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Hot News 2004



"Real" Breaks The NMW AC Top-40 Chart at #38 - 12/31/2004

New Music Weekly December 31st 2004 cover

"Real" has broken into the Top-40 charts of New Music Weekly at #38. On this very same day (12/31/04), the song went to number 1 on the World Music chart at Garageband.com

Performing Live in Studio KNKK (The Knack) 107.1 - 12/30/2004

The Knack 107.1 FM Radio in Lake Havasu logo

The Knack 107.1 FM Radio in Lake Havasu, will host Liquid Blue live & unplugged in the studio on December 30th on the morning show with DJ Double J. "Real" has been on the Knack's Top 40 playlist for several week and is getting 25 to 30 spins per week on "The Knack" and over 300 per week nationwide.

"Show Me Love" Selected As Track Of The Week - 12/27/2004

Garageband Track of the Week logo

Show Me Love was honored as Track of the Day on Dec 16th at Garageband.com, and Track of the Week on Dec 27th, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners. 13 of the 14 songs on Supernova have now won at least one award.

Invited To Meet Former President Jimmy Carter - 12/15/2004

Liquid Blue with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

Former U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jimmy Carter, met with Liquid Blue in Los Angeles on Dec 15th to show appreciation for the band's new single, REAL, which is a tribute to great leaders who have fought for human rights, peace and justice.

"If You Gotta Ask" Wins Dallas Songwriters Contest - 12/13/2004

Dallas Songwriters Association logo

The 2004 Dallas Songwriters Song Contest, sponsored by Gibson Guitars, announced the winners for 2004 on Dec 4th at the DSA awards luncheon in Dallas. "If You Gotta Ask" was the First Place Winner in the Pop/Rock/Alt/R&B/Urban category. "Can't Stop It" finished 2nd in the same category as Liquid Blue went 1-2! "Real" was a winner as well, finishing 2nd in the Easy Listening category. Only one other artist, Will Hopkins of Nashville, had 3 winning songs. All the winning songs will be featured on the DSA 2004 compilation CD.

"Kashmir" Selected As Track Of The Week - 12/13/2004

Garageband Track of the Week logo

Songs for Supernova continue to recieve more honors as Kashmir was honored as Track of the Week Dec 13-18 at Garageband.com, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners. It was also named Track of the Day on Nov 30th

"Real" Makes Up & Coming Chart in NMW - 12/10/2004

New Music Weekly December 8th 2004 cover

Real, a song that has reached number one on two different Indie charts, has now charted in New Music Weekly, reaching number 16 on the Up & Coming Chart. The song also made the "Most Added" chart, as it was the 11th most added song to radio playlists in the USA this week. NMW is one of the "big four" chart publications which include Billboard, Hits and Radio & Records.

Liquid Blue on New Music Weekly song chart

"Arms Of Love" Selected As Track Of The Day - 12/8/2004

Garageband Track of the Day logo

Arms of Love was honored as Track of the Day on Nov 13th, and Dec 11th at Garageband.com, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners.

Splash in San Diego CityBeat: "Big Year For Blue" - 12/8/2004

San Diego City Beat cover

Quote: "By most standards, the North County dance-pop band has had a bitchin’ year that included a 60-country world tour, inclusion on the Peace Not War II benefit CD alongside the likes of Jane’s Addiction and Le Tigre, and the release of their debut album Supernova. Their song “If You Gotta Ask” was named the official campaign theme song of ill-fated presidential candidate Ralph Nader, and their tune “Real”—partially a tribute to Senator John McCain—resulted in an invitation to meet the Arizona politician on Election Day". Click here to read full story

"Pretend" is Track Of The Week & Track Of The Day - 12/6/2004

Garageband Track of the Week logo

Pretend was honored as Track of the Week Dec 6-12 at Garageband.com, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners. It was also named Track of the Day on Nov 29th

Band Signs Major U.S. Distribution Deal - 11/24/2004

PCT Music logo

On November 24th PCT Music signed Liquid Blue to a two year record distribution contract. PCT Music is based in Michigan and owned by PC Treasures, Inc., one of the worlds largest distributors of CD Rom software. Limited distribution will begin in January, but by April Supernova will be available in all Targets, Walgreen's and Rite Aid stores across the country.

