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"everyone has been raving"

I have been associated with Jewel Ball for 13 years and Liquid Blue was in my opinion the best group Las Patronas has had yet. I haven't seen the dance floor that full all the way to the end and wanting more. The ability to perform songs from the 50's to what's popular now was amazing. Thanks for a great night.
-- Brian Campbell, Property Services Manager, La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

In my 23 years as Designer/Technical Director for La Jolla's annual Jewel Ball I've never been blown away by a band's performance. Until now. "Liquid Blue", headlining this August at the 65th anniversary of the ball, was amazingly creative and versatile - they showed commanding intensity and artistry combined with a smooth synchronicity that looked absolutely effortless on stage - engaging the guests with an incredible performance that rocked the dance floor 'til the last note. "Liquid Blue" is much more than a group of performers - this is a multi-talented band of extraordinary entertainers.
-- Jim Roth, MSI Production Services, San Diego, California

Dancing went non-stop until 1 am with the sounds of Liquid Blue. This is one Jewel Ball that will go down in history as having and keeping everyone on the dance floor!
--San Diego Social Diary Magazine

I wanted to thank you for the best dance music I have heard in a long time! As evidenced by two full dance floors at 12am and the crowd still chanting for more at 1am, I think you can say that Liquid Blue ROCKED our evening! Everyone has been raving over the music from the start to the finish. You really helped us pull off a spectacular evening and a culmination of a year's worth of work for nonprofits all over San Diego County.

-- Sue Wagener, Chair
-- (Los Patronas Jewel Ball, La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club - La Jolla CA)
-- Society Event

There were lots of guests dancing throughout the evening, which is definitely what we want! Thanks for the professionalism; it was greatly appreciated
-- Lise Wilson, Entertainment Director

Special Note: The "Jewel Ball" is San Diego's biggest, best and most exclusive social event.
Liquid Blue at Jewel Ball in San Diego, Las Patronas

"when you have the best, why look around?"

I had heard and read all the great reviews about Liquid Blue being "The Entertainment Act of the Year" and "Best Party Band, Best Cover Band" but truly I cannot say enough as to how amazing they were for our Fundraising Event.  Professionally, I handle Sports Celebrity Events all around the Country which entails booking the actual Bands that Liquid Blue covered and I can say with full confidence that Liquid Blue performed their songs equally (and in some cases, much better) to the original Artists.  They were entertaining, constantly engaging and most of all, got our entire group up and dancing...which has never happened in all the years of this Event.  Our Board has already had discussions to just make Liquid Blue our performing act each year for our Event. As one Board Member (who just happened to be the conductor for the San Diego Symphony) mentioned, "When you have the best, why look around?  Anyone else would be a huge let down after this year."  Unless you have the budget to book the Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond, Pearl Jam, U2 (and the list goes on and on with their incredible range), why not book THE BEST to perform as them?!!  Huge thanks to Liquid Blue....we will be booking next year's event as we have our Date set!.
-- Linda Mackay, President, Sports Dream
-- (Social Event / Fundraiser- Laguna Beach CA)

Special Note: Linda Mackay books national acts for the NFL, the ESPY's and more.

"everyone had a great time"

Hi Scott... just wanted to drop you a note to thanks you for Saturday night. Everyone had a great time including Sammy. And Sammy himself had this to say: Maybe they can play Tahoe and Roseville? They were good! 
Note: Liquid Blue backed rock legend Sammy Hagar for 30 minutes of music and then finished with a 60 minute Liquid Blue set.

-- Marco Monroy | Chair | Bishops School Auction and Fundraiser
-- (Social Event / Fundraiser- La Jolla CA)
Liquid Blue Band at Bishops School with Sammy Hagar

"most fun-freaking-tastic group ever"

Sheesh -What on earth can I say about this band that has not been said? Easy to work with? YES! Professional? YES!! Fabulous? YES!!! Possibly the highest energy, best sounding, most fun-freaking-tastic group ever?...YES!!!!   This was our 6th annual Partner Conference Awards Night and there was no way it could have been more fun. AND THEN; the band started to play. Liquid Blue poured it’s energy into their music and the music got everyone up and moving! The response from the crowd was something I have never seen from this group of people; most of whom I have known for well over a decade. It was electric! It was alive and if was dance your pants off FUN!!!   They seemed to listen to the dancers and play the songs that encouraged them all too just join in a glorious celebration of music, dance and friendship. The vocals were amazing! The musicians were amazing! The songs were brilliantly performed and the choreography was incredible.  I am swiftly running out of superlatives to describe the sheer overwhelming delight that permeated our evening.   My heartfelt thank you to all the members of the band, the manager, the people who showed to set up – ALL OF YOU helped me to create an event that even I will be sorely pressed to top next year! … By the way, what are you all doing in about year from now?

