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Our Vision

Liquid Blue; an element and a color. In the 60's it meant expanding the mind; experimentation and reaching another dimension. The ultimate goal was nirvana, heaven, samadhi, inner peace or any of the many names for bliss. 

Liquid Blue is also related to the environment. Skies should be blue; the water in the oceans and lakes should be blue. 

Liquid Blue, the band, has idealistic goals backed by realistic efforts and expectations. For every action there is a reaction. Positive actions bring positive results. In musical terms the premise of this philosophy is that every song, every album, every concert can make a difference. The real goal of Liquid Blue isn't to necessarily change the world, but to change one person, or one attitude at a time and to change ourselves in the process. 

The message of Liquid Blue is one of love. Not human love, but higher love. Liquid Blue's founder, Scott Stephens, has vowed that the band will never write or record a human love song. Not that there is anything wrong with human love; it is truly a wonderful thing, but 90% of popular music is devoted to this subject, while other important topics get much less "airtime". Liquid Blue's interpretation of love is that of care and concern for others. This translates into themes of peace, freedom, equality, civil rights, human rights, concern for the environment, etc., which are common threads in the music of Liquid Blue. The result of a "higher love" philosophy and action is a better planet to live on. Less conflict, more harmony. 

Music can be a catalyst for change. Music can inspire and motivate. Music can uplift and provide hope. Popular music can be targeted to our base instincts or our highest ideals. Liquid Blue strives for the higher standard. 

The music of Liquid Blue is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faceted. It blends western pop melodies with ancient and modern eastern sounds. It has been coined "World Pop" which is a brand new genre classification. Both lyrically and musically, Liquid Blue has set a course for a new sound and a new attitude. 

Blue is Green!: Liquid Blue was officially designated a "Green Business" by the County of San Diego in 2009 and are the first 'certified green musical act' in the United States. For a comprehensive break down of Liquid Blue causes and activities visit "How Green is Blue", or check our "monthly movie page".