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Anything Else But



Song Info

Music : 
Lyrics : 
Lead Vocal : 
Choreography : 
Anything Else But © : 
Art © : 
Scott Stephens
Scott Stephens
Prince Graham
2004 Liquid Blue
Marc Kitaen


The Story Behind The Lyrics

An anti-war anthem that pleads for "anything else but" war. The song touches on war related subjects such as "collateral damage" and the impact of politics and the media on our decision to engage in conflict.


101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq
List compiled by environmental site EarthFuture.

Americans Against Bombing
Conservative/libertarian coalition opposed to US bombing in the Middle East and Kosovo.

American Friends Service Committee
Multi-faith organisation established by the Quakers in 1917, backing peace building.

Campus anti-war network
United, democratic, grassroots network of campus/school based anti-war committees.

Citizens for Legitimate Government
A pro-democracy activist group established to 'expose the Bush coup d'etat'.

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Campaign urging people to sign a statement opposing war on Iraq.

Code pink for peace
Group of women organising vigils for peace and calling for a campaign of civil disobedience if war begins in Iraq.

Direct Action to Stop the War
Nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action against war.

Duct Tape for Peace
A site urging anti-war protesters to express their views with a duct tape ribbon, duct tape bumper sticker, duct tape banner or sign, or by posting a strip or roll of duct tape to George Bush.

Education for Peace in Iraq
Organisation dedicated to improving humanitarian conditions in Iraq and defending the human rights of the Iraqi people.

Food Not Bombs
Volunteer organization dedicated to nonviolence.

Fellowship of Reconciliation USA
Nonviolent interfaith group set up in 1915.

Harrass the Brass
Anti-military newspaper produced by radical US soldiers in Vietnam.

Iraq Peace Pledge
Site to publicly register opposition to war on Iraq.
Website of the author of Stupid White Men.

A nationwide network of more than 600,000 online activists working to support US citizens in finding their political voice.

Not in Our Name
Group of artists and activists inspiring protest and resistance to the US government's course in the wake of September 11.

Peace Action
Grassroots peace group.

Ploughshares Fund
Group providing resources to stop the weapons of war, from nuclear arms to landmines.

Rooting Out Evil
Canadian site that wants to send an international team to the US to inspect a site suspected of housing weapons of mass destruction.

September 11th families for peaceful tomorrows
An advocacy organisation founded by family members of September 11 victims, seeking effective non-violent responses to terrorism.

Anti-war christian ministry.
Grassroots education and advocacy project founded by Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry's.

United for Justice and Peace
National campaign that brings together a broad range of organisations throughout the US to help coordinate protest against war on Iraq.

Veterans for Common Sense
Group of war veterans who argue they must play a key role in the public debate over national security issues.

Veterans for Peace
A nonprofit organisation dedicated to the abolition of war founded by ex-service members in 1985.
A non-political, educational campaign against war and racism and in support of grassroots democracy, including teach-ins, conferences, local and regional events.

Vote to Impeach
Site calling for people to vote electronically to impeach George Bush.

Win Without War
A coalition of national organisations advocating alternatives to pre-emptive war in Iraq.

Who Dies for Bush Lies?
Created by the Committee to Unsell the War to put the case against war on Iraq.


  • Featured on Child Alive Compilation CD, Get Me Music Records, 2004
  • #1 on World Charts, 8/20/2004, Broadjam

Text Version Of Lyrics

Anything Else But

Is there another option, to the blood that we spill
It’s the ones who get in the way, who have to pay the bill
Seems like a movie, reality lost
They never show the outtakes, or the scenes, of the hardship and the cost

Oh the ignorance is leading us, is leading us, is leading us, to destruction

Can’t we think about, anything else but
Can’t we live without anything else but,
It’s about time we see the world as one,
Can’t we find a way without, anything else but, war

The politics of conflict, the media spin
Defies all explanation, where did this all begin
Beyond all reason, no self control
Just take a look in the innocent eyes, see yourself in their soul