-- Laurie Falz | Director of Operations | Lansworth Enterprise Solutions
-- (Corporate Event - La Quinta CA)
Liquid Blue Band at La Quinta CA

"they interacted with the crowd"

I had an excellent experience with Liquid Blue and would highly recommend them! The band was very easy to work with and very friendly and professional. They interacted with the crowd and had a good sense of what we wanted to hear. Our event was roughly 90 people in a typical reception room at a hotel. Upon first glance, the stage seemed large but once the band started playing it didn’t feel like the stage was over crowding the area at all. Everyone was up on their feet dancing the entire time. The musicians and singers are very talented and it felt like we were at a real concert. Great music, great talent and great people to work with! I would hire them again!

-- Alexis McCance, Formula PR.
-- (Corporate Event - San Diego)

"nothing but rave reviews"

I am hearing nothing but rave revues about the party and the band.  There is no doubt that you will be back for another event.  It was wonderful.....the members love the band.

-- Shari Kelley Events
-- (Social Event: Vintage Country Club, La Quinta CA)
-- Note: The Vintage Club is one of the most exclusive country clubs in the world. Bill & Melinda Gates are resident members.

"over the top wonderful"

You have no idea how fabulous your group was and made the event over the top wonderful. Everyone is still talking about you and I have no doubt that when people are party planning you will be on the top of their minds. Please know we loved you and thank you so much for the professional effort made by all.

-- Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.
-- (Social Event: Brentwood Country Club, Los Angeles CA)

"it couldn't have been better"

The band was amazing. Everyone was dancing all night long. It couldn't have been better. :) Thank you for everything!

-- Lisa Forbes
-- (Wedding: The Prado at Balboa Park, San Diego CA)

"the talk of the convention"

What an amazing party! We had an incredible turn out. Our guests LOVED Liquid Blue- they are the talk of the convention and never failed to keep the dance floor full. I even got comments from the Midway staff and caterer that they have never seen such a full dance floor on the Midway. You guys really are incredible! Thanks for all your help and to Liquid Blue for putting on such a wonderful performance! Will definitely be recommending you for future events! 

-- Lisa Forbes
-- (Corporate Event: The Midway, San Diego CA)

"some felt like they were at a rock concert"

I really wanted to thank you for everything.  We were very pleased with how smoothly things went on Friday regarding the set-up, and everyone who attended was very impressed and happy with how incredible the band was.  We probably could have been a bit more organized on our end, but you guys helped us get through it like true professionals.  There wasn't a person who attended that didn't have a great time watching and dancing to the music.  So many people complimented not only the band, but the sound too.  Some felt like they were at a rock concert, while others couldn't believe we were listening to a live band during dinner (with CD like quality).  You're definitely the first band I'd recommend to anyone who asks, and we'd love to hire you again ourselves should the occasion arise.   

-- Chris Weinmann
-- (Wedding: San Diego CA)

"spectacular success"

Thanks for a great show!

-- Janet Elkins, Eventworks
-- (Corporate Event: Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii)

This was the largest group of Chinese Nationals to ever gather in Hawaii. Dancers from Janet Jackson, Rihanna and others joined the band on stage for this gala event. Among those attending were Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie. “The event was a spectacular success and a first of this magnitude for Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor,” said Museum Executive Director Kenneth DeHoff.

-- Kenneth DeHoff, Museum Executive Director

"your performance even outdid theirs"

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your performance at The Achaeans' Queen Supper party on January 25. My daughter Leighton, who was Queen for the evening, and all of my family and friends thoroughly enjoyed the show. Over the years Queens' dads have booked some pretty good local cover bands for this event, but last year's dad took it up a notch by hiring a band called Simply Irresistible out of Atlanta. By all accounts your performance even outdid theirs.  I enjoyed meeting the band after the show. I thanked them but I want to thank you again for playing without a break. I know it had to be tough on the performers. The Supper is the climax to a couple of days of activities and if the band takes a break, the crowd crashes and burns. If the band doesn't and is great as you all were, then you end up with a full dance floor even at 2:00 am, which is what we got. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your stay in New Orleans. You may be getting calls before long requesting that you return! !

-- Michael Bell
-- (Social Event: Hyatt Regency, New Orleans LA)

"world-class performers"

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the unparalleled entertainment you provided at our TELUS Holiday Galas this year. You are truly world-class performers who thrilled our team members and their guests in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

-- Andrea Goertz , TELUS
-- (Corporate Event - Vancouver BC)

"a love fest"

A very heartfelt thank you—I meant it when I said you guys are not just talented musicians who love what you do...but more importantly you all are great people-- I ENJOYED EVERY SECOND! I am glad we had lunch a month ago and at party time I felt like you guys were already good friends of ours. Many friends have called/text/emailed that they loved the party and some called it a “love fest”. Best of luck in your amazing journey.

