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Liquid Blue Tours Bosnia

Bosnia Map Liquid Blue (a California dance band) in Bosnia Liquid Blue (a California dance band) in Bosnia

Performance Highlights:

  • Stage diving at McGovern. Later when a commander asked a soldiers how the show was, he responded "Sir, they jumped on us"
  • Jamming at the smallest, smokiest club imaginable, the Clue. Thank god for California smoking laws!
  • Performing at Tuzla, where the national act Oleander has just performed. We were informed our show drew as many people as Oleander and that we had a better crowd response. Oleander is a great alternative band with a couple hit songs.
  • Had our best gig of the tour at Triggers on Eagle Base. We put together the stage ourselves and had a raging crowd.
  • Standing ovations

Travel Highlights:

  • Traveling in a first class tour bus with beds, TV, VCR, etc., and an armed escort including two Hummers with mounted machine guns protecting us in front and rear.
  • Seeing the war-torn city of Sarajevo where the Olympics had been held in 1984.
  • Went to the bridge where World War 1 started. Stood where the first shot was fired.
  • Interviewed on four separate AFN radio shows on August 16th, 2001. All band members participated. The shows are broadcast all over Europe.
  • Met the guys from the band Oleander. Nice guys, great group!
  • Saw infamous bombed newspaper building.
  • Seeing a ravaged city where almost every building had been shelled. You couldn't go 2 feet without seeing bullet holes.
  • Meeting the very friendly orphans roaming the streets of Sarajevo.
  • Mandy and Dana riding kids train in Sarajevo.
  • Walking down sniper alley, where during war time you had a less than 50% chance of surviving if you tried to walk it.
  • Saw Austro-Hungarian National Library, destroyed in 1992. Has been re-built.
  • Visited the eternal flame, a WWII commemoration.
  • Stayed at famous Holiday Inn, where the first shot was fired to start the war, and which was never bombed due to agreements with both sides. This was the home of international journalists during the war.
  • The war started when Bosnian Serb snipers opened fire from the Hilton on unarmed civilians demonstrating for peace in the streets below. 12 were killed that day and many injured and war started.
  • Viewed so called Sarajevo Roses, hand like indentions in the color of blood red, where a shell exploded and people were killed. There were too many of these.
  • Rode in Black hawk helicopter twice. Had great view of countryside.
  • Met the U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia, Tom Miller and his wife Bonnie. They loved our show.
  • Michael and Ike rode in Armored Hummers.
  • Driving (on the incredible tour bus) through beautiful countryside and seeing that every single home had been damaged or destroyed.
  • Hearing all of the war stories, especially the Romeo and Juliet story.
  • Michael and Scott eating cows brains and their subsequent attraction to cows.
  • Great meals in Sarajevo.
  • Nice cool weather, rare in August.
  • Hanging out with Ed at McGovern.
  • Hanging out with Jeff & Alex in Sarajevo.
  • The cafes of Sarajevo.