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CD Reviews



Media Reviews for Supernova

Bonafide Studio, 1/5/2006

Headline: Straightforward, Intelligent Tunes.

"It looks like a music with a message despite its simplicity. But that is a beauty of it."


Alpha Music Group 9/24/2005

Headline: Liquid Blue is a no BS, catchy pop group that focuses on real issues

"Liquid Blue’s hint of world music texture, sparingly used, is brilliant….because it’s never over done."


The Rocker Freeserver, 9/22/2005

Headline: A Fabulous Fusion Album.

"A highly recommended release for the Afro Celt Sound System fan in your orbit."


Band Radio, 9/18/2005

Headline: Inspiring Lyrics, Great Melodies and Amazing Vocals

"A great deal of talent has converged to create a super strong indie release."


Sound Connections, 9/5/2005

Headline: The Shades And Sounds Of Pop Sensations

"Sitars mixed with guitars on cutting edge pop dance songs and meditative ballads."


AntiMuse, 8/10/2005

Headline: Supernova

"Kind of a Coors sound with Hinduish overtones."


Music Press, 7/22/2005

Headline: Unique Sound

"The band offers you a little bit of everything; a unique sound which stands out above any other pop band."


Music Morsels, 7/5/2005

Headline: Ear Opening Blend of Pop Diva Styles With World Embellishments

"With high doses of musical intrigue, this group has developed a fresh vehicle for their impassioned messages."


EFX Arts, 6/24/2005

Headline: Definitly Worth Checking Out

"Very upbeat and energetic, representing uplifting international based music."


EarBuzz, 6/12/2005

Headline: The Vocals Are Haunting

"Liquid Blue has a firm grasp on pop pleasing R&B writing and recording."


Past & Present, 5/22/2005

Headline: At Least As Good As All Saints and Atomic Kitten

"These chicks are Hot Hot Hot. Show Me Love is an obvious single."


Valley Scene Magazine, 4/15/2005

Headline: Move Ova' For Liquid Blue's Supernova!

"The music is red-hot and can only speak for itself."


OzOnline, 4/4/2005

Headline: This Seven Piece Act Combines Traditional Indian, Soft Rock and Electronica

"Standout tracks include Real and Show Me Love."


Band Freaks, 3/31/2005

Headline: Awesome East Meets West Pop Fusion

"A high-energy pop outfit with a big sound and a clear, positive message."


The Music Appraisal, 3/30/2005

Headline: No Other Group Sounds Like Liquid Blue!

"The combination of adventurous music and ethereal lyrical topics is not something to be taken lightly."


Raves Magazine, 3/22/2005

Headline: Mysticpop Stylings!

"Rhythm of Love" is infectious, energetic ethnotrance ."


Southbound Beat Magazine, 3/20/2005

Headline: Straight Out of Bollywood!

"Taking Indian pop music and making it palatable to Westerners, the way Gloria Estefan did with Latin music."


Kweevak, 3/1/2005 (Complete Article)

Headline: Supernova Is Explosive!

"Liquid Blue is winning awards and praise for their magical merge of styles."


Media Search, 2/23/2005 (Complete Article)

Headline: A distinctly positive message.

"This 6-piece band pulls out all stops in establishing their own sonic sojourn.."


Hybrid Magazine, 2/9/2005 (Complete Article)

Headline: Brilliant!

"Instrumentally brilliant complex modern R'N'B electro-ethnic dance music with heavy socio-political conscience."


Great Beyond Music, 2/9/2005 (Complete Article)

Headline: Pretty Impressive

"The talents of this band extend beyond the stage."


GoGirlsMusic, 2/7/2005 (Complete Article)

Headline: Absolutely Stellar!

"From start to finish this CD’s songwriting, production, vocals and all around sound is incredibly rich."


New Music Weekly, 1/14/2005 (Complete Article*)

Headline: The "Real" Thing

"Supernova is a ground-breaking work and our pick for album of the year."


Impact Press, 1/5/2005 (Complete Article*)

Headline: Sure To Be A Hit On The World Music Stage

"This group travels to each and every corner of the world and incorporate those sounds into their music."


The Independent Music Site, 12/16/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: Go Get The CD!

"Supernova is a great CD! And I'm blown away by Liquid Blue."


Skylight Webzine, 12/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: World Music Sound & Dance Music

"An oriental atmosphere that travels you somewhere in Latin America or West Africa.", 11/28/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: Editor's Pick

"They discuss issues and political landscapes that most Americans ignore.", 11/18/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: This Is Alternative Music!

"Liquid Blue could be the best alternative pop band you hear all year.", 11/5/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: Music With a Message

"The band turns social commentary into art.", 10/7/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: Sitars Meet Guitars On Liquid Blue CD

"Both lyrically and musically, Liquid Blue has set a course for a new sound and a new attitude."


Muzik Reviewz, 10/13/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: Band Promotes Peace In 60 Country Tour

"Liquid Blue, a San Diego based world-pop act, has released a controversial debut album, Supernova.", 10/1/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: Liquid Blue samples indigenous beats on their fourteen-track CD.

"Lyrics are meaningful and reflect serious social consciousness.", 9/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: Songs For A Better Planet

"No syrupy love songs, no brainless whining."


All About, 9/2004 (Complete Article)

Headline: Liquid Blue - A Review

"A Unique sound that you don't find in popular music."


Surf City Times-San Diego, 8/21/2004 (Complete Article*)

Headline: Liquid Blue's Catchy Tunes Push Boundaries

"Liquid Blue dares to push the norm of American pop music."


San Diego North County Times, 8/5/2004 (Complete Article*)

Headline: Local Band Takes 'Sgt Pepper' To The Max

"A fusion of pop and Indian sounds."


San Diego CityBeat, 5/5/2004 (Complete Article*)

Headline: It's Official: Nader and Liquid Blue

"Liquid Blue brings new meaning to the term party band."

* article is in "print" media. Others are webzines. 37 reviews as of April 2006.