-- Gordon Hamilton, Guest of Honor
-- (Social Event - Kansas City MO)

"best band we have ever had - this was our 50th event"

The best band we have ever had for our event. It was the 50th annual event so that says it all. The band was great.  The committee would like to work with you guys again. It may take us a few years to save up!

-- Lee Hartman, Fort St John Curling Club
-- (Corporate Event - Fort St. John, Alberta)

"first rate performance"

Absolutely terrific, Liquid Blue handled a large quantity of audience requests smoothly, with no gaps between songs. Excellent management of requests! Energy from the stage was powerful and many attendees kept pace all through the show (which had no breaks!). Great song selection, lead vocals, musicians fantastic. The Blue Girls were OUTSTANDING!! First rate performance by seasoned professionals. Across the board five star ratings earned. Many thanks to Liquid Blue for a great performance for our members and guests, making an excellent evening for the Nice Guys charity as we honored Ernest Rady, 2012 Nice Guy of the Year. .

-- Keith Miller, The Nice Guys
-- (Social Event - San Diego CA)

"a lot of people asked how I found you"

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic performance. Our attendees had a great time! The quality of music and sound system were really good. A lot of people asked me how I found you!

-- Ying Zhu, Biophysical Society
-- (Corporate Event - San Diego CA)

"we've heard nothing but great feedback"

It was wonderful having Liquid Blue at the Holiday Gala. It was great to meet you all and you really did put on a fabulous performance! You kept the dance floor packed and we’ve heard nothing but great feedback! I hope you all enjoyed yourself. Thanks for helping to make the Holiday Gala a big hit!

-- Jessica Erickson Event Marketing Manager | TELUS Event and Sponsorship Strategy

I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make the Holiday Gala a great experience for all our TELUS team members.  I am continually getting rave reviews all day today.  We look forward to working with you in the future.  There are a couple of opportunities that we have been asked to look at for your guys to come out and perform next year – obviously the Vancouver Holiday Gala is one of them.  

-- Nancy Filoso | Senior Manager, Experiential Marketing TELUS Communications Inc. 
-- (Corporate Event - Vancouver BC)
Liquid Blue Band in Vancouver BC Canada at Convention Center

"normally the younger Marines leave early but Liquid Blue kept everyone until closing"

From: "As the Commanding Officer of a Marine Corps Osprey squadron, I was extremely pleased and excited to have Liquid Blue provide an amazing night of entertainment for our most important official social event of the year: the celebration of the Marine Corps Birthday.  Liquid Blue put on a fantastic show, pumping up the audience to the point where nearly every Marine and guest was on the dance floor having a great time.  Normally at these events many of the younger Marines leave early, but Liquid Blue rocked the house to keep everyone there until closing.  I continue to hear from our Marines and guests that this was the best Marine Corps birthday celebration event they've attended--thanks to Liquid Blue for making it happen!"

-- Michael Boorstein, LtCol USMC, Commanding Officer VMM-166

"Liquid Blue created an atmosphere and buzz about our event that usually does not get associated with a military ceremony. Celebrating the birth of our Marine Corps is sacred to all current and former Marines. Usually immediately after the event Marines depart and celebrate in their own way. This year nearly every Marine from our unit stayed for an extra 3 hours and enjoyed Liquid Blue's energy and talent. From the moment we booked them to the end of the performance, they were a pleasure to work with and be around. I received some fantastic feedback from our Marines and their guests that it was the best ball they had been to. Liquid Blue was a huge part of this success and we thank you for your support of this event and your support of Marines and all service members around the world. .

-- Geoff Blumenfeld, Capt USMC, 2011 USMC Birthday Ball Chairman
-- (Military Event - San Diego CA)

"never seen the dance floor stay so full for so long"

Liquid Blue got rave reviews from the people at the event more in particular from the top VIP. He said he loved the band, their voices and energy on stage. He mentioned that he had never seen the dance floor stay so full for so long as it did. Thank you for helping me make this such a successful evening..

-- July Ulmer, Event Coordinator
-- (Corporate Event - Scottsdale AZ, 10/15/2011)
Liquid Blue Band in Scottsdale AZ

"people have not stopped talking about the band"

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. People have not stopped talking about the band. I have three friends that are getting married and have already asked for your number. You guys were great. Very professional and went with the flow when people decided to just get up and give speeches. The music was amazing. I'm trying to think of when I can have you guys again but not at my own wedding so I can enjoy it more instead of running around. HAHA. Thanks again can't wait to use you guys again.