Named One of "America's Best Independent Artists" - 11/24/2004

America's Best Independent Artists (ABIA) logo

PCT Music has searched all year for the best unsigned bands in the USA and has selected and signed 24 artists including Liquid Blue to their "America's Best Independent Artists" distribution program.

Supernova Gets "Editor's Pick" at Smother.net - 11/23/2004

Smother.net logo

Smother.net has reviewed Supernova and made the album one of their "editor's picks".The writer, J Sin, states: "What I enjoy most about their music is the content of lyric’s character. They discuss issues and political landscapes that most Americans ignore out of their own ignorance and laziness. Well Liquid Blue is having none of that; they choose to deliver these important messages in a format that spans continents but has a home with each one of us. Full article here.

"Real" Selected As Track Of The Week for 2nd Time - 11/22/2004

Garageband Track of the Week logo

Real was honored as Track of the Week Nov 22-28 at Garageband.com, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners. Real has won numerous awards and is getting significant airplay in the USA.

Liquid Blue Featured in New Music Weekly - 11/19/2004

New Music Weekly November 19th 2004 cover

New Music Weekly, a weekly music trade publication, ran a photo of the band in the Nov 19th issue. NMW is an industry mainstay, similar to Billboard Magazine. The photo caption reads "Liquid Blue for President? New emerging band Liquid Blue has been campaigning as of late, gaining attention of people such as Senator John McCain. Liquid Blue is due to release their debut single "Real" to radio nationally in the coming weeks. They have already received acclaimed reviews on their new material and radio is sure to enjoy the sound".

"Give Me Back My Heart" Featured at Broadjam - 11/18/2004

Broadjam logo

Broadjam selected "Give Me Back My Heart" as their featured song the week of Nov 18th. The feature states: This is alternative music. "Liquid Blue could be the best alternative pop band you hear all year.".

"Rhythm Of Love" is Track Of The Day, Third Time - 11/17/2004

Garageband Track of the Day logo

Rhythm of Love, was honored as Track of the Day on Nov 17th and Nov 27th at Garageband Records, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners. This is the 2nd & 3rd time the song has won Track of the Day.

"Real" is Track Of The Day, Third Time - 11/13/2004

Garageband Track of the Day logo

Real was honored as Track of the Day on Nov 13th and Nov 21st at Garageband.com, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners. Real has won this honor three times and also won Track of the Week recently.

Icon Magazine Raves About Supernova In Review - 11/5/2004

Icon Magazine logo

Icon-Magazine.com, a leading music webzine has published an extensive interview with Scott Stephens and a review of Liquid Blue's new CD Supernova. Here is the CD review:

"San Diego activist recording artist Liquid Blue stands out as an original and intelligent voice for positive change. The band turns social commentary into art. Their debut album, Supernova, combines western pop melodies with exotic East Indian instrumentation to delivery a hard dose of progressive political commentary. The band aims to raise public awareness with a mission to promote positive social change and shed some light on the dark corners of reality. It's music with a message."www.Icon-Magazine.com

Liquid Blue In Studio Guests at KJMB-FM 100.3 - 11/3/2004

DJ Jim Morris of KJMB-FM in Blythe features Liquid Blue live in studio

DJ Jim Morris of KJMB-FM in Blythe featured Liquid Blue live in studio on Wednesday, Nov 3rd, the day after the election. KJMB is one of the many radio stations airing Liquid Blue's new single (Real) in regular rotation.

Band Meets With Popular Senator John McCain - 11/2/2004

Liquid Blue with U.S. Senator John McCain

Long time U.S. Senator John McCain invited Liquid Blue to meet him at his office in Phoenix, Arizona on election day, November 2nd. Senator McCain is one of the nine "world heroes" honored in Liquid Blue's song, REAL. The band presented him with a framed 11x14 print of the artwork used in the Supernova CD booklet, which contain the lyrics of the song. McCain is a potential presidential candidate for 2008 and is by far the most respected and popular US Senator today.

"Rescue" Selected As Track Of The Day - 11/2/2004

Garageband Track of the Day logo

"Rescue", was honored as Track of the Day on Nov 2nd and Nov 16th at Garageband Records, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners. With 195,000 songs on Garageband, there is lots of competition.

