals very much so. Sounds extremely pro. Nice

- brianengland from St.Andrews, Nova Scotia, Canada on 21Feb2005

I'll tell you

I really did not know what it meant by "People's Music" as a genre, but I clicked on it. I know very little about World music but I will do my best here. THis defintely sounds like it would go over well in the club scene and has a very upbeat feel to it and the singing is very soothing.

- hatorecs from New Bedford, Massachusetts on 21Feb2005

I wouldn't be surprised to hear this on the radio

The groove is very cool. Very 80's on one hand, but also very contemporary. Some fun "ethnic" stuff happening in the breaks. The lyrics and melody don't suck nearly as much as I expect in this genre. Wouldn't be surprised to hear this on the radio some day.

- Eorthman from Dallas, Texas on 8Dec2004

eastern promise :)

ahh bliss great to hear am not the only one that loves these ethnic percussion loops .. the opening of this tune is BIIIG and very much in style of that eastern pop stuff .. just a shame that the euro pop element was taking over this much .. but still very much true to the style of that eastern pop sound.. and the great singing is just perfect ... i guess this ones one of them songs u either love or hate .. ok maybe u just like it as well .. i think its def very sweet and is well produced .. great stuff for the pop heads :)

- eastman from London Uk, North London, United Kingdom on 5Dec2004

Good vocals

I think the vocals are the best part of the song. I think there was a great job on the instrument design, but if I was dancing to this, it would annoy me because there are too many breaks and build ups.

- nosaji2002 from Chattanooga, Tennessee on 4Dec2004

Hooks Hooks Hooks

This is a prime candidate for a movie soundtrack or video game. Sounds very Japanese. I can also hear a crowd singing the chours in a packed club. I especially enjoyed the change around 3:15. Female vocals are perfect. Good track.

- ahhjeah from Portland, Oregon on 4Dec2004

Asiatic techno flava into the arms or love

Chick singer sounds like a Madonna clone, but maybe not as slutty and Kabalaesque. Sure is upbeat and happy feel to this dealio. I think I am too old to dance to this, unless I picked about every other beat to move to. My kid would probably goes nuts with this if it were a DDR cut for PS2.

- Johnny_K from Fairbanks, Alaska on 4Dec2004

Hai YA - kickin beats

Yeah, nice intro. good a flava goin man...good production. nice vocal vibe... keep it up. nice euro pop.

- auka85 from Scobrog, Alberta on 4Dec2004

very nice middle eastern touch!

i love to add the middle eastern stuff in my music too! i think it adds! beat, vocals, strings, and especially lyrics make this song great!

- ravequeen from Cottonwood, Utah on 3Dec2004

Let's Travel

Wow! Great beginning! The percussion is superb. This is a great egypt-like tune so you difinitly get points for being original. Also has a great voice carrying this tune and production makes me envious.

- stevestephenson from Metairie, Louisiana on 3Dec2004

Happy Hard Core

Great Vocals! The lyrics are great. The vocalist is really good too! The vocals are what carry the song. Overall production isn't bad but personally it sounds a bit old school techno, really I mean speed this thing up to 150 - 160 bpm and it would sound so much like Happy Hard Core it's not funny. That's not a bad thing those dudes made tons of like the 90's! I'll bet though there is still a market for this style of dance/techno so even though I am not a huge fan I am fair with my reviews and production wise as well as musically this track is pretty damn good!

- THE_VeG from Denver, Colorado on 30Nov2004

Indian flavor; great production !

Has a great 'Indian' feel to the intro; and the layered harmonies are a great touch. Female vocals right on track to fit the mood of the song. Very inviting, engaging melody & arrangement. Excellent !!

- SnakebiteSongs from Lakeway, Texas on 30Nov2004

prince of persia break dance

Excellent. It sounds like a cool egyptian or indian type dance song. I like the vocals and the drums. It's happy even though the lyrics aren't as much.

- D_stroyer from Dearborn Heights, Michigan on 29Nov2004

Club Bollywood

Love the opening harmonies of sincere whole notes floating over quick beats. Mixture of major and minor, Eastern melodic patterns up my alley. Background riffs spice up the song. Lyrics are cool club "what you seek is always near" phrases. Tonal warmth from the harmonies, exotic clips keep the song interesting. A two-part song slipping into a Bollywood type section. The variety of instruments keeps me listening.

- babykurt from Chicago, Illinois on 29Nov2004

gerat intro

yeah i like your style. great arabic flow, with not arabic vocals :D original. add compression to your rhytme parts for more power. i really like the vocal parts. great text. you've added lots of elements to your song, which keep it interesting. Great job

- miles85 from Unspecified on 29Nov2004

good mood

this song is very good. i liked the keyboards and vocals. very good. i dont know what to tell you to improve on cause its perfect already. i hope to see you live soon!! good job

- dollars_4_joe from Salt Lake City, Utah on 28Nov2004

Free yourself

The beat is definitly awesome in this song. I love the originality as well. The synth lines are catchy and make me want to dance. This is definitly a club worthy track.

- battystarr from Phoenix, Arizona on 28Nov2004

Much eastern promise

Rousing eastern sounds from the outset and throughout, with decorative daraburka and bells intertwined with some electric sitar riffs striking the raga. A hint of Madonna like vox and fab bv's. It doesn't get much more uplifting then this. Pulsating strings add to the positive lyrics. Spot on crystal clear production. Leaves you wanting more!

- Rowls from England, Middlesex, United Kingdom on 27Nov2004



- NEWREDARMY from Biloxi, Mississippi on 27Nov2004

nice mix

there's some good mixing in here. I like the vocals. Good Groove here. I can definately dance to this and enjoy myself.

- jrdementia from Sacramento, California on 26Nov2004

Happy music

This is great music,wonderful vocals i like it a lot,Great mood in this track and the chorus is perfeckt

- rompdk from Hemmed, Norre Djurs, Denmark on 26Nov2004