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Show Me Love



Song Info

Music : 
Lyrics : 
Lead Vocal : 
Choreography : 
Show Me Love © : 
Art © : 
Scott Stephens
Brooke Benson, Nikki Nova
Prince Graham
2004 Liquid Blue
Marc Kitaen

The Story Behind The Lyrics

The song "Show Me Love" is about higher love, as opposed to human love. It represents love and concern for others. It's written from the perspective of a female in dialogue with her lover. She wants him to expand his love not only to her, but to all beings. She desires altruistic love.


  • Featured on "Care Package" Tsunami Aid Compilation CD, 2005
  • Track Of The Week on 27Dec2004, Garageband
  • Track of the Day on 16Dec2004, Garageband
  • #5 Best Dance Track in World Fusion, all-time, Garageband

Text Version Of Lyrics


Show me love, for the people in need
You got to show me love, and a higher creed
Show me all the love and what you believe
Show me that we can succeed

Let me see that heart in you, not just for me but for others too
Higher love is more than a sensual thing
So much pain in the world today, open minds can lead the way
Don’t turn your back cause someday it might be you

Keep in stride with a positive mind, you never know what you can find, oh
What you see, we don’t have to agree, but show me your, show me your love,
You’ve got to

Let’s forgive this guilt and shame, it doesn’t matter now who’s to blame
Can we ever forgive or forget

You can decide, what’s right from wrong, stop living in the past ’cos it’s gone
Need to see so that I can believe, just show me your, show me your love
You got to

Show me what you are, show me something more,
Show me what you got, ah ah ah ah

Don’t think that I’m a bit crazy, I’m not the girl you call baby
You got to prove that you love is stronger
Show me love, show me love, show me love, you got to