-- Danielle and Steve
-- (Wedding - Newport Beach CA)

"they didn't take a break!"

Liquid Blue did a wonderful job and I'm so impressed that they didn't take a break during the dance set.

-- Shelly Tolo, Tolo Events
-- (Corporate Event - Seattle WA)
Liquid Blue Band is Seattle WA for Tolo Events

"the #1 comment I got is, - wow the band was awesome!"

We loved Liquid Blue. They played the wedding perfectly! They started with slower tempos songs as people got settled in and grabbed cocktails and as the night progressed they picked up the tempo and the dance floor was rocking! Over the next few days the #1 comment I got is, “wow the band was awesome”. I also appreciate the professionalism of the contact person for the band by connecting with us a couple of weeks prior to the event to discuss all details pertaining to the party. I really appreciate that in midst of being so busy! You guys rocked!.

-- Rob Malave, groom
-- (Wedding - San Diego CA)

"the BEST I have hired to date"

I could NOT have been MORE pleased! Truthfully, I have done this for many years (more than I care to admit to, and I have hired A LOT bands, some really good … like 50 AMP FUSE and some really not so good) but your band is truthfully the BEST I have hired to date. Our group never stopped dancing from the moment that Liquid-Blue took the stage until the last song ended. The dance floor was so packed that a group of attendees moved banquet tables and made their own dance floor. We have received wonderful comments about the band and I would recommend Liquid-Blue to any corporate event planner who wants to ensure a great time for their attendees. I am also seriously talking with my group about having you play for us again at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas next year. Don’t change a thing – You were born that way ! (Thanks for learning that song for me).

-- Connie Schaeffer
-- (President, Air Carriers Purchasing Conference - Atlanta GA)
-- (Corporate Event)


Spring Creeks, 3rds Annual Rhythm on the Range was such a great success! The band was OUTSTANDING!! Everyone loved Liquid Blue! From the time the band started, the dance floor just grew and grew with happy dancing feet!.

-- Patty Davis
-- (Fundraiser: Rhythm on the Range - Ripon CA)

"the band was INSANE"

The band was INSANE last night. Nothing but I'm sure you get all the time. You picked up the musically aware and tuned-in portion of the crowd that actually listens to the music as opposed to socializing....the standees....who were riveted. That doesn't happen, which dancing almost always does. Your set list was perfect....Abba and Adele? Who'da thunk it! Thank you thank you thank you. If you want to appear again next summer, we'll do everything we can to make that happen. You were BEYOND the most popular new band in our line-up. Keep us in mind.

-- Marilyn Rees
-- (Summer Concert Series - Coronado CA)

"we could not have been happier"

I can't begin to tell you how many people have told us how great you guys were! You really made our wedding. We could not have been happier! Thank you so much again!

-- Jenny Kruer, bride
-- (Wedding - Coronado CA)

And four weeks later she wrote:
We just went to another wedding this weekend and everyone was telling us again how amazing you guys were. Unfortunately the band was not that great and everyone wished Liquid Blue was playing instead. Thank you so much again! - Jenny

"how are we going to top that"

Liquid Blue Rocked the House in Norwalk in front of 12,000 spectators at our 2011 Independence Day Pageant. Now the only question I have is, “How are we going to top that performance!” Thanks for a memorable evening of music and dance!

-- Bill Kearns
-- (Concert - City of Norwalk CA)

"exceeded expectations"

From beginning to end, Liquid Blue was nothing short of phenomenal. It's rare to find such a group of talented individuals that also manage the business matter with such profession and class. I planned my wedding around the band and had very high expectations. Liquid Blue met and exceeded all of those expectations. My 100+ family and friends who traveled to Cabo San Lucas all said the trip was worth it primarily due to the awesome entertainment, Liquid Blue. If I ever have the occasion again to hire this band without a doubt and hands down I will seek our Liquid Blue. I am in love!!!

-- Brianna Johnson
-- (Wedding - Cabo San Lucas, Mex)

"thumbs up"

Scott...I just want to take a minute to let you know what a positive experience it was working with LIQUID BLUE at the JUVENILE DIABETES RESEARCH FOUNDATION (Kansas City chapter) fundraiser this past Saturday. I have been producing the entertainment for this annual event for about ten years now and have never seen an act "hold" the audience after an exhausting multi-hour auction like LIQUID BLUE did. Everyone in the band and everything about the band was totally "pro"...and... Musically and vocally exceptional. I look forward to working with the band in the future and will definitely give an enthusiastic "thumbs up" to anyone that asks me about them..
-- Dave Maygers, agent

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Liquid Blue. They were just fantastic. We had friends coming up to us saying they haven’t danced that much in 10 years! The poor wait staff couldn’t escape the room fast enough as people were shoving tables out of the way to create a dance floor. They were truly the life of the party and were the icing on top of an already wonderful evening.”
-- Cherona Bicknell, General Chair, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Dream Gala 2011

