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Review of Supernova - September 24th, 2005

by Julian Skye

Liquid Blue hails form Southern California and boldly boasts the title, “America’s Best Independent Band”. With over 65,000 fans attending shows and broadcasts that go out to hundreds of millions in China…I am going to give China the benefit of the doubt and listen with the idea that Liquid Blue may end up being the one band that can pull-off masterminding large-scale, international world-pop success, and by success I am not only referring to numbers of fans and countries toured, I am referring to waking the world up to important issues like war, poverty, and hunger. For this band, I have a feeling it would be how they measure their success. They clearly want to reach people with important issues.

Now, as I’m listening to the track, “Give Me Back My Heart”….I can see why the world has gone bonkers over it….the opening riff has a cool Asian feel and great rhythm and timing; then it opens up into a very catchy dance groove with an infectious R & B hook. As far as the dance-pop genre goes, Liquid Blue’s hint of world music texture, sparingly used throughout the song is brilliant….because it’s never over done. Liquid Blue is simply a no BS, catchy pop group with a strong lyrical edge that focuses on real issues……their sound is fun and will appeal to all ages and all cultures. In essence, Liquid Blue may just take down the wall and the boundaries that divide nations and be one of the first pop bands to achieve international, large-scale success while keeping their message real. It will be nice to watch Liquid Blue from the sidelines and hear them spread their music from the Great Wall of China to the coast, and then hop a boat to the US and Rock the United States……because here in the U.S. we’re in need of good slappin’ around …and Liquid Blue is just the band to do it.