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"Anything Else But" Reviews



good slick effort, positive message

This is pretty good. Big Indian influences. Nice lyrical message. I like it- reminds me of movie soundtrack-type of song. Like the rapping in there- that works well.

- deanwolfe from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 20Feb2005


Where do I start? I worked in A&R and I know this would have been a hit at my label. DAMN. I mean the way it starts, it grabs you. It is soooo well produced, I can't even describe how much I admire the production. Everything that is going on in the opening is absolutely breathtaking and spectacular. You have an ethnic voice chanting, an awesome ethnic sounding beat, epic violin symphony and then the pop beat comes in....I started thinking, is this garageband or am I listening to an album I just got at Tower? On top of it all, you have an amazing lead vocalist with perfect pitch and a strong pop voice. With that beat, the vibe, the vocals, and the catchy melody all blended together- this is a hit...Sign at the X!

- noaross from New York on 20Feb2005

good vibe

i though the production on this soung was really good. the vocal track that started at the beginning was great. the feel was very saian or middle-eastern. beautiful. the drums kept the rythm well. the changes were nice.he one that happened at about one minute was lovely. the vocals sounded good. i dont know what effect was added but it was a nice touch.

- Greenlawn_Abbey from Columbus, Ohio on 20Feb2005


Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna as George Harrison once said. I liked the song as a dance number. Lyrics were good, very thought evoking. Vocal lead volume should be increased, nice voice.

- Boards from San Antonio, Texas on 19Feb2005


interesting i like it. very original very good i like the dynamics. i like the singer.

- gsiltberg from Deronda, Wisconsin on 19Feb2005

Two songs in one

Initially I thought this was a dance mix with eastern Indian influences (which I liked) and then at 1:31 the power-rock/pop song started (which I liked as, well even if it's a bit 80s/90s in thought, and then around 4:30 the rap starts. All three are good, and the lyric writing is strong. The production is strong, as are the vocals.

- MXLApollo from New York on 19Feb2005

Cool effects

Very well produced. Exotic elements were very original. Wow, great mastering.

- whirlpoolwizard from Mansfield, Ohio on 19Feb2005


Congratulations, you are my first ever "5" rating. I didn't think I'd ever give someone one. Superb all the way across. Nice intricate construction. Fine and precise studio work. Great use of samples and it flat out rocked. I've long thought that a little Mideastern influx could give a shot in the arm to Western music. You did a fabulous blend that sounds completely natural. You had me won over before the lyrics kicked in, but when I started to hear them I was even more impressed. Finally someone who really says something worth listening to and dares break the rule of overworked love songs. Finally someone who says something constructive rather than just expressing anger! BRAVO. I want to hear more form you.

- GRShaw from Buffalo, New York on 19Feb2005

Mystic Sound...

I like the ethnic sound. Appropriate to the times, I agree with the lyric. Production is very well done, diverse with the chant then scratch. Synth part fills it out not to mention the guitar. Bass & drums bring up the back end just right, too.

- BallBearing from Duluth, Minnesota on 19Feb2005

good message

I like the message. Interesting mix of scratch and guitar.

- infrasound from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 19Feb2005