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Review of Supernova - March 30th, 2005

Let's see... the last time I saw three female lead vocalists was during the boy/girl-band movement in the late 90's. But wait, this isn't a modern "pop" band. No no my friends, this is something far from that. This is Liquid Blue, a band featuring three female vocalists (Nikki Nova, Layla Loxa, Devonne Dawn), a male vocalist (Scott Stephens), a guitarist (Michael Vangerov), a bassist who also does the horns (Rocket Rodriguez), and of course a drummer (Jordan Medina).

Now, if you're already making assumptions about how this cd will sound, abandon them. There is no way you could possibly guess how this album sounds. Liquid Blue is a combination of western pop melodies and ancient/modern eastern elements, as they describe themselves. You're probably thinking, "gee, that sounds odd", and it does, but not in a bad way at all. The cd is catchy it's EXTREMELY hard to stop it from implanting itself in your head, even upon the first listen.

"Rhythm Of Love" is something I could envision being played in a club, while "Kashmir" is something that you'd imagine being listened to in Egypt. Liquid Blue's intelligent blend of musical genres is almost equivalent to their excellent diction lyrically. With topics ranting about love (in general), political matters, environmental troubles, and original thinkers, you really can't go wrong.

Every song on this cd is different from the one before it, and that's also where the cd succeeds. But I'll be honest, this definitely isn't music I could listen to day after day. Liquid Blue succeeds where so many other musical acts fail today - and that is being original. No other group sounds like Liquid Blue, and this is quite a triumph. Their image is marketable too, which is also hard to do when you're original. The music is catchy, and deserves recognition. I wouldn't be surprised if Liquid Blue were widely recognized in 5 years, if not less. And it's time that you identified them. The combination of adventurous music and ethereal lyrical topics is not something to be taken lightly.

Rating: 4/5