How do you end an over the top fundraising Gala? With Liquid Blue! Gala guests crowded the dance floor to the very last note as Liquid Blue rocked the room with their high energy music and stage presence at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Kansas City Chapter Dream Gala. They were excellent to work with and we want them back next year!
-- Leslie High, Executive Director, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Kansas City Chapter
-- (Fundraiser - Kansas City)


Liquid Blue's performance was fantastic! I couldn't have been more pleased! The music and dancing were top notch. In addition to a wonderful show they were some of the nicest people around. They were easy to work with, very accommodating and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone and look forward to working with them again.

-- Gitte, Entertainment Director for Santa Barbara Fair and Expo.
-- (County Fair - Santa Barbara)

"beyond our wildest expectations"

"My clients loved you and the comment was "Our only problem is figuring out how to top this show next year!" You are an agent's dream-easy to work with and a show that wows the audience." (BC)

"Liquid Blue delivered beyond our wildest expectations ..the complete package....the audience could not get enough. They are 1st class musicians and performers that know how to get the crowd involved." (EC)

-- Barbara Coppersmith
-- Emile Cantrell, Senior Vice President, Imperial Trading Company
-- (Corporate Event - New Orleans LA)

"over-the-top performance"

"Your over-the-top performance demonstrated why you received the Spotlight Award. The audience was blown away! You guys are a world class group. We were extremely fortunate to have you performing at our awards party. I could have listened to you all night. The Led Zeppelin set was just the coup de grace in my eyes. It had the hairs on my neck standing up. Thank you for creating an After-Party that was the ultimate celebration!"

-- Carolyn & John Baragona, Las Vegas NV
-- (Industry Event)

"their music appeals to every demographic"

"Liquid Blue's one-of-a-kind performance has brought a whole new level of fun, energy and entertainment to our event. Their music appeals to every demographic and they put on a great show."Thanks so much!

-- Allison Abplanalp, Children's Mercy Hospitals, Kansas City MO
-- (Fundraiser)

"the interaction with the guests was amazing"

Liquid Blue met and then exceeded all my expectations. They MADE my party and my night. From initial contact to the end of the event they gave me the best service. Helped with everything. On time. Scott was amazing in making me feel comfortable with the room size being small and their ability to still make the sound and presentation perfect. Their performing is incredible and the interaction with the guest was amazing. They were just PERFECT!!!!!! I didn't want my night to end. 

-- Michele George , Dana Point CA
-- (Social Event)

"one of the best bands that I have ever worked with"

This group of performers are one of the best bands that I have ever worked with. The energy they bring to the event was breath taking. The band had no trouble making the crowd dance and have a great time. I enjoyed the set list which had a variety of music from different genres of music. All in all they rocked! Thanks Liquid Blue.

-- Katie Lee, Los Angeles CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"people are still talking"

We really enjoyed your presentation. You’re an amazing group and the people are still talking about your concert.

-- Claudia Herrera, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
-- (Private Event attended by the President of the country)

"Liquid Blue’s amazing promo video does not do the band justice"

After researching every wedding band in So-Cal, there was only one band that stood out from the rest. Believe it or not, Liquid Blue’s amazing promo video does not do the band justice after seeing them perform live after a San Diego Padres game. And when we first messaged the band regarding a possible wedding performance, it was one minute later that my cell phone rang from Scott Stephens! What an extremely personable point-of-contact for the band Scott is, who also doubles as the singer! Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be able to have such a band at our wedding. They performed the whole spectrum of songs to meet our guests’ ages…from Dion of the 50s, to the Supremes, Cheap Trick, Madonna, Outkast and Lady Gaga! Liquid Blue is not just a cover band; the band just recently held the #3 spot on the Billboard Charts for one of their own songs, of which there are many! My most memorable moment from the night was slow dancing with my husband to Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes.’ Scott Stephens has the ability to replicate any artists’ voice, such as Peter Gabriel and Louis Armstrong (‘What a Wonderful World’). The guitarist even came off the stage into the grove of dancing guests to shred! At another point in the night I looked up to find my photographer up on stage smack in the middle of the band, rocking out and capturing the fun festivities close-up. And lets not forget the ladies…these three beauties sang and danced the night away, smiling the whole while, which made our night seem all the more welcoming and special. My guests were trying to mimic their choreographed dance moves all night long. And any girl that can outperform the real AC/DC with ‘Shook Me All Night Long’ deserves a round of applause! The funniest moment of the reception came when the band performed Van Halen and my bridal party did David Lee Roth-style scissor kicks! Such is the captivating dynamism of Liquid Blue with its audience. I am eternally grateful for Liquid Blue. They performed slow songs during dinner, and upped the energy level directly following, transforming the venue to just what we wanted, a memorable, festive evening amongst friends and family. The night would not have been the same without them. Incredibly easy going, GOOD people, who came equipped with their own MC for the wedding and even sound equipment! I highly suggest allowing them to dress in their normal band attire and be themselves…they will put on a grand performance and you will have nothing to worry about. Liquid Blue is kind, giving, and talented, and they come with our highest recommendation and accolades.

