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Review of Supernova - February 23rd, 2005

From San Diego, California comes a rather challenging melding of dance-pop vibes concerned with some of the today’s issues: overpopulation, environmental concerns, human rights, and wars. It’s all presented succinctly against a mix of Eastern and Western pop influences and is extremely appealing. Already, the band has performed from the settings of clubs to stadiums, especially in Asian territories. They have also performed for US troops and for NATO. With the release of Supernova in 2004, the band became busier than in any prior year. The 2004 Supernova World Tour included 200 shows in 34 countries. There might be references to well-known exponents of pop and dance beats but this 6-piece band pulls out all stops in establishing their own sonic sojourn. It doesn’t need reminding that, upon seeing the band photos, there are three gorgeous women out front that provide the sex appeal and vocal expression to help push their case forward. The captivating presence of the band augments the quality musicianship where some terrific drumming and guitar work is evident. Liquid Blue is strong lyrically and musically. They see no reason to disperse from the western-eastern music mix and for expressing a passion for particular social and political issues. Overall, the band has successfully balanced and integrated world instruments, rhythms and themes back into the pop rock we know well. They have a distinctly positive message throughout their music making this CD enjoyable. It’s a great mix of styles that never stray far enough to possibly isolate anyone who might prefer one style or another.