"Can't Stop It" Wins Best Song of the Month - 11/1/2004

"Can't Stop It" was named Best Song of the Month for September 2004 at Songwriter Universe.

Songwriter Universe logo

"Real" Broadcast Radio Airplay Building Momentum - 10/27/2004

"Real", the first single from "Supernova", is now in regular rotation on 19 broadcast radio stations, including:

  • WLXR - Onalaska, WI
  • WQKX - Selinsgrove, PA
  • WVIQ - St. Croix, V.I.
  • WQKX - Selinsgrove, PA
  • WXLM - Greenwich, CN
  • KCDY - Carlsbad, NM
  • KQID - Alexandria, LA
  • KGLI - Sioux City, IA
  • WIFX - Whitesburgh, KY
  • WIQQ - Greenville, MS
  • WCIR - Beckley, WV
Lyrics and art for Liquid Blue original song "Real"

Dallas Songwriters Nominates 3 Liquid Blue Songs - 10/19/2004

Dallas Songwriters Association logo

Real, If You Gotta Ask and Can't Stop It have been announced as semifinalists of the Dallas Songwriters 2004 Song Contest. Winner will be announced in December.

"Rhythm Of Love" Selected As Track Of The Day - 10/16/2004

Garageband Track of the Day logo

Rhythm of Love, was honored as Track of the Day on Oct 16th at Garageband Records, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners.

Liquid Blue On Compilation With Major Artists - 10/11/2004

Peace Not War, Volume II compilation album art

The track "Making Up" is featured on a compilation CD titled "Peace Not War, Volume II". The double album will have distribution in 21 countries and includes many internationally acclaimed artists such as Jane's Addiction, Sonic Youth, Faithless, Jurassic 5, Ani DiFranco and more.For more info and to purchase the CD, go to www.peace.fm To view complete list of artists click here.

"Rescue" Wins Best Song of the Month For September - 10/1/2004

Rescue was named Best Song of the Month for September 2004 at Songwriter Universe.

Songwriter Universe logo

"Real" Named Best Produced Song Ever at Garageband - 9/25/2004

Garageband logo

Real has been named the #1 Best Produced Song, overall, all-time at Garageband.com, which has more than 195,000 songs uploaded by over 125,000 bands! To date, Real has won more than 30 awards at Garageband.

10th Anniversary Celebration - 9/21/2004

Liquid Blue 10 Year Anniversary celebration cake

10 years ago today the Liquid Blue name was trademarked, which signaled the birth of the band. Founding members Scott Stephens and Michael Vangerov celebrated the occasion in New York with current performers. (The band's first gig was actually Dec 31st, 1995 and there will be a formal 10-year anniversary celebration in Jan 2006 to commemorate the band's 10-year history

"Supernova" Selected As Track Of The Day - 9/21/2004

Garageband Track of the Day logo

Supernova, the title track of Liquid Blue's debut CD, was honored as Track of the Day on Sept 21st at Garageband Records, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners.

"Supernova" Honored As Most Original Pop/Rock Song - 9/21/2004

Featured at Garageband logo

The title track from Supernova is ranked as the #1 Most Original Song in the Pop/Rock category, all-time, at Garageband. The song also ranks as the #3 Most Original Song overall (all categories combined), all-time.

"Real" Selected As Track Of The Week - 9/20/2004

Garageband Track of the Week logo

Real was honored as Track of the Week on Sept 20th at Garageband.com, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners.

"Supernova" Hits The Top Ten In Sales At CD Baby - 9/15/2004

CD Baby logo

Liquid Blue's debut CD, Supernova, has entered the top 10 in sales at CD Baby, the largest seller of independent music on the web. CD Baby currently represents over 75,000 artists! It has been a launching pads for acts such as Jack Johnson, Gary Jules & O.A.R., to name a few.

"Real" Selected As Track Of The Day - 9/2/2004

Garageband Track of the Day logo

"Real" was honored as Track of the Day on Sept 2nd at Garageband.com, due to the outstanding reviews it has earned from listeners.

"Rhythm of Love" Wins VH1's Song of the Year Contest - 9/1/2004

VH1 Song of the Year contest logo

Rhythm of Love finished 1st in the Song of the Year contest, in the Electronic/Dance category, for Aug 2004. Song of the Year is part of VH1's Save the Music Foundation.