-- Anna Hutter, Santa Barbara
-- (Wedding)


A twentieth anniversary celebration for a remarkable organization supporting people with cancer and their families requires a memorable night with a big fund raising goal. To make it happen, you need a great and unusual setting, remarkable food and drink, wows to the left and to the right…and, a great band. In Chicago, like most big cities we are blessed with some special music groups. However, to create the vibe we wanted, we felt we had to get outside of the familiar circle. We looked far and wide and read review after review. We interviewed managers for several bands. We engaged Liquid Blue! We are so happy we did. The music, if you closed your eyes, was top notch, an excellent range and guaranteed to keep dancers on the floor. If you opened your eyes, the show was as big as anything we planned/achieved that evening. No one stopped moving on stage; costuming was perfect and the engaging personalities brought everyone, even the non-dancers to the circle. Many stayed long into the night even after long, intense programming. We would certainly consider using the band again. It was fun to be their Chicago debut! We also had a great experience working with Scott and Michael once the band was contracted. The band molded itself wonderfully around our “there’s magic…” theme and, in turn, we played off the name and truly made the setting “liquid blue” with some very creative lighting. 

-- Bill Walker, Chicago IL
-- (Corporate Event)

"blown away"

We were blown away by Liquid Blue! Their energy level, creativity, talent, and performance had everyone up on the dance floor ages 6-85 at our wedding! The Blue Girls choreographed dances were a show in itself. They sing, dance and even have wardrobe changes. The band worked with us to honor our music requests and even performed an impromptu song per the brides request. They play everything under the sun and sound exactly like the original artist. They are incredible and really knows how to get a party started!!! What we liked most about Liquid Blue is they play every genre. Even my 89 year old cousin was on the dance floor as well as my 6 year old flower girl. We pre-selected music from their list so we had played exactly what we wanted to hear.  Their energy level gets everyone up  and it contagious. I was had so much fun dancing, that I skipped out on the photographers request to take pictures at sunset with my husband. I literally did not want to miss a minute. We loved working with Liquid Blue and look forward to referring them to all our friends and family. You can't go wrong with this band. They are brilliant!.

-- Katie Sloman, San Diego CA
-- (Wedding)

"world class"

Hiring Liquid Blue to 'headline' our corporate event was the difference between status-quo and 'over the top' success. We secured Liquid Blue to play at the Fluxx Nightclub in San Diego California for a fairly specialized conference in which our company is the leading service provider in our particular market segment - as such, our clients look to us to put on 'the party' of the conference. By marketing Liquid Blue consistently for 2 months prior we were able to secure a turnout of 50% of all conference attendees - an almost unheard of response rate. Competing with 4 other events the same night - we dominated and word quickly go out the night of the event that Liquid Blue was 'world class'... Pre-event planning was exceptional with both the band technical, financial and creative members. The Blue Girls, are well, beautiful, talented and non-stop energy the whole time. We eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to 'headline' Liquid Blue at another event.
-- Chris Staller, San Diego CA, 10/2/2010
-- (Corporate Event)

Liquid Blue was over the top in terms of professionalism, talent and overall effect. Our event was truly a success as a result of having Liquid Blue perform at our event. We couldn't be happier with the band.
-- Mitch Schwartz, San Diego CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"the energy level was unsurpassed"

I run an international sales organization for a fortune 400 company and we hired Liquid Blue for our closing worldwide sales event 2 years running. Our employees range in age from 22 to 60 and we had equal attendance from the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. What’s amazing is that Liquid Blue can cover hits that appeal to all ages and cultures. The energy level at the venue was unsurpassed and the “Blue Girls” dancing in the background definitely kicked it up a notch. I would highly recommend them for any party - you won’t be disappointed. We hope to make Liquid Blue a permanent fixture to close out our worldwide sales meeting in the future.

-- Scott Davis, Palm Desert CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"best group I have ever brought to Puyallup"

I was totally impressed with your band/group. I think you all are amazing and are so talented. I had numerous audience participants come to our Recreation Information Booth and tell me you were the best group I have ever brought to Puyallup which in itself was impressive since I have been booking concerts for 19 years here in Puyallup. Everyone seemed to enjoy the wide range of music that you all performed, loved all the entertainers and just had a blast with the concert. Thank you. I look forward to bringing you back to Puyallup in the future, you were fun to work with and I myself really enjoyed your performance.

