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Summer Mencher


Summer Mencher is a fiesty songstress with a message. She uniquely merges diverse sounds and influences to produce auditory pleasing music that is unconventional, yet familiar. She's been told, "If the Black Eyed Peas and The Cranberries had a child, it would be you." Summer integrates piano, guitar, strings and thick harmonies juxtaposed by tribal or hard hitting grooves. The middle-eastern tones, unique harmonic twists and turns, with an occasional rock edge and hip-hop/spoken word are intriguing and refreshing to the ear. Summer's vocals are velvety and warm, and her music flows with a certain intensity that relays her passion for music.

After obtaining her degree in Music Therapy from The Berklee College of Music in Boston, Summer has been using music for healing in schools, hospitals, behavioral health centers and orphanages around the globe. The use of music as a healing force has offered poignant experiences, serving as a significant driving force in her musical life and career.  

Mencher released her first CD at the young age of 18, entitled Bench People in 2003.  She has since released "Stranger to Stronger EP," January, 2009. “Break the Mold”, a full length album, is scheduled for an summer of 2009 release date. Mencher’s music has been featured on over 15 compilation CDs, over 25 radio stations across the US and Canada, and has recently expanded to Vietnam, where she performed spring of '09. Summer Mencher has played large events, including Rainbow Fest,  AIDS walk, Phoenix Pride Festival, and Milwaukee Pride Fest, and has opened for Sprung Monkey, Deborah Cox, The Gin Blossoms, Cindy Lauper, Brandy, and Etta James with The Roots Band. 

What also sets Summer Mencher apart from other musicians is her willingness to stretch beyond musical boundaries, as is evident when hearing her music.  She knows how to connect with people through her music, and uses it as a tool to better the community, as she has been, and continues to do presently.  To her fans and audiences, Mencher says, “I am honored and blessed to get to share this gift of music with you. Thank you for being a part of it.”