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"The Hippie House" of Ocean Beach / Point Loma

The Hippie House of Liquid Blue in San Diego 2014


Liquid Blue Center of Operations - San Diego CA

The Hippie House of Liquid Blue in San Diego 2014

Liquid Blue is headquartered at the famed Hippie House in San Diego CA.  The house sits across the street from the ocean on Sunset Cliffs Blvd and is just 4 miles from the airport and 8 miles from downtown San Diego. This area of Sunset Cliffs is designated as a scenic drive and features some of San Diego's most spectacular ocean front landscape. The house is at the gateway to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park as well as the town of Point Loma and the Cabrillo National Monument. The funky town of Ocean Beach starts just across the street to the north. There is great hiking, jogging, fishing, kayaking, tide pooling, bird watching and surfing starting right in front of the house and running south one mile along the cliffs to the end of the park. To the North is the Ocean Beach Pier (one mile) and Sea World (3 miles).

Hippie House Article Links

Since moving into the new band HQ in late 2013, the local media dubbed the home "The Hippie House". After several articles written by Judi Curry and published in the venerable OB Rag, the name stuck. Several article are included (and linked) below
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Point Loma Life
Band relocates to Point Loma
Peninsula Beacon
Band moves to hippie house
San Diego Free Press
OB Hippie House dedicates a peace pole

OB Rag
Rumors about the hippie house
OB Rag
More about the hippie house
OB Rag
Meet the mural artist

Visiting "The Hippie House" in San Diego

The Hippie House of Liquid Blue in San Diego 2014

Above: Aerial view with downtown San Diego in the background. The Liquid Blue HQ is one of the closest beachfront homes to downtown and the airport. The Hippie House is not open to the public but clients of Liquid Blue are welcome to schedule a pre-event meeting at the HQ. Clients of the onsite recording studio are also welcome. Hippie's welcome; all others must make an appointment :)

The Hippie House of Liquid Blue - Exterior Images

The OB Peace sign painted at Hippie House in Ocean Beach, San Diego CA
The iconic Ocean Beach peace symbol is replicated on the hippie house.

The OB Hippie House looking East
Looking Eastward. Just over the hill is downtown San Diego

Hippie House in Point Loma CA
The Hippie House sits at the entrance to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park on Sunset Cliffs Blvd

Hippie House of Point Loma, San Diego Looking South
Looking south on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. You can almost swim to Mexico :)

Sunset at Ocean Beach Hippy House
Sunset at the Hippie House. Dolphins and Whales can often be seen from the house

Liquid Blue Musical Flag at Hippie House, OB
The LB Headquarters flies a musical flag any day the band is performing

Hippy House, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, San Diego
Although the "Hippie House" is not open to the general public, people stop by everyday for photos

Hippie House of Liquid Blue Point Loma 2014
If you're in San Diego, come visit picturesque Sunset Cliffs and grab a photo of the Hippie House!

Hippie House of Ocean Beach
Welcome to the musical, magical hippie house of Ocean Beach!

The Solar Powered, GREEN Hippie House

Solar Panels at Liquid Blue San Diego HQ
Liquid Blue is Solar Powered! 24 Panels were installed in 2014 by Solar City
The home has received a GREEN POINT rating from Build It Green.
Liquid Blue was designated a GREEN BUSINESS by the County of San Diego.
Visit the Liquid Blue GREEN Page for more information on the bands Eco-Friendly practices.

The Hippie House of Liquid Blue - Interior Images

Inside the Hippy House in Ocean Beach CA
Looking out to a sunset from inside. Clients and guests are entertained in this area

Liquid Blue, Inc. Offices

The Offices of Liquid Blue in San Diego 2014

The band offices occupy two rooms of the house and also have lots of green features including: Energy Star computers, recycled toner cartridges and other office products, 100% LED lighting; lots of windows for natural light and temperature control, digital files and more! From this office the business of Liquid Blue, Inc. is conducted including the managing and marketing of Liquid Blue; Aqua Blue; Shades of Blue; Acoustic Blue; Latin Blue; DJ Layla; The BlueGirls and BlueBrass.