-- Lona P. Graves, Puyallup WA
-- (Summer Concert Series)

"the community and sponsors are still talking about your performance"

Just a note to thank you and everyone in the Liquid Blue Band one more time. It was one of the Best Shows and Productions that has ever been presented at our community concert series, The Mosquito Serenade. Loved working with all of you and appreciated how the band and music played to everyone. The crowd Loved It! Let everyone know that the community and sponsors are still talking about your performance at the concert series. Everyone wants you back for next yr. I’ll be in touch.

-- Ken Hartman, Anderson CA
-- (Summer Concert Series)

"everyone talking about them"

When we saw Liquid Blue at Jimmy Loves in San Diego we knew we wanted them to play at our wedding. They did a phenomenal job and had everyone talking about them including our vendors. Thank you for making our wedding so much fun and memorable. Please give my best to everyone especially Scott!

-- Vicki Hang, Dana Point CA
-- (Wedding)

"they knew how to read the audience"

We hired Liquid Blue for our evening entertainment for our 2010 Life Without Limits Gala "Watch Us Soar" at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach on May 15. We couldn't of asked for better entertainment. The band arrived on-time, were very professional, and were masters at their craft. They knew how to read the audience and determine what music would be most appropriate, and had a large selection of music they could choose from throughout their repertoire to fit any events needs. Normally after a gala the guests want to get up and go home, but with Liquid Blue, they stayed and danced the night away. This is very rare, also post-event they broke down their staging and equipment in a timely manner, and followed up with us after the event. I would recommend Liquid Blue for any event and will definitely have them at the top of my list for any future events I may be involved with.

-- Matthew Copley, Newport Beach CA
-- (Fundraiser)

"they play the right music for the crowd"

We love Liquid Blue! The only thing better would be if they were called "Liquid Green" for Clinique! All kidding aside, it's the second time we've used the band at our Sales Meeting and the attendees truly enjoy them. They play the right music for the crowd and really know how to get and keep the party going. This year was one of our best Sales Meetings -- one that people are still talking about today. We are grateful for the part Liquid Blue played in the overall meeting's success.

-- Nanciellen Uniacke, Dana Point CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"high energy and professional"

Liquid Blue is a high energy and professional cover band, both technically and in performance. They were timely, enthusiastic and executed a live onstage performance that was worth the all in finance paid. Phoenix Pride was happy to have had them on our stage for our 2010, 30 year anniversary. Wet Dog Promotions is looking forward to working with them again.

-- Nancy Nunez, Phoenix AR
-- (Festival)


Liquid Blue was Awesome! Our 100+ guest at the Grand Del Mar loved their performance.. in fact I am still receiving phone calls from guests letting me know how much they loved the band. Liquid Blue was professional, easy to work with, fun and amazing talent! We will be using them again. Thank You.

-- Edith W, San Diego, CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"everyone at our event raved..."

Everyone at our event raved about Liquid Blue and want to have them back next year!

-- Jennifer C, Children's Mercy Hospital Fundraiser, Kansas City, MO
-- (Fundraiser)

"the perfect party band"

Y'all are just awesome! Thanks for providing some rockin' music for the party last night! What a blast! You are the PERFECT party band!

--Laura Smith-Thompson, Pacific Events, San Diego, CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"truly memorable"

Liquid Blue made our wedding festivities truly memorable. There were so many songs to choose from that we couldn't decide. So we chose to let Liquid Blue play to the crowd with a few requests from time to time. Our entire guest list was on the dance floor by the end and nobody was ready to stop when we had to. The diversity of genres this band can play is very impressive. From hip hop to country and everything in between they were spot on. I would highly recommend Liquid Blue for any type of event. They are solid professionals with a lot of talent. Thank you for everything. We had way too much fun! Sincerely, Andrew and Kristen

-- Andrew F, Vail, CO
-- (Wedding)

"kept the dance floor packed"

Liquid Blue was absolutely fabulous. Even before we entered the ballroom, people were approaching us telling us how great the band was. They kept the dance floor packed the entire night. From the beginning they were easy to work with and the incorporated everything we wanted. I highly recommend them and would be happy to be a reference.

-- Brooke R, Coronado, CA
-- (Wedding)

"Top-Notch entertainment"

Liquid Blue has definitely set the standard for live performances! The whole band was at the reception on time and ready to go. Very professional throughout. Would MOST DEFINITELY recommend to anyone looking for Top-Notch entertainment for there next event or special occasion!

