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DJ Andre

DJ Andre of San Diego has remixed 3 dance tracks from Supernova, Rhythm of Love, Show Me Love and Arms of Love. These tracks are now being played in dance clubs in Europe and America. Here is some of their feedback. Check out

Listen to DJ Andre/Liquid Blue Tracks

DJ Teniayo

This mix (Rhythm of Love) is fantastic! My club can definitely groove with this remix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Trip

You added some pretty cool efx to the remix (Rhythm of Love)... nice...better than the original!! I plan to play this on the weekend... I also plan to put this on my next CD mix...

DJ Mario, Oslo, Norway

I guarantee that it (Rhythm of Love) won’t clear the dance floor! I can't stop playing this track! If only all club mixes sounded this good! Makes it very easy for us Jocks to mix this track in our sets! I am just sorry I missed them here in Oslo, Norway. I saw their schedule and they were in my city, damn! I have a 24hr crushon Nikki!

Jimi J, Bennington, Vermont

Really liked the club mix (Rhythm of Love)....someawesome banging beats in there, great job on this. I feels this does wonders for the album version. I give this an A+++ which is excellent! Smoking! Hot! Excellent! what else can be said???? I like the club mix 2 also......EXCELLENT!!!!!

DJ Dale, Washington DC

My name is Dale and I am a DJ on the east coast and I just heard the remixes DJ Andre put together (Rhythm of Love and Arms of Love) using your songs and they were awesome. Between yourperformingand Andres mixin,I feel like you guys will have some hits on your hands. Keep up the good work.