Back On The Road As World Tour Continues in Europe - 8/26/2004

clipart globe

Liquid Blue goes back to Europe (Aug 26-Oct 2) for the 3rd time this year, including:

  • Denmark
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Iceland
  • Greenland

Immediately following Europe, the band heads for the east coast of the USA, including:

  • St Johns (Canada)
  • New York City
  • Halifax (Canada)
  • Ben Harbor ME
  • Boston MA
  • Newport RI

The band is now the most traveled band in history.

"Rescue" is the 6th Song From Supernova To Go To Number 1 - 8/21/2004

Broadjam logo

Rescue has reached number one on the Broadjam Pop/Rock chart. A rep from Broadjam said Liquid Blue's accomplishment of six number ones is "more than amazing". Click here to view charts. Broadjam has over 100,000 songs competing for chart positions.

"Liquid Blue's Catchy Tunes Push Boundaries" - 8/21/2004

Liquid Blue Supernova album art

Surf City Times has published a review of Supernova in it's August 21st issue. Quote: "Liquid Blue has effectively created a new genre in our society" Quote: "Liquid Blue sings about issues that affect people worldwide, not merely about some poor American girl with nothing but love woes to torture her innocent mind". View full article

"Anything Else But" Reaches #1 on Broadjam World Chart - 8/20/2004


Anything Else But has become the 6th separate Liquid Blue song to chart on Broadjam and the fifth song to go to number one. The song hit #1 on the World Music chart. Click here to view charts.

"Give Me Back My Heart" #1 on Broadjam R&B/Contemporary - 8/15/2004

Broadjam logo

Give Me Back My Heart is the 5th Liquid Blue song to reach the number one position on a Broadjam chart. It went to #1 on the Broadjam R&B/Contemporary Chart and is also went to #4 on the overall R&B chart. Click here to view charts.

"Real" Enters The Broadjam Earth Top 10 Chart! - 8/12/2004


REAL has hit the Earth Top 10 chart on Broadjam. This chart is a combination of all charts and genres combined, making it the toughest and most important Broadjam chart. Real has now charted in 10 separate categories and is still number one on the Pop/Easy Listening chart. Click here to view charts.

"Real" is #1 on the Broadjam Pop/Easy Listening Chart - 8/8/2004

Broadjam logo

REAL is tearing up the charts, hitting 10 separate Broadjam chart categories, including #1 on the Pop/Easy Listening chart, # 2 on the Pop chart, #3 on the California chart, #5 on the West chart, #8 on the US chart, #8 on the North America chart, #4 on the Ballad chart, #10 on the Fan Picks chart and #2 on the Female Vocals chart. Most significantly it has reached the overall Earth Top 10, hitting the number 9 spot. REAL is UNREAL! Click here to view charts.

Layla Loxa Featured In Filipinas Magazine - 8/8/2004

Filipinas Magazine August issue coverFilipinas Magazine article honoring Bluegirl Layla Loxa

Filipinas Magazine has honored Layla Loxa in their August issue, which features the all-time greatest Filipinos in the sports world. In the article Layla is called the highest ranking Filipino surfer in history. The issue also features several of the most prominent Filipino athletes today and in years past. View full article.

Arms of Love is #1 on Broadjam Electronic/Dance Chart - 8/7/2004


Arms of Love hit #1 on the Broadjam Electronic/Dance chart. It also went to number 8 on the Broadjam Electronic chart and #5 on the Broadjam Up-tempo Chart. Click here to view charts.

Supernova Goes to #1 on the Broadjam Rock Chart - 8/6/2004


The Liquid Blue song Supernova went to #1 on the Broadjam Rock chart. It also hit number one on the Broadjam Rock/New Wave chart. The song made a third chart by reaching #8 on the female vocal chart. Click here to view charts.

Liquid Blue Song Featured On PEACE NOT WAR CD - 8/5/2004

Liquid Blue will be featured alongside major label acts on the upcoming Peace Not War II compilation CD. "Making Up" is the song that was selected. All proceeds from the sale of "Peace Not War" CDs go to groups which use non-violent means to stop war & promote peace. Volume one raised over $100,000 and featured artists like Public Enemy, Ani DiFranco, Midnight Oil, Chumbawamba, Massive Attack and more.

