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The Story of Earth Passport



10 Weeks of Charting While Touring in 12 Cities, 8 States

Earth Passport was the biggest hit ever for Liquid Blue (as of 2010) and the band's first to reach the Billboard charts. 2010 marked the band's 15th year together. Four of the seven performers have been together almost since the beginning. This made the long awaited achievement even sweeter and led to lots of parties and celebrations along the way. This page provides a week by week chronology including the Billboard chart position of Earth Passport and photos from the city the band was touring in. During the 10 weeks that Earth Passport was on the charts, the band performed shows in different cities (and usually states) almost every week. And they traversed every region of the entire country- The Northwest (Idaho and Oregon), The Northeast (Connecticut), The Midwest (Kansas and Illinois), The South (Georgia and Texas) and The West (San Diego and Santa Barbara).

Boise ID and Bend OR - Sept 4, 2010

Earth Passport on Billboard Sept 4

Liquid Blue in Hidden Springs Idaho   Liquid Blue in Boise Idaho
Above: In Boise, Idaho as Earth Passport first hits the Billboard Charts

Liquid Blue performing in Bend Oregon
Liquid Blue performs at Pronghorn Country Club in Bend, Oregon

Kansas City MO - Sept 11, 2010

Earth Passport at #40 on Billboard

Liquid Blue in Kansas City
Band celebrates 2nd week at #40

Liquid Blue performs at Mission Hills KA
Performing in Kansas City at the Mission Hills Country Club

La Jolla CA and Palm Springs CA - Sept 18, 2010

Earth Passport at #25 on Billboard Singles
Earth Passport at #5 on the Hot Dance Chart

Liquid Blue band celebrates in San Diego   Liquid Blue with the Beach Boys
Above: Band celebrates Top-5 hit in Solana Beach CA (left) and pictured with the Beach Boys (right)

Liquid Blue with the Beach Boys
Liquid Blue performed in La Jolla following the Beach Boys

Dallas TX - Sept 25, 2010

Liquid Blue at #17 on Billboard Hot 100Earth Passport Goes to #3 on Hot Dance Singles Chart

Liquid Blue celebrates in Dallas TX   Liquid Blue in Dallas TX
(Above) Liquid Blue in Dallas, Texas celebrating

Liquid Blue performs in Dallas TX
Band performing at Grapefest in Dallas, Texas with Earth Passport at its peak position (#3)

San Diego CA - Oct 2, 2010

Liquid Blue at #20 on Hot Singles Sales Chart
Earth Passport drops to #4

Liquid Blue celebrates in San Diego
Celebration at Kava Lounge in San Diego

Liquid Blue performs at Fluxx in San Diego
Band performs at Fluxx Nightclub in San Diego while Earth Passport is a Top-10 and Top-20 hit simultaneously

San Diego CA - Oct 9, 2010

Liquid Blue at #12 on Hot 100
Liquid Blue back at #3 on Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart

Liquid Blue at Hotel Del Coronado
Liquid Blue performs at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego while Earth Passport is back at #3

Band awarded a Guinness World Record on Oct 10th for Earth Passport for "Song Sung in Most Languages"

Atlanta GA - Oct 16, 2010

Billboard Hot Singles Sales Oct 16
Billboard Hot Dance Oct 16

Liquid Blue in Atlanta   Liquid Blue in Plains, Georgia
While in Atlanta band visits grave of Martin Luther King then heads to the hometown of Jimmy Carter

Liquid Blue at Georgia National Fair
Liquid Blue headlines Georgia National Fair in Perry Georgia as Earth Passport remains in Top-10

Chicago IL - Oct 23, 2010

Liquid Blue on Still on Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart
Liquid Blue still in Top-10 on Billboard Dance Chart

Liquid Blue in Chicago   Liquid Blue in Chicago IL
Band in Chicago hotel room (left) and then celebrating at John Hancock Tower (right)

Liquid Blue performs in Chicago
Performing at Tellabs in Chicago Illinois

Santa Barbara CA - Oct 30, 2010

Liquid Blue on Billboard
Liquid Blue remains at #6 on Billboard Dance chart

Liquid Blue performs in Santa Barbara
Band performs in Santa Barbara CA as Earth Passport clings to a #6 position

Hartford CT - Nov 6, 2010

Liquid Blue Still on Charts
Liquid Blue at #34

Liquid Blue in Hartford   Liquid Blue in Hartford at home of Mark Twain
The final celebration in Hartford CT (left) and visiting the home of Mark Twain (right)

Liquid Blue performs at NACA in Hartford CT
Band performs at NACA Northeast Regional Conference in Hartford Connecticut

About Earth Passport

Earth Passport, a unique song recorded using nine languages, became the first Billboard Hit song for Liquid Blue. The track charted on two Billboard Charts- Hot Singles Sales and Hot Dance Singles Sales. The Hot Singles Sales Chart is a part of the Billboard "Hot 100" Charts and includes all genres of music. When Earth Passport peaked at #12 on Oct 9th, it was the 12th biggest selling single in the United States for that week, including all genres. The song cracked the Top-10 of the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart in late Sept and went all the way to #3.

Earth Passport is the signature song for Liquid Blue and is a culmination of the band's world travels. The group has performed in over 100 countries and during the recording of Earth Passport, vocalists from around the globe contributed their talents. For example, while the band was in Russia they recorded a popular Russian singer for a verse. A well known East Indian singer sung the Hindi chorus. The song features vocals in all six official UN languages, plus three additional major langauges.

Earth Passport was on the charts with artists such as Lady Gaga, Usher, Katy Perry, Snoop Dog, The Goo-Goo Dolls, Kylie Minogue, Adam Lambert, Chemical Brothers, Sugarland, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Disturbed and even Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Rush and Jimi Hendrix (re-released).

Liquid Blue has been together 15 years before charting on Billboard. Prior to the success of Earth Passport, the band has charted at New Music Weekly, CD Baby, Broadjam and Garageband. The band's debut single, Real, became one of the most played Indie songs of 2005 but did not chart on Billboard.

For more information on Earth Passport, visit the Earth Passport page.