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Liquid Blue Tours Kuwait

Kuwait Map Liquid Blue (a California dance band) in Kuwait Liquid Blue (a California dance band) performs live in Kuwait

Performance Highlights

  • Played to sober, attentive, appreciative crowds.
  • One hour lines for BlueGirls autographs and pictures
  • Michael's stage roll at Prince Sultan
  • Playing on a flat bed truck at Al Jabar
  • Tim playing through pain with a severely cut hand.
  • Michael getting huge ovations for his guitar work

Travel Highlights

  • Met soldiers stationed all over the world
  • Made many new friends
  • Nikki made it thru all the flights!
  • Experienced the fascinating Middle Eastern culture
  • Visited countries we would not normally get to visit
  • Smoked the "legal" fruit product known as "hubbly bubbly"
  • Ate exotic Middle Eastern cuisine, including sheep's brains
  • Seeing bombed out bunkers
  • Commander Lamm in Doha presenting us with certificates
  • Didn't lose any luggage or equipment!
  • Drinking tea with Kuwait customs officials
  • Meat cutter in Kuwait who touched a little too much while taking photo
  • Nikki in the morning. A rare treat!
  • Free phone calls home
  • The look on the soldier's face when he walked in on our 69 scene at rehearsal.
  • The 12 cases of water stacked in front of Mandy's door at Doha
  • Saw ancient temples and ruins
  • Visited Grand Mosque in Kuwait
  • Helicopter tour
  • Given flight suits
  • Given t-shirts
  • Given medals
  • Had more food than we could possibly eat (at no charge0
  • Incredible shopping, especially the Gold Souks
  • Playing basketball at base gyms
  • Dana running like Robo Cop after party

Travel Lowlights

  • Shown where Kuwait generals were be-headed after Iraqi invasion
  • In Kuwait at the time of the bombing mistake killing several Americans