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The House of Blue - aka: Liquid Blue Command Center


The House of Blue - Photos

The House of Blue
The current Liquid Blue headquarters in Ocean Beach, San Diego CA.

The Liquid Blue command center looking west
Aerial view looking west featuring the Ocean Beach Pier

Living Room at House of Blue
Inside the House of Blue

Liquid Blue Office
Office and Recording Studio of Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue offices
Official HQ of Liquid Blue - Where the deals get done!

All You Need is Love
Above the front entrance

House of Blue front patio
The Yin Yang Patio

Roof Deck at house of blue
Roof top deck looking east

Ocean Beach Liquid Blue HQ
Hendrix, Bowie and Spock are highlighted on the chimney mounted surfboard

House of Blue in Ocean Beach
The Liquid Blue "Mothership" and the all-electric Roadster heading off to a show

The Former LB HQ Prior to 2016, aka "The Hippie House - Photos

The Hippie House in Ocean Beach CA
The well know Ocean Beach peace symbol is replicated on the hippie house.

The OB Hippie House looking East
Looking Eastward. Just over the hill is downtown San Diego

Hippie House in Point Loma CA
The Hippy House sits at the entrance to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park on Sunset Cliffs Blvd

Hippie House of San Diego Looking South
Looking south on Sunset Cliffs Blvd

Sunset at Ocean Beach Hippy House
Sunset at the Hippie House

Liquid Blue band in front of Hippy House
Members of Liquid Blue pose in front of the Hippie House