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Review of Supernova - September 5th, 2005

One of my first jobs in Nashville back in the late 70’s was working at RCA records as a grunt, loading boxes of albums (remember those) into trucks for shipping. Up until that time most all of the Country music stars were individuals (Ronnie Millsap, Crystal Gayle, Hank Jr., Clint Black) But one day, a huge shipment of albums arrived that had RCA and all of music row buzzing. It was a new album not from the latest country singer but from a country band! That album was the debut record of the first successful band in country music, still putting out hits today nearly 30 years later. I’m speaking of course of the group ALABAMA.

I tell you this because I see a similar situation in New Thought music. We are all familiar with artists like Jana Stanfield, Karen Taylor Good, Greg Tamblyn, David Roth, Karen Drucker, and Karl Anthony. But how many new thought bands can you name?

Liquid Blue is filling this bill and doing an awesome job. They are the “Alabama” of New Thought music! All comparisons stop there however. Liquid Blue is a 7 member group with four performers and three lovely and talented young women fronting the group giving them the shades and sounds of pop sensation, Destiny’s Child, but with the New Thought, socially conscious message.

LB has performed in 60 countries to sold out stadiums and was voted America’s Best Independent Artists for 2005. Their debut CD, “Supernova” is filled with music to move your body and mind. It is East meets West where you will hear sitars mixed in with electric guitars on cutting edge pop dance songs and meditative ballads.

I would highly recommend checking their tour schedule at and contacting Scott Stephens at to bring them to your church if they are in your area. You can also hear a lot of their music from their website.New Thought music now has a band! And I hope Liquid Blue is still around in 30 years!