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Review of Supernova - March 1st, 2005

By Laura Turner Lynch

LIQUID BLUE – SUPERNOVA: Liquid Blue is an eclectic, seven person group based out of California and they tour the world regularly. The band has three very attractive, female vocalists/dancers. The four male members of Liquid Blue play guitars, bass, horns and drums. In addition to their own skills, other talented guest musicians contribute vocals, the tabla, the sitar and turntables. Supernova is an incredible assimilation of genres including alternative pop, dance, exotic rock and world tones galore. Their debut CD is expertly produced by David DeVore and mixed by Joe Chiccarelli. Liquid Blue paints a colorful canvas that starts with a rock base coat and builds on a blend of ancient and modern eastern elements. The music is up-tempo with a diversity of textures that upon first listen is light, yet their lyrics on all fourteen-tracks are deep and provocative. Liquid Blue stirs social conscience with songs about the environment, politics and the spiritual realm. Their visual lyrics paint dark pictures of poverty and Earth's devastation, yet they are blended with hopeful songs such as 'Rhythm of Love' and 'So Close To Heaven'. The CD grabs you with the first song 'Kashmir' with its danceable beat flavored with Middle Eastern tones. The girl's popish harmonizing vocals blend perfectly as they express their concern for people suffering. The song is a juxtapose of light and darkness, a pattern found in many of Liquid Blue's mixes. 'Supernova', the title track, has a catchy rhythm and instrumentation with super vocals but listen closely as the song is ominous with pictures of our damaged Earth. 'Arms of Love' is a prayer for spiritual enlightenment sung over up-beat, techno tones with world flare. Liquid Blue is winning awards and praise for their magical merge of styles and their first release Supernova is explosive!

• Recommended Tracks: (1,4,9) [USA/CA 2004 - web]

(Review by Laura Turner Lynch for