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Song Info

Music : 
Lyrics : 
Lead Vocal : 
Choreography : 
Pretend © : 
Art © : 
Scott Stephens
Scott Stephens
Alex Campbell
2004 Liquid Blue
Marc Kitaen

The Story Behind The Lyrics

Individual citizens (voters) have an ever-decreasing power with the influence of corporations and special interests controlling modern politics. Money is the dominant factor in political decision making. This result was never intended by the founding fathers of our nation. Citizens are manipulated by corporate run media and the welfare of the public consistently takes a back seat to desires of the powerful. The scandals of Enron and other wrongdoers have brought this subject to the eye of the public, but little has been done to combat the problem.


  • Featured on NXNE New Generation Compilation CD, 2006
  • Featured on Anti-Industry Compilation CD, 2004
  • Semi-Finalist in 2005 Yamaha Music Production Contest
  • Track of the Week on 6Dec2004, Garageband
  • Track of the Day on 29Nov2004, Garageband
  • #2 Most Original in World Fusion, all-time, Garageband
  • #2 in World Fusion 18Jan2005, Garageband
  • #8 Best Male Vocals in World Fusion, all-time, Garageband
  • #3 Best Lyrics in World Fusion, all-time, Garageband

Text Version Of Lyrics


Tell me what I wanna hear, then you seem to disappear
Shaking hands and smiling faces, behind the scene in so many places
Tainted money rules the game it’s time we took back control

Pocket lining and bill signing, Friday release, how they pretend to
Be the ones that we can trust, we choose them to lead, how they pretend to be

Blocking the real reformers, well rehearsed tap dance performers
Old fashioned back room dealing, call the cops cause this is stealing
They don’t want us to know, what’s really going on