-- Mike A, San Diego, CA
-- (Wedding)

"a world class, high energy show"

Liquid Blue's show was fantastic. Initially, when I booked the group for my corporate event, I was concerned that our space and the audience would be too small given the size of some of the international venues their site shows them at. I found working with the band from start to finish to be very accommodating and they treated our team and our guests to a stadium-sized evening. They were professional, prompt, very easy to work with and best of all - they delivered a world class, high energy show and rocked the house! Many thanks to the entire group - my guests will be talking about your show for the next year! I would most definitely book the group again.

--Vicky Bowman, Motor Coach Industries, San Diego, CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"5 stars in just not enough"

5 stars in just not enough for Liquid Blue. This group deserves a sixth. Not only were they the hit of our corporate event but working with them before, during and after has been a pleasure! Michael was concerned about what our group needed from the music and the entire band was well………WOW. This group kept both the young and old up dancing for hours. I would use them again in a heartbeat!

--Richard Renkin, Renkin & Associates, Palm Desert, CA
-- (Corporate Event)


I just wanted to say thank you for a great show, the group was just incredible and I can't event begin to tell you how complimentary the members were about your performance! You are truly a very talented group with so much energy it's exhausting! I would love to start working things out to book you for next year.

--Alyssa Ashby, Mission Hills Country Club, Kansas City, MO
-- (Social Event)

"epitome of professionalism"

I was impressed by Liquid Blue on all levels - not only was the music great; they were also the epitome of professionalism. I would love to experience Liquid again.

--Cecilia Tyynela, Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles, CA

"best entertainment we've had"

Liquid Blue was by far the best entertainment we've had at any of our events, and this was our 107th annual convention. Our big party night is usually attended by 180-200 and fizzles out by 10:30, Liquid Blue drew a crowd of 350 and was still rocking the place after midnight. The members of the band were talented, outgoing, really nice people. Can't wait to get them back for our next event. We highly recommend this band for any function that you want to be high energized and a huge success!!!

--Debbie Beaulieu Independent Insurance Agents of RI, Providence, RI
-- (Corporate Event)


This group was unbelievable. Best band we have ever had by far at a corporate event.

--Scott Davis, Western Digital, Palm Springs, CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"biggest event of the year for Estee Lauder"

This function at the Ritz Carlton was the biggest event of the year for Estee Lauder so we wanted the very best entertainment. Liquid Blue MADE THE EVENT for us! During the show the company president approached me and stated "You hired the right band". The dance floor was packed all evening! We had requested that the band dress more conservatively than what we viewed on their DVD and they came through with outfits that were just right for this event. Another big plus was their large song selection which included something for everyone. They even allowed us to select the songs to perform! All in all we had a GREAT experience with Liquid Blue and I've already referred them to one of our sister companies.

--Molly Leis, Estee Lauder, Dana Point, CA
-- (Corporate Event)

"lived up to all the hype"

Super job! The group lived up to all the hype. We had so many positive comments! Thank you, Liquid Blue.

--Sam S., Sacramento Kings - NBA, Sacramento, CA

"kept the crowd involved & excited"

An amazing show! The dance floor was packed from the very first number until the finale. They kept the crowd involved & excited and the wide variety of material was staggering. The band moved seamlessly through disco, rock, hip-hop, R&B, Motown and even some country! Some memorable medley's as well! The height of professionalism. We plan to hire Liquid Blue for many future events.

--Karen T., Entertainment Consultants, Costa Mesa, California


ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! There are no words to express the professionalism, personalization and entertainment that Liquid Blue delivers. They are overall GREAT people that care about the business and the people that they are entertaining. I would strongly recommend Liquid Blues entertainment to EVERYONE at ANYTIME. They are down to earth people and I was very impressed by the caring they had for our little community. We are a community of 16,000 people and they treated and entertained us like we were part of their family. As I said before, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

--Michael Moulinet, City of Douglas, Douglas, AZ

"I would saw my left foot off with a rusty spoon to have Scott's voice"

I had the good fortune of walking into the MGM (hotel, Las Vegas) on Monday night. Seeing you was the highlight of my trip. You guys are amazing. I don't think I have ever heard a live band sound that tight. Most bands have one or two stand out musician's, but you are the complete package. I would saw my left foot off with a rusty spoon to have Scott's voice, absolutely sweet. I could go on and on but the single greatest thing about you is your ability to take these old songs and make them fun again, almost like your hearing them for the first time.

--Tim, Detroit MI

"tapping the toes of House Speaker Newt Gingrich"

Liquid Blue, fronted by lead singer Scott Stephens, was picked to play at the GOP's bash Saturday night at Planet Hollywood. The band was tapping the toes of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Presidential candidate Steve Forbes and about 600 other republican bigwigs.

--Tim Grenada, Encinitas Sun Newspaper

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