Peace Not War compilation album art

Article Compares ’Supernova’ To Beatles ’Sgt. Pepper’ - 8/5/2004

Liquid Blue Supernova album art Beatles Sgt Pepper album art

The North County Times published a feature article on the band in their Preview section, 8/5/2004. The headline reads "Local band takes 'Sgt Pepper' to the max". Writer Patricia Morris Buckley discusses the influence of eastern music on the sound of Supernova with founder Scott Stephens. Click here to view full story

"Jagermeister" to Sponsor Liquid Blue - 7/29/2004

Jagermeister logo

Jagermeister has selected Liquid Blue for it's sponsorship program. This will mean lots of free giveaways (t-shirts, hats and other swag) at Liquid Blue shows.

Pretend in Regular Rotation on 365Live Radio - 7/27/2004

Live365 logo

Live365 Radio, one of the largest online radio stations in the world, have added the song "Pretend" to their play list. The song is played twice daily. Click here to listen.

Supernova Distribution Expands To Major Outlets - 7/25/2004

The Orchard logo

Supernova is now available at all major outlets including:

"Rescue" Chosen Theme Song For Wyland Foundation - 7/21/2004

Wyland art painting

Letter from Wyland: "I would like to congratulate Liquid Blue on a superb album, Supernova. On behalf of the Wyland Foundation we are honored to feature your conservation song RESCUE as one of the official theme songs for the Wyland Foundation".

Remixes of "Supernova" Songs a hit with DJ's - 7/15/2004

DJ Andre's remixed versions of "Rhythm of Love", "Show Me Love" and "Arms of Love" are being spun in clubs worldwide. View comments from DJ's

DJ Andre logo

Supernova Getting Rave Reviews From Fans - 7/1/2004

Fans of Supernova by Liquid Blue

Fans of Supernova have posted an extraordinary numbers of positive reviews on the internet. Read Supernova reviews

Renowned Artist "Wyland" Inspired by Song "Rescue" - 6/18/2004

BlueGirls with artist Robert Wyland

Wyland, the world's Premier Ocean artist, has been a pioneer in the marine art movement since 1971. This painter, sculptor, and muralist is one of the most prolific and celebrated artists of our time. Wyland has completed more than 93 of his landmark murals, the renowned Whaling Walls, throughout the world. It is estimated that more than one billion people are exposed to Wyland's art each year. Perhaps more than any other artist, he has raised the planet's environmental consciousness with regard to the oceans and their inhabitants.

Liquid Blue recently performed a show following a Wyland art exhibition in Juneau, Alaska. After the show Wyland and the band hung out and the artist listened to "Supernova" and was inspired by the song "Rescue", which is about the ocean environment.

Two Liquid Blue Songs Chosen for "Child Alive" CD - 6/1/2004

Get Me Music, a music distributor in Great Britain, will feature two Liquid Blue songs on their upcoming CD release, "Child Alive". Proceeds from the CD will go to care for children who have lost parents in war. Get Me Music selected the tracks "Anything Else But" and "Making Up" from Liquid Blue's debut CD "Supernova". Liquid Blue was the only artist with more than one track on this compilation CD. All tracks on the CD have a theme of peace and anti-war.

Get Me Music logo

"Hottest Contemporary Act" for 2nd Straight Year - 5/29/2004

National Music Awards logo

Liquid Blue has been named 2004's "Hottest Contemporary Act" in the United States. The selection was made by the National Music Awards for their 4rd annual on-line unsigned band awards.

John Kerry Campaign Compliments Supernova - 5/24/2004

U.S. Presidential Candidate John Kerry

After listening to Liquid Blue's new CD "Supernova", Jeffery Peters ofthe Kerry / Edwards for President campaign sent a letter to Liquid Blue, stating: "Supernova is a refreshing taste of personal expression". For more info go to www.johnkerry.com

Senator John McCain Honored by Supernova’s "Real" - 5/12/2004

U.S. Senator John McCain Letter to Liquid Blue from U.S. Senator John McCain

United States Senator John McCain sent a personal letter to Scott Stephens of Liquid Blue, thanking him for composing the song "Real", which is a tribute to great leaders. Senator McCain has spent a distinguished career fighting corruption and money in politics. Visit his official site at http://mccain.senate.gov

CityBeat Covers the Liquid Blue-Ralph Nader Story - 5/5/2004

San Diego City Beat cover

CityBeat writers Ken Smith and Scoop Stevens discuss details on the Nader campaign theme song, Liquid Blue's "If You Gotta Ask" in today issue of San Diego CityBeat. Click here to view full story.

