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Review of Supernova - December 16th, 2004

Liquid Blue is Scott Stephens, Michael Vangerov, Rocket Rodriguez, Jordan Medina, Nikki Nova, Layla Loxa and Devonne Dawn. Their CD release, Supernova, showed up at my door and I glanced through the CD insert to find out what they were about. I was greeted with the thickest insert I've seen, covered by some of the most beautiful artwork I've seen on a CD. The packaging is unbelievable. Okay.. but packaging isn't everything. The back of the insert talks about how this band has been in 60 countries.. 6 continents! I can't name six continents. Okay.. so they're accomplished. But what about the band??

In a nutshell, Liquid Blue has successfully balanced and integrated world instruments, rhythms and themes back into the pop and rock we know so well. They have a distinctly positive message throughout their music touching on conservation, peace, etc.. without being 'We Are The World' sappy.

The 14 track, hour+ long CD opens with Kashmir and lures you in with it's slick, flawless production. You immediately hear a fullness to the music that's usually only found in big company productions of well known bands. The tracks swing back and forth between pop, rock, r&b and dance/techno influences, but always with that world flavor popping up here and there. My favorites? I'd have to go with Kashmir, the rockier Pretend and Can't Stop It.. but those are the more 'rock influenced' tracks. That doesn't mean that I didn't like the rest. On the contrary, I really enjoyed Rhythm of Love and Arms Of Love, which I thought would both make great extended club tracks. Woohoo! And the rest of the CD was just plain enjoyable. A great mix of styles that never strayed far enough from center to alienate anyone who might prefer one style or another. I never caught myself thinking 'gotta fast forward to get to the good stuff'. It's all good.

The bottomline is this.. Supernova is a great CD! And I'm blown away by Liquid Blue. Why I've never heard of them before is beyond me. I must live in a cave. And now you've heard of them. There's no excuse. Go get the CD!

genre: Rock / Pop / World
reviewed by: Chris Lonsberry - ( on 2004-12-16
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