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Making Up



Song Info

Music : 
Lyrics : 
Choreography : 
Making Up © : 
Art © : 
Scott Stephens
John Cortez
2004 Liquid Blue
Marc Kitaen

The Story Behind The Lyrics

This song is about reconciliation between nations. It sites examples when peace prevailed and also of ongoing, seemingly endless conflicts around the world, specifically mentioning the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, possibly the most critical and important conflict in the world in terms of it's global influence.

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  • Featured on 'Peace Not War' Compilation CD, PNW Records, 10/2004
  • Featured on 'Child Alive' Compilation CD, Get Me Music Records, 2004
  • Top 5 Winner, VH1 Song of the Year, World category, Nov 2004
  • 2nd Place, Peacedriven Songwriting Awards, 2006
  • Track of the Day on 30May2005, Garageband

Text Version Of Lyrics

Making Up

Israel & Palestine, North & South Korea
So many years apart why I have no idea
But like the Berlin wall love will find a way
There is no need for hate, not today

Burn the candle bright, wash away the pain, hurt and grief that’s deep inside
Break the walls, release your fear and do what's right
Hey, forget the past, take my hand let’s fly
You know that we could be making up for lost time

1861 happened in the USA
India-Pakistan still happening today
Forgiveness is the way someone has to begin
Children have the key it comes from within

We can be making up, we can be making up, we can be making up
All of the time we had, been given one more chance