San Diego Recording Studio at The Hippie House of Liquid Blue

SD Recording Studio 2014
House Recording engineer "Yuri" at Liquid Blue's San Diego Recording Studio in the Hippie House

Peace & Harmony Garden

Peace and Harmony Garden, Hippie House, Sunset Cliffs

The Hippie House Peace & Harmony Garden was the vision of Scott Stephens; designed by Clayton Tschudy Eco-Designs and installed by John Noble of Coastal Sage Nursery. It features all low-water California Native Plants and has a theme of peace and harmony. The highlights are the three hardscape circles that include a Yin-Yang symbol; a compass area and a large Peace circle with a peace pole in its center. There is a covered patio where performers often rehearse acoustically at sunset. The parkway is the only remaining area with grass. The lawn is mowed with an old school push-mower which creates no air or noise pollution. The Peace Garden has been designated an Earth Friendly Garden by The Master Gardeners Association as well as an Ocean Friendly Garden as certified by the Surfrider Foundation. See the "Green Page" for more information.


Musical Mural

Liquid Blue Musical Mural at Hippie House, Sunset Cliffs

Surrounding the Peace Garden is cosmic mural painted by local artist Adelaide Marcus. The mural has a peace and musical theme. The stars of the mural are: A mermaid; a replica of the Ocean Beach peace sign; musical notation with the notes to John Lennon's IMAGINE; piano keys that roll up and over the front and back of the wall; a guitar; a sunrise; the ocean; yantras and the OB peace symbol. Come see for yourself as hundreds do so every week. For a more close up look at the wall art visit our mural page.



Green Point Rated

Liquid Blue HQ Green Point Rating 2014

The Liquid Blue headquarters received a Green Point Rating (whole house) in 2014 from Build It Green. Build It Green is a professional non-profit membership organization whose mission is to promote healthy, energy and resource-efficient buildings in California.



Green Homes Tour

Green Building Council

The Liquid Blue headquarters was chosen as one of the nine homes showcased in the 2014 San Diego Green Homes Tour and was sponsored by the San Diego Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council.

International Peace Site

World Citizen International Peace Site - Hippie House

World Citizen Logo

The Hippie House was designated as an International Peace Site by World Citizen, a nonprofit organization based in Saint Paul, MN with a mission to empower communities to educate for a just and peaceful world.


Peace Pole


The Hippie House of Liquid Blue in San Diego 2014

The new peace pole at Liquid Blue hippy house San Diego 2014

Liquid Blue dedicated a Peace Pole on the date of the Winter Solstice, 2013. Peace Poles are now recognized as the most prominent international symbol and monument to peace. Peace Poles bear the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth in the languages of the world. Peace poles are a tradition that began 50 years ago. It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 Peace Poles that have been dedicated in nearly every country on Earth.  The Hippie House Peace Pole has 8 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, Hindi and Cherokee. The Peace Pole Project is the official Project of The World Peace Prayer Society. It started in Japan in 1955 by Masahisa Goi, who decided to dedicate his life to spreading the message, “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in response to the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our peace pole was provided by


The Man in the Yard

The Man in the Yard Ocean Beach at Hippie House

On April 20th 2014 (4/20) the iconic "Man in the Yard" moved to his new home at the Hippie House. He's been a fixture in Ocean Beach CA for many years and even had his own Facebook page. His creator is artist Rich Walker.


Organic Fruit and Vegetable Garden

The Edible Garden at Hippie House of Liquid Blue in San Diego 2014

Liquid Blue tends a small fruit and vegetable garden. Fruit trees include Orange; Nectarine; Peach and Lemon. Vegetables include Spinach; Lettuce; Beet and Tomato. The garden is 100% organic and no chemicals are ever used.


