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How Green Is Blue?

Eco-Friendly Band Liquid Blue Goes Green

Through the power of music, Liquid Blue strives to increase public awareness on issues such as a clean environment, world peace and human rights. We talk about the issues; sing about them and most of all strive to live our lives according to these principles.

As the world's most traveled band, Liquid Blue has a unique perspective on world affairs which permeates the bands music and the mindsets of these musicians who have experienced so much of planet Earth.

In 2013 Liquid Blue relocated from Encinitas to Ocean Beach / Point Loma (City of San Diego) into the iconic "Hippie House". The new band headquarters received much publicity from local media for its green features and colorful, musical theme. In 2016 Liquid Blue purchased a new property just a few blocks from the "Hippie House" in downtown Ocean Beach. The new HQ is even more colorful than the former!

This "green page" is intended to inform our fans what Liquid Blue, Inc. and Liquid Blue members are doing not only in public but in their daily lives to adhere to the principles we are writing about in our music. It is also meant to show some examples of what every individual can do in their own lives to help make the world a better place.

Below is a list of "green lifestyle habits" adopted by members of Liquid Blue. This page is meant to be educational and informative with links provided on most topics to provide additional, more detailed information. Join us is preserving the planet and GO GREEN!

County of San Diego Green Business Program

Liquid Blue was designated a "Green Business" by the County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health, Community Health Division on May 22nd, 2009. We are the first and only musical act to receive this designation.

Green Point Rating

Since 1996, two of three Liquid Blue headquarters have received a Green Point Rating from Build It Green.  The GreenPoint Rated label is the mark of quality for green home construction. It is a recognizable, independent seal of approval that verifies a home has been built or remodeled according to proven green standards. The Hippie House was awarded in 2015 and Encinitas received a Green Point Rating in 2012.

San Diego Excellence in Energy

San Diego Excellence in Energy Award

In 2012 Liquid Blue was nominated for an Excellence in Energy award by SANDEE. The SANDEE awards are given to outstanding business, government and institutional projects or activities that save energy or contribute to the success of the "San Diego Regional Energy Strategy 2030."

Earth Friendly Garden


The Liquid Blue Peace Garden at the Hippie House was designated an Earth Friendly Garden which is certified by The Master Gardener Association of San Diego County. The seven principles of qualification are: Appropriate plants; Nurturing the Soil; Responsible Pest Management; Protecting Wildlife; Conservation of Water and Protecting Water Quality; Conversation of Energy and Protecting Air Quality and Reducing Waste. 

Ocean Friendly Garden

Ocean Friendly Garden

The Liquid Blue Peace Garden at the Hippie House was also been designated an Ocean Friendly Garden which is certified by The Surfrider Foundation. The mission of Ocean Friendly Gardens program is to educate, train and support Surfrider members and the general public to prevent urban runoff and help restore urban watersheds by applying CPR© to their landscapes: Conserving water and energy, Permeating water into the soil, and Retaining rainwater on site.  

The Band HQ, Aka: "The Hippie House"

The House of Liquid Blue in San Diego 2016

The Liquid Blue center of operations is the colorful and celebrated "House of Blue" (owned and operated by the band's founder). It features a recording studio and Liquid Blue offices. It is a unique eco-friendly beach home in the central Ocean Beach area of San Diego. Click on image for more pics of the Liquid Blue command center.

Below are lists of "green lifestyle habits".
Implement as many as possible in your own life.
It's healthier for you and for the planet.


Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Conscientious investing may be the single most important thing a concerned citizen can do to help create positive social change. SRI funds are screened for social responsibility. Liquid Blue invests 100% of profits into SRI Funds.

Consumer Purchasing

Vote with every dollar you spend! Purchase Organic and Fair Trade products whenever possible. Think about every purchase you make and how you can affect positive change.


Solar Power

The Point Loma and Encinitas Liquid Blue center of operations were both powered by The Sun via a Solar Power system by Solar City. These 24 solar panels took care of all the band's power needs during the recording and mixing phase for the band's 16 albums.

Liquid Blue with Solar Power Installed 2014


Electric Plug-In Vehicles

We walk, skate and bike whenever possible. Band CEO Scott Stephens drives an all-electric Tesla Roadster. Band leader Nikki Green drives a Toyota Prius. We hope to convert our van to bio-diesel or go electric in the next purchase. Click here to see more band vehicles.

Scott Stephens with his 2010 Tesla Roadster


Digital Music Files

Beginning with our 2nd album, Earth Passport, we will no longer print CD's. Our music is distributed digitally on the internet.

