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Earth Passport



Song Info

Music : 
Lyrics : 
Lead Vocal : 
Earth Passport © : 
Art © : 
Scott Stephens
Scott Stephens
Scott Stephens, Nikki Green & Guest Vocalists
2009 Liquid Blue
Misha Norwest

The Story Behind The Lyrics

Earth Passport was recorded in nine languages including all six official UN languages and it received a Guinness World Record™ for “Song Sung in the Most Languages (Billboard Hit)”. The lyrics are a plea for world peace and include (in order from start to end of song): English, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, French, Tagalog, German, Spanish, and Russian. In addition to the English vocals recorded by Liquid Blue, singers were brought in from around the world to sing in their native dialects. For example, the Russian vocals were recorded by a local singer when the Liquid Blue was performing a show in Belarus.


  • #3 on Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart, 9/2010
  • #12 on Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart, 9/2010
  • Guinness World Record - Song Sung in Most Languages (Billboard)
  • Finalist - Peacedriven Song Contest
  • Featured on GoGirls 2011 Compilation CD
  • Nominated - 2010 Posi Award
  • Nominated - HMMA Awards - World

Billboard Charts

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World Record

Liquid Blue wins Guinness World Record


Text Version Of Lyrics

Earth Passport

Envision, in your mind, an open door to all the world
One planet, one people, a world where fear does not exist
All nations, united, and human rights for everyone
It can happen, why can’t we?

Take me to a place where there’s peace in the human race
Where everyone is treated the same, regardless of their name
Where the arts flourish here, where there’s no such thing as fear
The people dance, the people sing, let freedom ring.

Step into the shoes of, your brothers in distress and pain
Perspective is changing, open hearts can change the world
Change places, new vision, inviting all into the dance
It can happen, why can’t we?

Earth passport, no visa.
Earth passport, no visa.
Earth passport, no visa.
Earth passport, no visa.

"One-Sheet" Press Release

Earth Passport One-Sheet