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Cities in Honduras

Liquid Blue Tours Honduras

Honduras Map Liquid Blue (a California dance band) in Honduras Liquid Blue (a California dance band) in Honduras

Performance Highlights

  • 9/01 - Played four shows at Soto Cano in the Oasis
2nd Trip in December 2001:
  • 12/01 - Played three shows at Soto Cano in the Oasis and only once did we perform our standard AFE set.
  • Dana made her debut as the only lead female vocalist
  • On 12/27 played to the smallest crowd ever for a Liquid Blue performance
  • Had a great show on our final night thanks to Dave and the guys from the Lizard Lounge!

Travel Highlights

  • Seeing the capital of Tegucigalpa
  • Having lunch at El Patio
  • Making a safe landing in Tegucigalpa, one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Aircraft must drop in very quickly over mountains and then the runway is very short!
  • Witnessing a religious procession in Palmerol
  • Dinner in the town of Palmerol
  • Beautiful, tropical hillsides
  • Hanging out with our great host, Robin Gonzalez
  • Meeting great new friends like Assiddiq
  • Toured the "Valley of the Angels"
  • Viewed amazing wood craftsmanship, especially elaborately carved wood trunks
  • Visiting a very "upscale" mall in Tegucigalpa
  • Learning the literacy rate in Honduras is 95%, higher than in the U.S.
2nd Trip in December 2001:
  • Singing Bohemian Rapsody in the van on the way to Soto Cano
  • Had Christmas dinner in dining facility and sat at the same table where we witnessed the events of 9/11
  • Stayed in our same hootch also. It felt like home.
  • Dana wrestling with "Dave the Rock" and getting her ass kicked but showing a-lot of spunk.
  • Dave hosting us at a great Chinese Restaurant in Comaygua.
  • $6 massages in town. And truly a better massage than you get in the states for $60 an hour!
  • Witnessed the oldest working clock in the western hemisphere in Comaygua.
  • This trip, since the base wasn't locked down, we got out and saw the town and hit the discos in the evening.
  • Scott did radio interview for AFN radio.
  • Got to spend time with many familiar faces from our first tour of Honduras.
  • Had a great time with host Robin Gonzales as always.

Travel Lowlights

  • Learned of the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombing while dining at Soto Cano mess hall.
  • The base was locked down and threatcom D posted.
  • Our first show was cancelled
  • The remainder of our tour was cancelled due to problems getting flights.
  • Our helicopter trip to the Copan ruins was cancelled
  • C-5 flight cancelled due to weather conditions