Eco-Friendly Home Features


We use Energy Star rated appliances exclusively. Look for the Energy Star® label. Energy Star models are the most energy efficient in any product category, exceeding the energy efficiency minimums set by the federal government.


Liquid Blue uses computers that are both EPEAT (Gold Rated) and Energy Star compliant. These computers have reduced levels of cadmium, lead, and mercury to better protect human health and the environment. We use Sony Vaio Lap-Tops.

Heating & Air Conditioning

We heat our home only to 65 degrees in winter and do not use air conditioning. In the Liquid Blue office we allow temps to fluctuate from 65 to 75. In the winter, put on an extra sweater instead of heating every cubic foot of space in the home.

Water Heating

We have a tank less water heater which use much less energy that a conventional gas water heater.


We use carpet with recycled fiber. At our former location in Encinitas we had installed cork flooring which is extremely environmentally friendly.


We both filter & purify the water from your tap as well as use bottled water. We use the Life 8000 system from Life Ionizers. The best pure alkaline water.

Shower Heads

We use the lowest flow shower heads from The product is called Lowest Flow Showerhead and has a water flow of about 1.2 gallons per minute as compared to the standard 2.5.


We recycle all possible products and use reusable grocery bags. Our city has a great recycling program. For things like batteries, paint and florescent bulbs, there are inexpensive waste pick up companies. We use WM North County.

Termite & Pest Control

We use Xtermite to control termites. This company does not use toxic chemicals. We use no pesticides whatsoever in or outside of the home. Please check out Beyond Pesticides for more info.


We use non-toxic NO VOC paint products at home and office. It's one of the best things to do to keep your indoor environment less toxic. Paints off-gas with toxic fumes for up to six months!

Cleaning Products

Use of non-toxic cleaning products. All of the cleaning products we use at home and office are "Green". There are healthy alternatives to bleach and other common household products. Try these non-toxic solutions.


At home and in the office we use as much natural light from the sun as possible. Try Solatube Home Daylight fixtures in the ceiling. For evening light we use energy efficient LED and full spectrum lighting. Full Spectrum use light similar to the sun.

Paper Products

Liquid Blue is nearly 100% paperless. When paper products are necessary, we use eco-friendly / recycled products. Our bills are paid electronically. Use email rather than snail mail. Try to get off of junk mail lists.


Our couch is made of eco-friendly bonded leather made from recycled leather fiber. It is cost efficient and reduces landfill waste. It is a Palm Beach sectional. We always look for recycled furnishings.

Window Coverings

We use EcoGreen Solar Screen Shades, PVC-free EcoGreen fabrics are free from PVC and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is 100% Recyclable. Install double pane windows whenever possible to reduce heating costs.

Food & Shopping

Organic Food

We use 100% organic food whenever possible from local farmers and outlets such as OB People's Organic Market and Whole Foods Market, Henry's and Jimbo's.

Local Food

Using 75% (or above) local, organic produce. We buy our produce from local, organic farmers markets and cooperatives such as Seabreeze Organic Farms.

Fair Trade

Using Fair Trade products whenever possible (coffee, chocolate, etc.). Workers are paid fair wages and slave labor is lessened.

Free Range Eggs and Meats

We select only organic "Free Range" eggs and meats. Animals on these farms are not kept in cages but allowed to roam freely. performers who choose to eat meat select "grass fed" beef whenever possible.

Cruelty Free

We strive to use cruelty free organic products (not tested on animals), including cosmetics. We also do not eat Veal or product made from endangered species.


Green Travel

We look for green "eco-hotels" when possible. We try to lesson our impact on the environment by such things as not requesting fresh hotel towels until needed. See section above for our carbon offsetting program.

Carbon Offsetting

In 2009 we began a program with to offset our carbon emissions. The band, along with many of our clients, donates to CarbonFund relative to the amount of carbon emissions generated from a particular event or tour.

Charity Memberships

Amnesty International

The leading human rights organization. Fighting torture and other abuses. Contributing member since 1985.

Sierra Club

The "original" environmental organization. Longstanding and effective. Contributing member since 1984.

League of Conservation Voters

Provides voting records and analysis on environmental issues. Contributing member since 2008.

The Carter Center

Founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter, fighting for human rights. Contributing member since 2005.

Surfrider Foundation

Dedicated to keeping the oceans clean. If you surf you might consider a membership. Contributing member since 1992.

Article in American Entertainment Magazine on Liquid Blue Green Practices

Liquid Blue made a donation to Habitat For Humanity's Global Village and Discovery Center and a brick bearing the inscription "Liquid Blue for World Peace" has been placed at the Global Village.