2nd Leg of World Tour Begins in the Azores Islands - 5/1/2004

The 2nd Leg of the 2004 World Tour Begins in the Azores Islands, and destinations include:

  • Ponta Delgada, Azores
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Vigo, Spain
  • Paris, France
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Gdansk, Poland
  • Warnemunde, Germany
  • Helsingor, Denmark
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Ketchikan, Alasks
  • Juneau, Alaska
  • Skagway, Alaska
  • Victoria, Canada

"If You Gotta Ask" is Presidential Race Theme Song - 4/27/2004

U.S. Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader, a true American hero and running in the 2004 Presidential election, has chosen Liquid Blue's song "If You Gotta Ask" as his campaign theme song. To learn more about Nader and his long history of selfless public service, The Nader campaign have posed two Liquid Blue songs on their official web site, "Real" and "If You Gotta Ask".

BlueGirls Sing Anthem at Brand New Petco Park - 4/27/2004

BlueGirls sing the Star Spangled Banner at Petco Park

The BlueGirls, featuring Nikki Green, Kristen Kelly, Layla Loxa and Devonne Dawn, sang the Star Spangled Banner at the San Diego Padres - Montreal Expos game April 27th. Devonne Dawn sang the Canadian National Anthem as well. 40,000+ were on hand to witness the girls and their four-part harmony and gave them a resounding response.

Michael Vangerov Signature Guitar Completed - 4/25/2004

Liquid Blue guitarist Michael Vangerov with his signature Neal Moser guitar

After one year in production, guitar maker Neal Moser, has completed a custom signature guitar designed by Michael Vangerov. Neal Moser is the designer of the BC Rich "Bich" guitar, played by the likes of Joe Perry and others. Michael was selected due to his phenomenal playing ability, his international exposure with Liquid Blue and his unique guitar design.

Track "Supernova" Wins Award - 3/14/2004

Great American Song Contest logo

Liquid Blue just received notification from the Great American Song Contest that Bossa Supernova (the title track from Supernova) became a Top-5 winner in the pop category. The song was also a finalist in the Unisong International Song Contest 2003

1st Leg of World Tour Begins in New Zealand - 1/31/2004

The 1st Leg of the 2004 World Tour Begins in Auckland, New Zealand, and destinations include:

  • Wellington, New Zealand
  • Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Tasmania, Australia
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Cid Harbor, Australia
  • Cairns, Australia
  • Darwin, Australia
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Cochin, India
  • Bombay, India
  • Salalah, Oman
  • Aqaba, Jordan
  • Luxor, Egypt
  • Karnak, Egypt
  • Port Said, Egypt
  • Rhoads, Greece
  • Athens, Greece
  • Kusadasi, Turkey
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Venice, Italy

All Star Production Team Finishes Supernova - 1/17/2004

Grammy Award winning Joe Chiccarelli

The making of Supernova is now complete. Here is a look at the industry superstars who worked on Liquid Blue's debut album, click links for info:

  • Producer: David DeVore (13 platinum LP's- Santana, Foreigner, Fleetwood Mac)
  • Mixing: Joe Chiccarelli (2 Grammy Awards- U2, Michelle Branch, Ricky Martin)
  • Mastering: Stephen Marcussen (Numerous hit records mastered)
  • Recorded at: Western Recorders(More hits than any other studio in the USA)
  • Engineering: Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones, Weezer, etc)
  • Guest Artist: Mark Schulman (drums for Cher, Foreigner. Played on Making Up)

Liquid Blue Featured in National Music Trade Magazine - 1/16/2004

QSC Power Notes article featuring Liquid Blue

QSC is featuring a story on Liquid Blue in their current issue of "Power Notes", a music trade magazine.