Organic Herb Garden

The Herb Garden at Hippie House of Liquid Blue in San Diego 2014

The herb garden is small but provides most of the herbs used in daily cooking for the hippie house. In the middle of the tiny garden is a 2nd peace pole that was originally planted at the former Liquid Blue HQ in Encinitas CA. The print has faded over the years but it represents the bands 17 years in North San Diego County. This herb garden is pesticide free and organic.


Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Entrance Sign at Hippy House
Sunset Cliffs is known for its peaceful surroundings, breathtaking ocean views, amazing sunsets,
and convenient proximity to all of the best attractions that San Diego has to offer. The 18-acre linear section of this San Diego Park lies to the west of Sunset Cliffs Blvd. between Adair and Ladera Streets. Sunset Cliffs Park’s topography includes intricately carved coastal bluffs, arches and sea caves. Sunset Cliffs affords inspiring panoramic ocean views.

Yoga at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park near Hippie House
Yoga Classes are held several times a week at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, directly across the street

Liquid Blue members jumping at the Arch, Sunset Cliffs
The Arch is San Diego's best jumping spot and just two blocks south (3 LB members shown jumping)

The Arch Cliff Jumping on Sunset Cliffs Blvd
Another shop of performers jumping at The Arch this time camera facing East

Hippie Beach at Adair Street, Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma
The small sandy beach at Adair Street sits in front of the Hippie House

Fishing at Sunset Cliffs Point Loma hippie house
Great fishing right across the street. Loads of Yellowfin Croaker as well as Halibut and other species

Surfing in front of hippie house, OB
Surfing in front of the Hippie House is great at a low-medium tide with a decent swell

Sunset Cliffs is one of the best places in San Diego for Bird Watching (Pelican above)

Whales at the cliffs in Point Loma
From the cliffs, California Gray Whales can be seen migrating annually from the Bering Sea to Baja CA

Sunset Cliffs features many caves for exploring

Sunset Cliffs Blvd looking north
Head down Sunset Cliffs for a scenic drive either north or south. The OB Pier is just a mile north.

Map of Sunset Ciffs
A nice overview of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Entrance at Adair
The entrance and starting point for Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is directly in front of the hippie house

More Activities Steps From the Hippie House

Basketball Court at St. Peters Lutheran Church near Hippie House
Directly north across the street is public basketball courts courtesy of St Peter's By The Sea Church

Java Beach Cafe Sunset Cliffs Point Loma
Sunnies Java Beach Cafe (Coffee Shop) is less than one block away

Bus Station at Point Loma Ave
Public transportation to downtown and other areas is available within one block at Point Loma Ave

Ocean Beach Fireworks
The annual Ocean Beach Pier 4th of July Fireworks show can be viewed from the house

Nearby Accommodations

The Inn at Sunset Cliffs
The charming Inn at Sunset Cliffs is just steps from the House and offers discounts to our clients

Beachcliff Villas at Sunset Cliffs
Beach Cliff Villas sit next to The Inn at Sunset Cliffs and across the street from the Hippie House

Beachcliff Villas as seen from the Hippie House
Beach Cliff Villas and The Inn at Sunset Cliffs as seen from the yard of the Hippie House

Newport Avenue and Ocean Beach

Newport Ave
Newport Ave is home to colorful bars, cafes, surf shops, antiques, tattoo parlors, Hodad's and The Black

The Black in OB
The Black has been operation for over 40 years in OB. Absolutely the most famous smoke shop in CA.

Int Youth Hostel in OB
The colorful International Youth Hostel on Newport Ave with the iconic OB peace symbol overhead

Photo Credits

Awesome Hippie House Photos by:
New Level Marketing
Evgeny Yoroby Photography
Rafael Rivera

and many other contributers
We thank you!

*More Hippie House and Related Photos Here*

Installation of Peace Garden at the Hippie House of Liquid Blue

John Noble, Coastal Sage at Hippie House in Ocean Beach CA with Peace Pole
Early photo of Peace Pole planted in the peace hardscape by John Noble of Coastal Sage Gardening

Yin Yang at the Hippie House Ocean Beach, Point Loma
Yard in early stage not yet planted but showing Yin-Yang hardscape